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10 Best Summer Toys To Play With Outdoors and In The Garden 2019

Top 10 Outdoor Games for Summer Fun

We found no end of choices for the best summer toys of 2019. Big and over-the-top describe many of the offerings available. Our picks include toys that focus on the entire family with great ways to keep everyone active.

How We Picked The 10 Best Outside Toys

Our most important criterion for picking a summer toy is the fun factor. We’ve stayed away from electronic choices that would encourage solitary play. Summer is a time for families to share time together. Our selections centred on ones that everyone could play with together.


Bex Sport Croquet 6 Mallet

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The Bex Sport Croquet 6 Mallet is a great toy set to involve the entire family, from kids to adults. Mallets measure about 80 centimetres each. The balls are made of dense plastic that is durable to last for hours of play. They are large enough to hit a decent shot, though the little ones may need some help to wield the mallet.

We loved the fact that it’s a classic lawn game that is just about having fun rather than the flash of other options. It comes with a carrying bag; you can easily take the match to the beach or a mate’s house. We like the challenge it offers while keeping the match exciting. The croquet set is affordably priced too which parents will appreciate.

While the rest of the set is sturdy, the wickets are a bit on the thin side. You may need to reposition them if someone gets carried away with their shooting. Overall, it’s an excellent way to keep everyone active on a warm summer day. It’s brings great value for the price and the enjoyment it offers with a fun game for the entire family


Boules Chromed Boule (Pack of 8)

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The Boules Chromed Boule Set offers a fun way to keep kids and adults active. We have to admit that we are partial to these classic games that have stood the test of time. This set features 8 chrome balls, a jack, and a carrying case. The balls are hefty with a good hand feel to them. But they may be too heavy for smaller children without some assistance.

One of the things we really like was the fact that this is one great-looking set. That said, you can use them on any surface. The chrome finish helps them roll fast and far. However, gravel or rough surfaces will scratch them, but it won’t affect the match play. The silver colour also improves the visibility of the set for using them during low light settings.

The balls are marked with a thin line, so that you can distinguish between them easily. While the balls and jack are of high quality, the bag is a bit flimsy. In any case, your kids will be entertained for hours as they launch their own competitions. Overall, we were impressed with the quality of this set which is well-made to provide years of service.


Pro All Surface SwingBall

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The Pro All Surface SwingBall is an active game, whether you’re playing solo or taking on a friend. It features a taller swingball head which keeps the match going on for longer. The height is adjustable up to 170 centimetres; so both kids and adults can play. You can fill the base with sand or water for stability. You can take the match play wherever you want on any surface.

You can track the score with a dial on the top of the base. The set has a tennis ball tethered to the cord. The manufacturer made this toy for spirited play with a sturdy design that will hold up during gameplay. The checker bats are constructed tough allowing you to hit harder. That said, this toy is best suited for older children and adults.

You can set it up any place where there is at least four metres of space to accommodate the swinging diametre of the set. We’d recommend even a bit more if possible. We were pleased to find it well-balanced and it stayed stable when the gameplay got intense. Our only caution would be to make sure that there is a clear playing field to prevent anyone from getting hurt.


Intex - 56508NP - Pool Volleyball Game Set

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The Intex – 56508NP – Pool Volleyball Game Set is an excellent way for making your day at the pool more fun alongside lots of exercise. It measures 239 centimetres in length. It can float freely, or you can anchor it into place. The manufacturer’s recommended age is 6 to 8, but there’s no reason why everyone else can’t join in on the match to enjoy a summer day at the pool.

The set includes the volleyball and the inflatable net for complete gameplay. You won’t need any special equipment to inflate it. While you can use it as a free-floating game, we recommend weighing it down so that it stays stationary. The game is in a decent size to accommodate several players.

While it will hold up to regular use, parents will need to caution older children about proper play since it is essentially just an inflatable toy. It’s of good value considering its price and durability. And it’s a great size for smaller pools. You can use the net portion with a beach ball if the volleyball is too lightweight.


Foam Water Pistol HYDRO STORM Blaster Shooter Pump

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We couldn’t feature summer toys without including at least one water pistol. The Foam Water Pistol HYDRO STORM Blaster Shooter Pump is an easy-to-use shooter pump that even the little ones will be able to use. Just immerse completely in water to load. It will use pressure to deliver a stream of water over 6 metres away.

The edges are soft for safe use with kids. We liked the fact that you’ll get an accurate shot too. Each blaster is about 25 centimetres long and extends to 39 centimetres. Smaller children may need some help to fill it because of the large size. For the price, it’s of good value since you’ll be able to give each shooter enough water pistols for a fair match.

