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10 Best Toys For 3 Year Old Boys : Top Toys and Games For Three Year Olds

Top Toys For Three-Year-Olds

At age three, little boys are undergoing incredible growth and change. They’re learning new things on a daily basis as they continue to exercise their minds and bodies. Oh, and they expect you to buy them gifts for special occasions! But, coming up with the best toys for 3 year old boys can be a nerve-racking experience.


Fortunately, we’re here to help. We have plenty of great gift ideas for you, as well as some tips and thoughts on what kind of things make separate any old toy from a GREAT toy, which the three-year-old in your life is sure to love and cherish.


RoboTime 3D Puzzles

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Everyone has fond memories of playing with puzzles as a child. But puzzles are only 2D objects, and there’s only so much fun and imaginative play that you can have with a 2D puzzle. But, the folks at RoboTime have solved the puzzle problem! They manufacture a full range of fun and exciting 3D building puzzles that are fun and affordable.


Kids can build multiple different buildings and create entire towns and cities that they can explore. These RoboTime puzzles do a great job at fostering imaginative play for children, and they make great companion toys that can be used in conjunction with other toys as well.


All of the Robotime puzzles are made from durable plywood, and they meet FSC standards. All of the components are safe and non-toxic, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re providing the child with a toy that’s tons of fun and also safe.


Think Gizmos Take Apart Toy Race Car

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If you’ve ever spent any amount of time with a three-year old, you know they LOVE to take things apart. If that description rings a bell, then this take apart race car may be the perfect gift for the kid in your life.


This race car kit includes 30 different pieces, and it comes in pieces, so kids will be able to put the car together themselves and experience a true sense of accomplishment as they build a fully functional and fun race car.


Each kit includes everything you’ll need to create two different styles of car and an electric drill for taking apart and putting together the different components. Once the child is finished assembling the car, they’ll be able to start the engine which triggers realistic lights and sounds.


This toy is a great option for curious kids who love to know how things work. This is a great toy for improving concentration and developing fine motor skills. For the mechanically inclined kids, you can’t go wrong with this fun and exciting race car from Think Gizmos.


NextX Educational Building Blocks

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File this under toys you wish had existed when you were a kid. These building block toys from NextX are magnetic and available in a variety of different sizes. Kids are sure to love these building blocks which can be used again and again to create exciting new structures from cars to aeroplanes to dinosaurs and everything in between.


All the blocks are made from food grade ABS plastic and with smooth edges that are perfectly safe for children.


These magnetic blocks help to ignite the imagination of the child while inspiring them to create and build new things. These blocks also help kids develop their fine motor skills, improves colour and shape recognition and allows them to build anything they’re able to think up. Plus, they build an appreciation for science and engineering at a very early age.


ETI Toys Building Blocks Set

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This building block toy set from ETI Toys is among the best and most fun STEM toys that are on the market. This engineering set includes 92 pieces and a deluxe storage and carrying case to help keep everything together and well organised.


Best of all, these toys are extremely safe and have been vigorously tested by a third party laboratory. They are BPA and Phthalate free, and they’re also washable, so parents will be able to keep contamination and germs to a minimum. An eBook is also included which includes 12 awesome designs kids can make themselves.


This toy set is a great way to impart children with important skills that will be critical to their development. Logical thinking, problem-solving, motor skills and hand-eye coordination are all addressed with this fabulous set that also fosters children’s imaginations and creativity.


YopTote DIY Dinosaurs

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This Dinosaur toy from YopTote is another fun way to indulge kids who love taking apart their toys to figure out how they work. Each pack includes two dinosaurs, a T-Rex and a Triceratops. The different parts of the dinosaur’s body screw together with plastic screws which can be removed with the screwdriver that accompanies the kit.


Kids can even get in touch with their inner Frankenstein and combine different pieces from each dinosaur to create an entirely new creature! Each dinosaur is made of safe, non-toxic plastic. The dinosaurs have wheels under their feet so that kids can push or pull their dinosaurs along with them.


These fun and affordable dinosaur toys are a great way to teach kids about hand eye coordination, colour and shape recognition and mechanics all while cultivating creativity and intellectual development.


Banana Bike Balance Bike

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Learning how to ride a bike is a rite of passage for kids everywhere, and this balance bike from Banana Bike is a great way to get kids off on the right foot. Kids are sure to love the fact that it looks just like a big kid bike. But, it’s missing one key component: the pedals. With a balance bike, kids push to go forward instead of pedal.


This takes the balance aspect out of riding a bike and makes it easy for kids to simply put their foot down on the floor to steady themselves if they feel like they may tip over, which makes a balance bike a much safer alternative to a traditional bike for young children.


This model is easy to put together and features a lightweight metal construction with an adjustable seat which can grow with the child as they get older.


The tires are made of puncture proof EVA foam which eliminates flat tires or the need to add air. This balance bike is available in bright blue and bright green, and it’s eye catching looks are sure to make this bike a hit with any child.


Predatour Battery Powered Quad

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Looking to make a huge splash at the birthday party? Then this quad from Predatour may be the gift you need! The first thing you’ll notice is the quad’s seriously aggressive looks. Next, you’re likely to be amazed by the build quality.


This model features a durable, hard plastic frame with metal axles for the wheels and a metal steering column. The wheels are made from a durable, hard-wearing plastic which is capable of riding over most terrain.


The quad also features working front lights, and it plays an ignition sound at start up, too. Plus, this quad really moves! The top speed is 6km/hr. A rechargeable 12v battery is used to power the quad.


Mindscope Neon Twister Track

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No toy roundup would be complete without a race track, and this model from Mindscope packs tons of fun into a small and affordable package. Altogether, this kit includes a whopping 220 pieces of track which make for up to 11 feet of racing fun.


Also included is a transparent race car with LED lights and a rear backlight which illuminates the neon track as the car flies by and a sticker set so kids can decorate their car to their liking. The flexible track pieces allow for an endless array of track configurations which are sure to keep kids busy for hours.


Best of all, there’s no right or wrong way to assemble the track, so this is a great way to stimulate a child’s imagination as they play.



VTech 2 in 1 Leap Top Touch Toy

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We figure that your children will be demanding mobile phones and internet ready devices in just a short time, so the amount of technology toys we’ve featured is limited. But, this fun laptop and tablet combo from VTech certainly deserves a look.


The device can transition seamlessly between a laptop and a touch screen tablet as it teaches children about letters, numbers, vocabulary and animals. This device comes preloaded with ten different fun games that are sure to stimulate your child’s imagination and delight them as they learn.


Open the screen on the Leap Top, and you’ll find a full keyboard. Meanwhile, you’ll be able to close the lid and watch the screen swivel forward to create a fully functioning touch screen. This learning toy provides plenty of bang for your buck and requires just 3 AA batteries for use.


Smibie Car Parking Garage Play Set

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This classic parking garage toy is a must have for the three-year-old in your life. Each kit includes all the pieces necessary to create four different configurations. The track pieces snap together like a puzzle which makes it easy to build each of the different styles of parking garage.


This colourful garage play set includes two cars and all of the track pieces and accessories you’ll need for hours of fun. Altogether, this playset comes with 27 pieces. At the top of the parking garage, the integrated car launcher propels cars as they fly through the garage.


It’s constructed from durable, non-toxic ABS plastic. Not only is this toy fun, but it also promotes creativity and imagination, as well as the development of motor skills, sensory perception, language and discovery.

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