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10 Best Tennis Sets for Summer Fun

Top 10 Tennis Sets for Fun in the Sun this Summer

Tennis is a great game for kids and the entire family to play. To begin with, it’s easy for beginners to learn. You hit the ball over the net and wait for your partner to return it. The more you practice and play, the more fun it becomes because your skill set grows each time.

Even if you are not keeping score, your kids, even the whole family, can enjoy just hitting a ball over the net. We are going to outline the best tennis sets out there, and give you all the information you need to know, so that you can perfect your craft.

The Best Tennis Sets Reviewed

Here’s our round-up list of the ten best tennis sets for kids. Everything is kept to the basics to help you find the best set for your family to enjoy.


Wilson Energy XL Tennis Rackets Plus 3 Tennis Balls

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Wilson is an established name in the tennis world, and this starter tennis set provides the quality they are known for. Complete with two Wilson Energy XL rackets and three tennis balls you have everything you need to head out to the courts and start playing. Designed with an oversized head and larger grips, this set is geared more towards older children and adults. Younger kids will likely have a tough time trying to control and swing this racket.

Even though this is an entry level tennis set, it does not lack features that a beginner would find useful. The racket features Wilson’s V-Matrix technology giving it a larger sweet spot, so it is more forgiving to a beginner who likely won’t hit each shot perfectly. The V-Lock bridge provides added stability, and the racket also has stop shock sleeves to reduce vibration when the player strikes the ball.

The set also comes with two cases to protect the heads of the rackets when you are not playing.


Traditional Garden Games 5 m Badminton Volleyball and Tennis Playset

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This playset from Traditional Garden Games contains everything you need if you want to set up a tennis match in your backyard, in the park, or at the beach. Included in this set is an adjustable net, pegs, tie lines, two tennis rackets, and two tennis balls. The set also includes two badminton racquets, three shuttlecocks, a volleyball, and a pump to give you three games in one.

Obviously, this tennis set is considered a toy and the rackets that come with it are not ones you would take to your local tennis court. However, if you are looking for something to just set up and let the kids play, it contains everything you need.

The aluminum rackets in this tennis set are small enough for kids to use but large enough for an adult to enjoy as well.

The net is easy to set up on a soft surface using the pegs, or on a hard surface using the free-standing legs for support. When you are all done, the entire kit stores in the canvas bags that come included.


Jumbo Soft Tennis Set With Shuttlecock

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If you are looking for a toy tennis set the Jumbo Soft is exactly that. Designed for smaller children this set comes with two foam rackets, one soft tennis ball, and one shuttlecock. The foam construction is ideal for younger kids and keeping injuries to a minimum, even if someone accidentally strikes someone else with one of these rackets. Yet the construction is sturdy enough that even the adults can have fun knocking the ball back and forth.

The rackets themselves are small enough for young children to play with, but the head is large enough to give enough surface area that the kids won’t get frustrated from missing the ball too much.

This lightweight set is easy to carry so you can take it with you to the park or to the beach and is small enough for you to pack up when you go on holiday.


Wilson Tour Tennis Rackets Plus Covers with Strap and 3 Tennis Balls

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Another quality set from Wilson, the Tour model is a bit smaller than the Energy XL but still gives you a solid racket to use as a beginning tennis player. Included in the set are two Wilson rackets, two head covers, and three tennis balls; everything you need to start playing.

At 400g, this racket is a bit on the heavy side making it more difficult for smaller players to use. Also, the grip is made for a larger hand. Adults and older children should have no problem holding this racket, but smaller children will have to choke up a bit on the grip in order to swing with a good amount of control.

If you are looking for something to introduce older children to tennis, this set provides you with a good racket at a great value. However, if they are looking to get serious about the game this racket will not grow with them. Being on the heavy side, smaller children might quickly grow frustrated with their inability to properly swing with this model.


Head Ti.Radical 27 Tennis Rackets and 3 Tennis Balls

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Modeled after the racket used by tennis star Andy Murray, this set from Head gives you two rackets, two covers with shoulder straps, and three tennis balls. Being one of the most well-known specialty brands in tennis, the Head Ti.Radical is a well-balanced racket with a grip that is designed for children as young as 12 years old but still large enough for an adult to use.

