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10 Best Toys for 2 Year Old Boys – Top Toys For Two Year Olds

Top 10 Toys For Two Year Old Boys

Looking for great gift ideas for a two-year-old boy? We’ve got you covered! They say that this is the year of the “terrible twos”, but it’s also a time of growth and progression for the child in your life. It’s important that the toddler in your life has the kind of toys that will help him learn, explore and grow.

We’re going to take a closer look at what makes a great toy, as well as the different areas of development that good toys stimulate. We also took a close look at some of the best toys for 2 year old boys that are on the market today to recommend to you for the little rascal in your life.


LEGO Number Train Building Set

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Every kid knows you can never go wrong with LEGO’s, and this number train building set is the perfect introduction to building block toys for toddlers. Each train building set includes a train that the child can build, along with three wagons which tow behind the train.

The blocks that make up each wagon are numbered 0-9, so this is a great toy to teach kids about numbers and counting. Also included with this toy are three LEGO figures, a boy, girl and adorable little kitty.

We’ve already established that this cute and affordable toy is a great way to teach children about numbers and counting. It also encourages children to role play, build, and explore their creative side.


LEGO Duplo Pre-School Set

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This pre-school block set from LEGO is sure to be a favourite for the two-year-old in your life. Each set includes everything kids need to create a fun and exciting school scene. This Duplo set comes with two students, a teacher, a school house with bathroom, two chairs, books, sandwiches, and more.

Altogether, there are 39 pieces included. There’s also blocks labelled one through three to help kids learn to count as they play. With such a wide variety of pieces included, you get plenty of value for just a few quid. Plus, with so many different pieces, this toy is a great way to stimulate young imaginations.


Shawe Jumbo Primary Stringing Bead Set

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This beard stringing set from Shawe may seem simple and basic, but it’s tons of fun for young children. Each kit includes large beads in cube, circle, hexagon, cylinder, oval and triangle shapes. Each bead comes in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and brown.

Also included are four ropes that are used to string the beads together. Kids are sure to have a ball as they sort, sequence and pair different shapes and colours. As they play, they’ll develop their fine motor skills, colour and shape recognition.

Thankfully, a Shawe storage bag is included, so cleanup is quick work and you won’t have to worry about losing any of the beads.


Labebe Wooden Classic Retro Rocking Horse

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No gift guide would be complete without the classic and timeless rocking horse. Every child has had and loved a rocking horse, and now you can pass that feeling on to the toddler in your life, as well.

This rocking horse from Labebe is available in 6 different styles, but our favourite is the solid white version. With the plain white version, you’ll have the opportunity to customise the rocking horse with the child which is a great opportunity to get creative and bond.

As for the horse itself, it’s beautifully constructed from durable hardwood, and it rocks like a dream. The hand rail and foot rail make it easy for kids to rock back and forth, while a guard in back keeps kids from rocking their way off the horse.


EastSun Xylophone

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This xylophone toy from EastSun has a bit much going on with it. It combines a xylophone with a game that allows kids to hammer coloured balls through hoops. It certainly provides plenty of bang for your buck, if nothing else. It has six brightly coloured xylophone keys labelled ABC and 123, making it a great option for not only teaching a child the joys of music but also counting and the alphabet as well.

Children can play the xylophone either by using the piano-like keys or by hitting each key with the hammer. Overall, this toy may be a bit convoluted, but any child will find plenty of different ways to have fun while channeling their creative side with this xylophone toy.


VTech Alpha-Gator

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The Alpha-Gator from VTech is an adorable little toy that provides children with a fun and exciting way to learn the alphabet. This cute talking alligator teaches children to develop language and motor skills, play independently and learn and experience new things. It also includes a fun quiz game that helps to reinforce the concepts the child is learning.

The toy requires three AA batteries for option. The only reason why this toy didn’t crack our top ten is it deals with some concepts which may be a little difficult for some two-year-olds to grasp. But, if you’re looking for a gift from a child that is developing very quickly and looking for new challenges, this toy may be a great choice.


