10 Best Toys for 1 Year Old Boys – What To Buy a 1 Year Old Boy?

If you have a one-year-old boy, it can be challenging to find the right toys for him.  There are so many different options available on the market; it’s not easy to find the highest quality toys.  Fortunately, we conducted the research to find the best toys for 1 years old boys.  We also outlined everything you need to know so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Here are the reviews for the top ten best toys for one-year-old boys.

The Best Toys for 1 Years Old Boys

If your little boy loves trucks, then this is a perfect option for him.  The Early Education set comes with four different trucks.  Your package comes with a tractor, bulldozer, mixer truck, and dumper.

Each one of the trucks run on push power.  Simply push the truck forwards a couple of times while holding it then let go and it rolls away.  All of the trucks are made from durable and high quality plastic materials.  Young boys are known to play rough with their toys, and you won’t have to worry about these breaking.

Playing with cars and vehicles can help your children develop their imagination.  Since you get four trucks with this set, your son can play with his siblings, cousins, or friends.

These trucks are great for your son’s playroom as well as the outdoors.  They can plan with the trucks outside on pavement or inside of a sandbox.

The trucks don’t require any batteries or remote control operation.  They are completely powered on push and go friction. They are colourful as well so your son will be drawn to the bright colours.

A trailer hitch is also included with the set of four trucks.  It attaches to every truck except for the digger.  Your son can simply pop on or pop off the trailer to the back the trucks.


  • Comes with four trucks
  • Trailer hitch included
  • No batteries or remote control
  • Bright colours
  • High quality and durable plastic material


  • The trailer hitch doesn’t attach to every truck
  • Trucks are very small

The Early Education Xylophone comes with a small hammer and three different colour balls.  Your son can use the hammer to hit the balls in the holes with the corresponding colour.  They will learn colours while having fun at the same time.

The Xylophone keys also have different colours on them.  They also have letters and numbers to help your son learn while he plays.

Each ball can get used separately from the toy as well.  Your son can learn to throw, roll, bounce, and catch with these balls too.  The keys on the Xylophone are chunky and have rounded edges.  You won’t have to worry about your son getting his fingers stuck between or underneath the keys.

It’s a great toy to introduce your son to the joy of creating music.  The Early Education Xylophone could be the spark that interests your child in music for the rest of his life.

The Xylophone is made from plastic, and it doesn’t require any assembly, which makes it easy for you.  All you need to do is take it out of the box, and it’s ready for your son to play with.  It does not require any batteries either to operate this toy.


  • Comes with three balls
  • Keys have letters and numbers
  • Bright and colourful design
  • Hammer included
  • Introduces your son to music


  • Not durable
  • Only has five keys

The Ball Drop toy is a great way to keep your one-year-old son entertained.  The package comes with two sets of five layer ball towers.  Your son can combine the two towers together to make one giant structure.

If you buy multiple sets, your child can grow the tower even higher.  It teaches your son how to build his own tower.  The set also comes with four separate balls.  Each ball is made from an acrylic material, and they make fun noises when they get rolled.

The building and rolling help your son develop motor skills.  Your kid will learn how to adjust each plastic ramp level to maximise the ball speed.  The maximum height of the biggest tower is 24 inches.

If you have two sons, they can each build a tower and race to see which ball makes it to the bottom faster.   It’s an introductory construction toy.  After this, your son will learn the basics of building and piece different toys together.

The layers are all different colours so your kid can creatively stack them based on how he wants the colours to look.

When your son is done playing with the Ball Drop, you can stack the pieces together in the storage position so the set can easily get put away.  The plastic material is also dishwasher safe so you can keep your son’s toy clean and free from germs.


  • Teaches building and motor skills
  • Four balls that make noises
  • Different coloured levels
  • Your son can learn to adjust the ball speed
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Sometimes the balls get stuck
  • Requires good grip strength to stack levels

The Wooden Rocking Horse helps train your son’s core muscles.  The rocking motion also helps improve their balance.  They need to learn how to climb up onto the horse and also be able to get off it on their own.  While climbing, your son will strengthen his arm and leg muscles.

The horse is soft and plush, so it won’t hurt your son if he slips and falls into it.  It’s also a unique design that’s only available from Labebe.  The soft saddle seat is well padded and supportive.  It’s a comfortable seat and helps keep your son in position while he rocks.

The solid wood frame can handle up to 68kg, so it’s strong enough for your one-year-old son.  It’s also made from medium density fibre, so it’s solid but not too heavy for your son to rock back and forth.  All of the materials are strict to the Toy Safety Standards in Europe.

A reputable company makes your son’s rocking horse.  Labebe has been making and designing children’s toys for 25 years.  It’s an internationally recognised company.


