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10 Best Trampolines for Kids – Indoors & Oval Trampolines For The Garden

10 Of The Best Trampolines For Kids and Adults In The UK

A trampoline is a welcome addition to any backyard, especially for homes with children.Not only do they provide hours of aerial fun for the whole family, but they’re also a great form of low-impact cardiovascular fitness.

If you’re in the market for a new trampoline, our detailed buyer’s guide below will help you narrow down the options to the best trampolines for you.


Skyhigh Oval Trampoline (with Enclosure)

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Available in a variety of sizes, the Skyhigh Oval Trampoline is a great choice for children of all ages (as well as adult jumpers!).

Chief among what’s great about the Skyhigh Oval Trampoline is the safety features it incorporates directly into its design.

First and foremost is the safety enclosure. It spans the entire circumference to keep users from bouncing or falling off.

The enclosure utilises a unique pole and net design. Unlike enclosures from other brands with the poles placed closed together, this enclosure uses only five poles total.

Best of all, these poles hold only the top of the enclosure with their midsections bowing outwards to add more space to the net and each pole. This reduces the chance that users hitting the net will also accidentally hit a pole and get injured.
Another highlight is this product’s overall durability. Simply put, it’s built to stand up to a lot of abuse, for multiple years on end.

Leave the trampoline outside with no worries. Rain won’t negatively affect it, although you’ll probably want to at least cover it during the winter.

Finally, assembling this product is simple. The instructions are clear and straightforward. Getting everything securely set up takes less than an hour.

Perhaps the only real con is the difficulty in ordering replacement parts. It can be done by calling Skyhigh directly, but we’d like to see them make ordering parts easier for online users.

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Kanga Trampoline (with Enclosure)

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Your kids won’t be able to get enough of the Kanga Trampoline.

Take a glance at a picture of this Kanga trampoline, and it’s easy to see why it’s such a bestseller.

Parents love this product because of its safety enclosure. The durable enclosure features padded support poles for even more in the way of safety.

A sturdy ladder makes getting onto and off of the trampoline safe and easy for children of all ages, especially younger ones.

Another highlight is the incredibly durable frame. It’s rust-resistant so it can be left uncovered outside in most weather conditions.

Unfortunately, this product is slightly difficult to assemble. Unlike other trampoline models, the instructions aren’t very clear.
Those that aren’t handy or very comfortable with basic tools should opt for a different model that’s easier to assemble.

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BPS Trampoline (with Enclosure)

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Another large trampoline with an included ladder and enclosure, this product from BPS is a great choice for those that want one of the most durable on the market.

Durability is at the forefront of the BPS Trampoline. Every aspect is designed with a long lifespan in mind.

The durability starts with the rugged galvanised steel frame. Galvanised steel T-sockets hold each leg to the rest of the frame.

The springs are likewise durable. They’re constructed out of a rust-resistant steel so you can leave them out in any weather conditions without worry.

Even the spring pad is durable. It’s coated with UV-protectant, so it will last for years on end with little to no wear and tear.
In addition to durability, this BPS model is notable for its safety features. It has a sturdy enclosure, patented no-gap enclosure system, and padded support poles.

The biggest downside to this model is its low weight limit. The maximum recommended weight is only 90 kilos compared to the 140+ kilos offered by most manufactures.

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Stamina Folding Trampoline

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Not everyone wants a large outdoor trampoline for children. Some people prefer a small indoor trampoline for fitness. The Stamina Folding Trampoline is perfect for that.

The Stamina Folding Trampoline is perfect for those interested in a trampoline fitness routine.

The small, lightweight product folds up even smaller for easy storage. Its small footprint makes it portable and easy to move from place to place in your home.

This Stamina brand product is notable for its heavy-duty construction. The rugged all-steel frame holds up to years of daily use.

The frame is complimented with durable springs, 30 in all, for even more durability. The spring design also translates to increased stability during use.

Rubbed tipped legs prevent damage to the floors in your home. The safety pad increases the overall safety and covers the potentially dangerous springs.