The manufacturer recommends for children aged 3 and up, though older kids might prefer a more sophisticated toy. It is suitable for both kids and adults. The construction is sometimes variable; so make sure and check them before the battle gets started. Parents should caution older children to not be rough with these toys. For more water gun options, check out our top 10 best ones.


Nite Ize Flashflight LED Light Up Flying Disc

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The Nite Ize Flashflight LED Flying Disc offers another great way to keep the play going long into the night. It is a lightweight disc at only 185 grams. It measures about 28 centimetres in size. It is well-balanced and delivers accurate tosses. The addition of the batteries and the lights don’t affect the flight dynamics of this well-designed toy.

It is made of hard plastic that has a comfortable hand feel to it. The on/off switch is on the underside of the disc so that you’ll avoid touching it accidentally during play. It is also available in a Disco version for a cool light show during the match. While it is well-made, you might want to avoid playing catch with the family dog because of the batteries.

Strips of LED extend out from the centre, making the whole disc appear lit. It puts on a good show for spectators too. It is suitable for both day and night use. The disc comes with two lithium batteries that power match play for up to 20 hours. It is water resistant so that you can take it to the pool too.


The Regency Ultimate 4 Player Badminton Set

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The Regency Ultimate 4 Player Badminton Set is a quintessential summer game. It features everything you need for a 4-person play. It includes four rackets, three shuttlecocks, guy ropes, steel poles, and a 20-foot (six metres) net. The net is durable with a rip-stop border that can handle the elements.

All the parts included are of high-quality, and are very well-made. We also liked the fact that the shuttlecocks are cork rather than plastic. The rackets are well-balanced for powerful swings. The set includes a carrying bag for easy transport. It is easy to assemble with everything you need to get the match going straightaway.

The assembled set is sturdy and can handle intense match play. Best of all, the net doesn’t sag. It’s not the cheapest badminton set out there, but you get what you pay for in a product. And with the other lawn games we’ve selected, it’s an excellent way to keep everyone active in what are sure to be fun matches.

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Cricket Set Size 3

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The Cricket Set Size 3 is an affordable way to get your child started on this fun sport. The manufacturer’s recommended age is 5 to 8 years with a maximum height of 4 foot 9 inches (145 centimetres). The set includes everything your child will need to get ready for match play including a bat, bails, stumps, and a cricket ball.

The wooden bat is a good weight for new players in this age group. They’ll be able to get a decent swing with it. Parents, of course, will need to set the ground rules for play near the house. The other accessories are of good quality for an entry level cricket set. The carrying bag is so-so, but it gets the job done.

The bat is durable enough to last until your child is ready to move on to another one. The ball, bails, and stumps are alright for a beginner set. It’s provides good value for the price, especially if you’re not sure if your little one will like the sport.

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10ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline

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The 10ft Zero Gravity Ultima 4 High Spec Trampoline is a quality product that is evident when you look at the construction. It has a heavy-duty weldless frame that is rust resistant. We liked the PVC top surface that holds up well to UV light. It has an extra thick pad with 20 mm thick EPE foam for added comfort and safety.

It has an internal safety enclosure with a quick release system for fast disassembly. It offers a good distribution of weight with plenty of bounce. There are eight legs and 56 springs in the 10-foot model. It also includes a ladder for easy entry and exit. And the great thing about a summer toy like this one is that your kids will have fun without realising the exercise they’re getting.

The trampoline offers lots of room and is also available in 4 other sizes. The weight limit varies with the product and range from 50 to 100 kg per single person. We were impressed by the fact that the manufacturer has done extensive safety testing on its own in addition to the EN71 certification. Parents will be glad to know that we found the customer service excellent if you have any issues. Trampolines are a great way to be active, and here’s our list of the other best trampolines you can look at for your selection.


Elite Quoits Ring Toss Game

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The Elite Quoits Ring Toss Game is an excellent choice for a simple sport that offers fun for the entire family. It’s affordable, which will make mummy and daddy very happy. We loved the versatility of the game with its soft but durable rings, which makes it safe for both indoor and outdoor play.

It comes with an easy-to-assemble sturdy wood ring board and 5 rope rings. The easy gameplay makes it a toy for all ages. The manufacturer’s recommended age is 3 years old. Just set up the board and start tossing the rings. Even though we picked it for a summer game, it will do a great job of keeping your kids entertained during winter days when they’re stuck inside. We found it refreshing that a game doesn’t have to have flash to be fun.

Our experience with the manufacturer, Elite Sportz Equipment, was outstanding. Parents can feel confident with their purchase with its lifetime replacement warranty. The set comes with a case for easy transport though it’s small enough that you can keep it assembled. We liked the idea of creating friendly competition with matches between family members and friends.

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