Ancheer Kids Three Wheel Kick Scooter

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This scooter from Ancheer packs plenty of fun. It’s constructed from aluminium, so it’s durable and lightweight. The locking handle bar extends from 58 to 80cm. Instead of a single front wheel, this scooter includes two, so it’s easy to ride and balance, while still providing young children with an exciting scooting experience that will have them feeling just like one of the big kids. The scooter, as well as the handle bars, fold up into a compact and portable package that can fit just about anywhere.

Best of all, Ancheer makes several different models, so you’ll be able to find the perfect scooter for your child, regardless of where they are in their mobility and development. Each model is available in a myriad of different colour options, and some even have adjustable seats as well. Regardless of which scooter you opt for, you’re sure to delight the child in your life with this fun and exciting scooter.


Children Hub Magnetic Building Blocks Set

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File this one under cool stuff you wish you had as a kid. This magnetic building blocks set features 96 different pieces in different shapes and colours. In addition to the shapes, there are also practical pieces such as gears and wheels that you can use to build functional things, as well.

This building blocks set is one of those rare toys that are appropriate for a two-year-old, but would still be fun for the older kids, as well. This toy is a great way to aid in a child’s shape and colour recognition while enhancing their building and motor skills.

As the child grows, they’ll be able to build more and more interesting new structures with these magnetic blocks. The entire set is BPA free and made entirely of non-toxic materials, so there are no worries about whether or not it’s appropriate for kids.

Plus, this toy is completely ready to use right out of the package, which is sure to delight parents who could do without another toy with an extensive assembly process.


Netspower Tetris Puzzle Toy

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This puzzle toy from Netspower is one of our favourites. Each toy includes 43 puzzle pieces in the full rainbow of colours and a puzzle board. There are tons of different ways to solve the puzzle.

Plus, thanks to its wide range of different shapes and pieces, this puzzle presents quite a challenge as well. One feature we love is that not only can you use the puzzle pieces to complete the puzzle, but they also double as fun building blocks that foster creativity.

This puzzle is a great way to teach young minds problem solving, spacial recognition, colour and shape recognition, reasoning skills and overall cognitive ability. Best of all, at under ten quid, this toy provides hours and hours of fun for very little money.


NimNik Bead Maze Toy

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I’m sure you can think back and fondly remember this classic toy from your childhood. The bead maze toy has stood the test of time and is still one of the most popular toys for toddlers on the market. Bead mazes make fantastic and fun toys for children ages 1-3 years.

This particular model has some cool features that separate it from other bead maze toys. This NimNik maze toy features 21 beads in the maze, as well as a section below that functions similarly to an abacus.

While it may seem simple, there’s such a wide variety of benefits to this toy, and others that are similar. This toy aids in cognitive development, visual perception, colour and shape recognition and hand eye coordination.

The maze toy even helps to develop fine motor skills and helps toddlers to develop a rudimentary understanding of math.

Toddlers are sure to find plenty of new ways to exercise their young minds with this toy.


Kingtoys Ukulele

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This Ukulele from Kingtoys is a perfect instrument to introduce the young child in your life to music. A Ukelele is similar to the guitar but much smaller in sise. It’s body and neck can be easily manipulated by a child’s tiny hands.

Meanwhile, even child sised guitars can be difficult to play for a two-year-old. This ukulele is extremely lightweight thanks to its plastic construction. Believe it or not, it sounds pretty great, too! Despite its plastic build, it has a realistic looking wood grain finish that will make kids feel like they’re playing “the real thing”.

Most importantly, this toy is going to inspire your child and begin to cultivate a love for music and creativity at an early age. It will also teach the child important concepts such as hand-eye coordination and auditory exploration while allowing them to feed their appetite for creativity.


NimNik Six Piece Wooden Vehicle Set

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Another great toy from NimNik, this six piece vehicle set is a great way for children to get in touch with their creative side as they play. This set includes emergency vehicles like a fire truck, police car, and ambulance as well as a London cab, a red car and a train. A wooden tray is also included for storage.

Not only is this toy a great way for young boys to get in touch with their imagination and learn about different modes of transportation, but it’s also a great tool for teaching kids how to clean up after they’re done playing, thanks to the included tray. Each vehicle is made of wood with wooden wheels, and they’re elaborately painted. This classic toy car set is one of the best-selling toys available for toddlers.

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