Unfortunately, the actual jumping surface isn’t as durable as the other components. It often wears out more quickly than other similarly priced models on the market.
However, the jumping surface, as well as all other components, are easy to replace by ordering replacement parts through the Stamina website.

Learn more about the Stamina Folding Trampoline.


Chad Valley 4FT My First Trampoline and Enclosure

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Trampolines aren’t just for adults – My First Trampoline from Chad Valley is perfect for toddlers and other small children that just want to bounce!

Small children love My First Trampoline from Chad Valley. Designed with younger children and toddlers in mind, it’s the perfect first step before moving on to a full-size model.

Highlights of this model are undoubtedly its durable safety enclosure. The enclosure not only keeps children inside but also lets adults see what their kids are doing.

The jump mat features a spring protector to keep children safe from their sharp edges. The actual jumping surface is close to the ground to further increase overall safety.

One other aspect to note is this trampoline’s large size. Its larger diameter makes it great for multiple users. It also makes it ideal for outdoor areas.
However, the spacious size is likely too large for most indoor spaces. The trampoline takes up a lot of space and is difficult to move alone.

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Zero Gravity Ultima Trampoline (with Enclosure)

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Bring an extra dose of fun and excitement to your backyard with this strong contendor for best trampoline from Zero Gravity.

This Zero Gravity trampoline is a smaller model, perfect for families with small backyards with limited space.

Those with larger yards should probably opt for a larger model. Though this one does the trick, it’s not the best option for multiple users or adults due to its small stature.

Every single aspect of the trampoline is created with quality in mind. The frame is durable, rugged, and sturdy. The propylene mesh material is likewise heavy duty and also very tight and bouncy.

The set features a seamless enclosure. It attaches seamlessly to the platform pad so that there’s no chance of anyone falling through.

The enclosure support bars and strong and padded. You can throw a tonne of force against the enclosure with no ill effects.

Other top benefits include the ladder to help smaller users get onto the bouncing surface, a highly affordable price, and the lightweight enabling it to be moved from place to place by multiple users.

The only setback is the confusing instructions. They make it seem like you need more hardware than is included, although this turns out not to be the case.

Learn more about the Zero Gravity Ultima Trampoline.


We R Sports Trampoline (with Enclosure)

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There’s not much more to ask for from a trampoline other than what’s provided by this one from We R Sports.

This trampoline is available in three different sizes. Each size has a 175 kilo maximum weight limit, one of the highest in the industry.

The high max weight limit is undoubtedly thanks to the superior overall construction. The 2mm thick heavy-duty frame holds up to a lot of wear and tear.

Another unique feature is the rain cover. Most manufacturers don’t supply such a rain cover with their trampolines.

The rain cover helps you prolong the life of your new investment. In addition to protecting it from rain, it helps protect it from too much sun exposure.

The most important drawback to make a note of is that several of this model’s components are not exactly high quality.

The brackets used to hold the enclosure to the jumping surface are an example. They are made of plastic and are quite weak. It’s possible for them to break when presented with a lot of force, meaning it’s possible for users to slide through onto the ground.

Luckily, replacing these is relatively easy. Buy more durable brackets from a hardware store to improve your peace of mind.

Learn more about the We R Sports Trampoline.


CRAVOG Mini Rebounder Trampoline (with Hand Rail)

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Fitness nuts rejoice – this mini foldable trampoline from CRAVOG, complete with hand rail, answers all your prayers.

There’s a lot to love about this top-notch fitness trampoline. From the built-in hand rail to the taught jumping surface to the sturdy frame, every aspect is gone over with a fine-toothed comb.

The most notable feature is the hand rail. Few trampolines, especially those designed with adults in mind, include such a feature.

Once you use it in a fitness setting, however, it’s hard to think about using a trampoline without one. Not only does the bar provide additional safety and stability as something to hold onto, but it also opens up, even more, options for intense workouts.

The only con to this model is the lack of included instructions. Assembling the device is relatively easy, but it does take some brainwork to figure out exactly where every component goes yourself. The instructions aren’t even available online at the manufacturer website!

Learn more about the CRAVOG Mini Rebounder Trampoline.

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