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10 Best Toys for 4 Year Old Boys – Awesome Toys For Four Year Olds

Top Toys for Four Year Old Boys

Are you looking for the perfect birthday or holiday gift for the four-year-old boy in your life? Look no further than our round-up of the top ten toys currently on the market. These extremely popular and highly rated toys are sure to become favourites for any child you purchase them for.


Kanga 8 Foot Premium Trampoline

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If you’re looking for that “wow” factor with your gift, this trampoline from Kanga may be your best bet. It seems like the people at Kanga thought of everything with the design of this trampoline.

Included with your purchase are the trampoline itself, a ladder, safety net, shoe storage bag, anchors and a winter storage cover. Everything you’ll need is included. This trampoline meets all applicable EU safety standards as well, so you can rest assured that this trampoline is a safe and fun gift for the child in your life.

The entire frame has been galvanised for durability so that this item will provide many years of enjoyment. The 8-foot model appears to be Kanga’s most popular. However, they make sizes ranging from 6-12 feet if you’re looking for one a bit smaller or larger.

All of the trampolines are priced affordably considering the quality. Trampolines are an amazing source of exercise for children, and they’re a great product to own if you’re looking to help the child get up and get active.


Playtech Logic BMW i8 Radio Control Car

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Looking for a gift for a little tyke that already has a need for speed? This remote control car from PlayTech Logic may be perfect for you. The car is a faithful reproduction of one of the most desirable and sporty BMW cars available, the i8.

Included in the box is the car as well as the remote control. The remote is very similar to a video game controller, so your little guy won’t have any trouble at all picking up on the controls right away.

This toy is a bit of a battery sucker though, and you’ll need 5 AA batteries (not included). The detailing on the car is what separates this model apart from other RC cars. It features adjustable wheel alignment, independent spring suspension and front shocks.

The remote control has a 30-foot range and four channels. The controls include forward, reverse, stop, left and right. This toy is a great way to improve your child’s fine motor skills, spatial awareness, and coordination all while they enjoy a fun and exciting RC car.


Maro Toys Garden Golf

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What kid doesn’t love mini golf? This fun set from Maro Toys includes everything you’ll need to turn the yard or play room into a fun and exciting mini golf course. Included are six obstacles, two golf clubs and three golf balls.

You can set the obstacles up however you’d like to create your golf course. Since you control where the obstacles are and how you’d like to structure your course, you can make it as easy or as difficult as the child needs to ensure they’re having maximum fun!

The balls, clubs and obstacles are all made from a colourful and durable plastic that’s safe for both indoor and outdoor use. This golf set is a great way to improve a child’s hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning and creative thinking. Plus, since it’s such a fun game to play with others, it’s a great way to develop a child’s social skills as well.


LEGO 10702 Creative Building Set

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What birthday party would be complete without a set of Legos? This deluxe set includes over 500 different LEGO pieces in more than 40 fun and vibrant colours. Included in this kit are all of the classic LEGO shapes you know and love as well as creative new elements such as doors, windows, eyes and more.

LEGO provides blueprints to make nine different fun structures, and they have even more cool ideas available online. Best of all, there are three different difficulty levels with the blueprints, so the child will be able to build structures that are appropriate for their level of ability. They can also challenge themselves with more difficult structures as well.

Building sets like this one from LEGO are a great way to allow the child to channel their creative energy into something positive. This toy is perfect for nurturing creativity as well as improving a child’s fine motor skills and colour and shape recognition.


LEGO Batman vs. Mr Freeze Kit

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This awesome LEGO set allows your kid to build a fun and exciting battle scene features Batman and Mr Freeze. This set is ideal for most four-year olds because it provides enough of a challenge to give kids a sense of pride when they complete their build, but it’s not difficult to the point where kids will be turned off by how hard it is to build.

Included with the kit is everything you’ll need to create the Batboat, Mr Freeze boat and a frozen jail cell for capturing Mr Freeze. It also includes Batman and Mr Freeze figures. The Batboat shoots foam Bat Discs, and Mr Freeze has his patented freeze ray as well. This toy is a great way to teach kids about completing projects and following instructions.