  • Helps build core muscles and coordination
  • Teaches your son balance
  • Strengthens muscles in his arms and legs
  • Soft plush design
  • Saddle seat


  • Only suitable for one person at a time
  • Your son could fall while playing

The Rock-a-Stack features five durable plastic rings that fit over the cone in order from largest to smallest.  Each ring is a different colour so your child can learn and memorise the basics of the sequence.  It also teaches your son about the importance of different sizes.

There is a rattle built into the top ring.  It’s made with reflective and swirling beads.  The white base is curved so it can rock back and forth.  It makes it easier for your son to stack his rings.  The rocking cone also teaches your kid about balance.

The Rock-a-Stack teaches your son the basics at their own pace.  They can discover everything for themselves while having fun at the same time.  The stacking helps develop their hand eye coordination.

The rings are durable and won’t break or bend while your son plays with them.


  • Teaches stacking
  • Colourful rings
  • Top ring has a rattle
  • Develops hand eye coordination
  • Curved base for rocking and balance


  • Not dishwasher safe

The first blocks set from Fisher-Price teaches your son about shapes, sizes, and colours.  It comes with ten blocks and five different shapes.  The shapes are all different colours.  Your son can play with red, purple, green, orange, and blue shapes.  The bucket is red with a red and removable top.

Each shape only fits in the corresponding slot.  Your son will take his time to learn the proper way to fit each piece, similar to a puzzle.  Once he has all the shapes through the holes, simply remove the top and take everything out before starting over.

The blocks help promote identification skills for your young son.  It also has a carrying handle.  Your son can bring his blocks to different rooms in the house or bring it with him in the car with the help of the handle.

The included shapes are a cylinder, star, triangle, cube, and a plus sign.  The repetition of placing each shape in the slots will teach your son motor skills as well as hand eye coordination.  They will also learn thinking skills and the ability to solve problems.

Your son can also learn how to count while playing with these toys.  They can count every time they put a block in the bucket.  It also gives you an opportunity to play with your child.  You can ask them to grab a triangle or grab the purple toy.

Your son will also learn how to match similar items.  They can organise the blocks by shape and colour.  Overall, the set of blocks is a fun way for your child to learn important skills.


  • Comes with ten blocks of different shapes and colours
  • Teaches counting skills
  • Enforces matching and problem-solving skills
  • Has a carrying handle
  • Your son can learn to identify different objects


  • The lid opens easily so shapes can fall out
  • Blocks won’t fit through the holes unless they are perpendicular to the floor.

The Early Education Musical Instruments Toy Set comes with maracas, a timbrel, sand eggs, shaker hand bells, bell drum, and rattle.  These six different toys all teach your son how to make noise with musical instruments.

It’s a great way for your child to develop a sense of rhythm.  It can also get your sons attention.  The bright colours and noises will mesmerise your child.  You can promote the importance of music at a young age by getting your son this toy set.

All of the toys have a face with a smiling character on it.  These figures are playful and will add to the fun of your son’s time playing music.  The set is made from plastic materials, so they are safe for your kid to play with.

Your son won’t have any problem gripping the toys while he plays music.  All of the instruments have an area that’s easy for young hands to hold onto.  The toys can provide hours of entertainment on a daily basis.

Since there are six instruments in the set, your son can alternate between each one, or even play with two at a time.  It also encourages the whole family to get involved in the fun.  You can grab an instrument too and help your son make music.


  • Comes with six instruments
  • Teaches your child how to make music
  • Toys are easy to grip
  • There are faces on each instrument
  • Bright colours


  • Faces are randomly sent
  • No option to choose colours

The Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy from Fisher-Price is a great way to teach your young boy the basics of numbers and colours.  It’s more than just a stuffed animal.

Your kid’s toy helps refine their motor skills and encourages hand eye coordination.  The heart, paws, ear, and stomach light up when your child touches those body parts.  It teaches them about different areas of the stuffed animal’s body.

The Learning Puppy is also soft, and it’s made with a plush exterior.  It won’t hurt your young child if he puts it against his face or brings it with him in bed.

Your boy’s stuffed animal also sings.  It includes ten sing-along songs that are made to teach your child new things.  The songs teach letters of the alphabet, numbers, counting, body parts, colours, and more.

Some of the other songs are the Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Pat-a-Cake, and the I Love You song.

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy runs on three AA batteries.  You’ll receive the batteries included with your purchase.


  • Comes with ten songs
  • Soft to touch stuffed animal
  • Promotes learning
  • Enhances motor skills
  • Lights up


  • Small size
  • Voice quality is not great

The VTech Baby Sort and Discover Drum teaches your son colours, shapes, and counting.  He’ll also learn the coordination skills it takes to fit shapes in the appropriate holes.  The act of fitting the shapes in each hole also helps your son with puzzles and problem-solving skills.  The toy also promotes hand eye coordination.