The head size of this racket is smaller than the real tennis rackets reviewed here, but that makes it much more lightweight. At 280g unstrung it is an ideal size for younger players to learn the game without getting frustrated from an inability to control their swing. The Graphene technology used in this racket helps optimise weight distribution making it easier for newer players to strike the ball as intended.

Adults with larger hands may have trouble with the smaller grips, but if your only intent is to casually hit balls with your kids then this is easily overcome.


Browning Energy 21" Tennis rackets + 3 Tennis Balls

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If you are looking to introduce a younger child to tennis but don’t want to settle for a toy tennis set then the Browning Energy will serve your purposes perfectly. Made with a smaller grip especially for children aged five to seven years old, this racket is not one that they will have trouble controlling.

In addition to the smaller grip size, this racket is made with a titanium alloy frame so it is light enough for younger players to use. Its wider head and large sweet spot also make it easier for a new player to get their racket on the ball to deliver a solid serve or return shot.

Included in this set are two well-balanced tennis rackets complete with three quarter length covers for protection and three tennis balls so your kids can immediately get out on the court and not only start playing, but enjoying the game of tennis.


ZSIGNET 10 Badminton/Volleyball/Multisport Family Set

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Another set that comes complete with two tennis rackets, tennis balls, and a net is the ZSIGNET multisport family set. Simply set it up anywhere and let your kids, and even adults, spend hours hitting the ball over the net as if they were at Wimbledon.

Along with the equipment to play tennis, this set also includes two miniature sized footy balls, two badminton racquets, shuttlecocks, and a volleyball to turn any backyard into a multisport court.

To make storage and carrying easier on the parents, this set comes complete with a bag for the rackets, balls, and shuttlecocks. The net and volleyball do not fit inside the carrying bag so they need to be stored and carried separately.

While this set does offer quite a bit, the rackets are not high quality and wouldn’t be suitable for serious play on a real court.


Wilson Federer 25 Junior 2 Racket Tennis Set with Balls, Water Bottle, and Bag

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Everything the budding tennis players need are in this set from Wilson. Modeled after the racket used by Roger Federer, this one is made for kids between ages eight to ten. With a smaller grip, these rackets will fit nicely in a child’s hands to prevent clumsy, awkward swings. The large sized head helps a newer player make contact to build their confidence and encourage them to keep playing.

Complete with two tennis rackets, two tennis balls, a water bottle, and one carrying bag with a shoulder strap you can keep your hands free as you bring your kids out to the courts to get them playing.

Made from lightweight titanium materials, the Federer 25 Junior won’t give your kids any problems in learning a smooth, correct swing. At just over 63cm these rackets may seem small but make no mistake, they are real tennis rackets and not cheap toys.


Wilson Federer Pro BLX 105 Carbon BLX Tennis Rackets + 3 Tennis Balls

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If your children are older, or maybe just a bit more serious about the game of tennis, then the Federer Pro model from Wilson offers a higher quality option than the other Wilson models reviewed here.

The carbon design ensures a lightweight racket. Weighing in at just 262g, adults and kids alike will find this an easy racket to swing. Other features that make this a more advanced racket include an increased head size of 105sq inches, a balance of 33g, and an open string pattern that allows a more seasoned player the ability to hit well placed shots and easily apply spin to the ball when striking it.

Although this is a lighter framed racket, it is designed to provide extra power even when you hit the ball outside of the sweet spot.

Ready to hit the courts, this set comes complete with two Carbon BLX rackets, three tennis balls, and a case to protect your rackets from dust and damage.


3 In 1 Badminton Volleyball and Tennis Training Game Set

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The last tennis set we look at is another complete set that comes with two rackets, two soft tennis balls, and an adjustable net. Like the other backyard setups, this one also provides you with two badminton racquets, shuttlecocks, and a volleyball to give you and your kids more options for backyard play.

While this is a fun set for the backyard, it is not as portable as the other similar sets. Instead of using stakes, this set uses plastic bases to hold the poles for the net in place. To keep the net from moving, you fill the plastic bases with water for added weight. Great for a garden game, but not if you want to take it with you anywhere.

The rackets that come with this set are perfect for what they are made for, a backyard game. They are rugged enough to meet the demands of kids who aren’t playing a serious game of tennis but rather, they are having fun with their friends and family.

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