Wasanstore Roll Up Electronic Drum Pad Set

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It’s no secret that percussive instruments are a great way to introduce children to music while also developing their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, but at what cost?

Ask any parent that’s ever purchased an acoustic drum set for their child, and they’re sure to tell you that it was an even bigger headache than they anticipated. Fortunately, this awesome electronic pad set from Wasanstore can address all of your concerns about the racket a traditional drum kit would create.

This seven pad kit has pads for the hi-hat, crash, ride, toms and snare: all of the sounds of a traditional acoustic drum kit. Also included is a pair of drumsticks, sustain pedal and USB charging cable. Best of all, the pads fold up for storage. When folded, this electronic drum set takes up about as much space as a roll of paper towels.

The kit has an integrated speaker with controls that allow you to raise or lower the volume, play through the demo mode, or even play a backing click track. At the rear of the speaker, there are ports for headphones, MP3 in, sustain pedal and a USB charging port. Kids can even hook the drum set up to a tablet, phone or computer to play fun drum games and develop their skills.

Overall, this is a great way for kids to develop a love of music while also learning how to play an instrument. Parents are sure to love that they can control the amount of noise the drum kit creates and the fact that the integrated headphone input allows kids to play with their drums in silence.


Etpark Flying LED Ball

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This flying LED ball from Etpark is one of the most intriguing toys we’ve seen in quite some time. Essentially, this toy is a drone that you control with its built-in infrared technology. To use the drone, you simply turn it on, and it flies away.

The trick is to keep your hand near the floating LED ball so that it stays suspended in the air. The infrared technology senses objects around it and moves the ball to keep itself from hitting anything.

However, if your hand isn’t underneath the ball, it will fall to the ground. The bright, colourful LED lights provide kids with a mesmerising sensory experience. The LED ball and helicopter blades are made from a lightweight, durable and flexible ABS plastic that’s very resistant to breakage.

Best of all, they’ll be getting plenty of exercises as they chase the ball throughout the home, or outdoors.


Sparkup Magical Book Reader

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This incredibly interesting educational toy is sure to be a hit with both kids and parents alike. It really does work like magic; Thanks to its onboard camera sensing technology, the magical book reader can read and speak any picture book.

All you have to do is clip the Magical Book Reader onto any picture book, and read it to the child. The book reader records the sound of your voice. The next time the child hooks the book up to the Magical Book Reader, it magically “reads” the pages back to your child in your own voice. There’s also plenty of capacity for recorded books; the Magical Book Reader can hold 250 minutes of audio, which is about 50 picture books.

The Magical Book Reader may be an ideal toy for busy parents that don’t have as much time as they’d like to read to their children. With the magic book reader, you’ll be able to strengthen your child’s love for books while teaching them to read at the same time.


Betheances Air Football

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What four-year old doesn’t fancy a game of footy? This interesting and fun toy from Betheances is sure to keep kids entertained for hours as they enjoy this football/air hockey hybrid game.

Included is one hover football that looks a bit like a Roomba vacuum, and two nets. The hover ball floats on a cloud of air and glides magically over any smooth surface including wood, linoleum, concrete, asphalt and even low pile carpet.

The hover football also features LED lights, so you can even keep the fun going at night. The ball features a foam bumper which protects kids feet as well as the walls and floor of the home.

This toy is a great way for young kids to get exercise while they work on their hand-eye coordination, motor skills and teamwork. Overall, this is one of the most interesting football toys we’ve ever seen.


Pyrus Mini Wall Climbing RC Car

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This RC car from Pyrus is one of the most interesting RC cars we’ve ever seen. This model defies gravity and can handle riding up walls just as well as it can ride on flat ground. Included with the toy are the car itself, remote control and a USB charging cable.

The remote control is very similar to a video game controller, so kids are sure to pick up on how to use the car right away. The car is lightweight, durable and shock resistant and includes a suction fan that allows the car to travel up walls and onto ceilings, just like they were flat ground.

Thanks to the shockproof body, this car can handle anything you can throw at it, including falls from the walls or ceilings. This toy is sure to delight the child in your life, while also teaching hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and logical thinking at the same time.

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