There are five different shapes included with this toy.  Your package includes a yellow triangle, a red heart, a green cylinder, a blue star, and a purple square.  Each toy also has a number on it to promote counting skills and number identification.

The drum is yellow with a red lid.  There is a musical hand in the centre of the drum.  The toy encourages your son to reach and grasp.  Your child’s drum also plays songs and makes drum sounds.  The audio reinforces the actions your child makes with the toy.

It runs on two AAA batteries that come included with the set.


  • Promotes learning skills with counting
  • Bright colours and five different shapes
  • Enforces identification and problem-solving skills
  • Plays music


  • Shapes are not easy to get through the holes
  • Sometimes the audio can cut out

The Classic Pull Along Telephone helps your son learn creativity.  He can pretend he’s talking to someone on the phone, just like when he sees his parents do it.

There is a turning dial on the telephone that helps promote the development of your child’s motor skills.  You can even try to teach your son your home telephone number and watch him practice dialling.  The dial pad also helps teach your children their numbers and counting.

The phone has two eyes that roll up and down when the phone moves.  It also has a friendly smiling face on the front that encourages your son to be happy.

The telephone has four wheels and a pull string so your kid can wheel the phone around the house.  Their phone on wheels will be a great source of entertainment.

There are bright colours all over the phone.  Your son will enjoy the bright red, yellow, blue, and white tones of their new toy.


  • No batteries required
  • Inspires role playing
  • Turn dial promotes motor skills development
  • Bright and colourful design
  • Four wheels and pull string


  • Does not make any sounds.
  • Telephone cord is short.

How to Choose the Best Toys for 1 Years Old Boys

One of the first things to look for in buying a toy for your one-year-old son is safety.  At the age of one, your son may still put his toys in his mouth.  You want to make sure that you don’t get anything that has small pieces that could pose a choking hazard.

You also want to find toys that can keep your son occupied for a long period of time.  Don’t buy a toy that they will get bored with in the first hour.  Your son will want entertainment for long hours every day of the week.

Choose toys that are educational and help your son learn while he plays.

Older than one? You may want to take a look at toys for older boys:

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What are the Advantages/Benefits of Toys for 1 Years Old Boys?

As we just mentioned, educational toys are one of the main benefits and advantages for these kinds of toys.  Different kinds of toys are designed to promote certain learning functions.

For example, some toys might be designed to teach counting while other toys can develop motor skills and problem-solving abilities.  There are even certain toys that help build muscle strength and ones that teach identification.

When you’re searching for a toy for your child, try to find one that has the best combination educational features.  You don’t want your son’s toy to be mindless.  Make sure they can learn something and have fun at the same time.

Things to Look for That Differentiate Toys for 1 Years Old Boys

Look for toys that will get your sons attention.  Some things to look for are bright colours, shapes, and noises.  If a toy looks plain, then your kid may not be interested.  However, if the toy is colourful and talks, sings, or rattles, it’s more likely to draw his attention.  Lights also draw attention.  Look for toys that light up as well.

You may also want to find toys for your sons that are gender specific.  While many toys for one-year-old boys are also unisex, some are more geared towards boys.  For example, boys like to play with cars and trucks.  If you see a toy that comes with a vehicle set, it’s likely something that your son might be interested in.

Prerequisites to Using Toys for 1 Years Old Boys

While most of the toys designed for young boys are safe, your son should only play with toys under parental supervision.  If you’re keeping an eye on your child while he’s playing, you can be certain that he’s safe and won’t get hurt.

You also want to make sure that your son’s toys are clean.  You’ll notice that some of these toys are plastic and dishwasher safe.  Even if they can’t get put in a dishwasher, you can still find ways to disinfect and keep your son’s toys free from germs.


If you choose one of the products that we reviewed, both you and your son will be satisfied.  However, the clear winner is the Ball Drop Family Fun for Baby and Toddler.

The Ball drop meets all of the criteria that we outlined earlier.  It’s fun for your son, but it’s also educational.  There are bright colours and different shapes associated with this toy.  Your kid will learn how to stack and build different sized towers.

It comes with balls as well, which teaches your young boy how to roll and how he can make the ball go faster if he rearranges the tower.

The plastic pieces of the tower are also dishwasher safe, so you can make sure that your son’s favourite toy is always clean.  None of the pieces in the package are small enough to be a choking hazard.

Now that you know what to look for when buying a toy for your one-year-old son, you can refer to the list above to help you with your decision.