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10 Best Star Wars Toys, Action Figures and Vehicles

The Best 10 Star Wars Toys

If you’re looking for the best Star Wars toys, it can be overwhelming to find one with so many options.  Luckily, we researched the best options to help make your decision easier.  We’ve reviewed and explained everything you need to know before you finalise your decision and make a purchase.

Here are the reviews of the top ten best Star Wars toys.


Disney Star Wars Toy Force Awakes Micro Machines Millennium Falcon Playset

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The Millennium Falcon toy is versatile, which makes it one of the top options for Star Wars toys.  Kids can creatively play with the legendary flying ship that’s featured in the Star Wars movies.

Your children can easily recreate their favourite adventure and battle scenes from Star Wars, or customise their unique battles on their own.  It’s a great starter toy for young Star Wars fans, but it also makes a perfect addition to their existing Star Wars toy collection.

The Millennium Falcon toy folds open and converts to an impressive play set.  You will also receive the first order Flametrooper micro figure in the package.  The micro figure is a huge bonus because it expands the creative option for your kids while they are playing with the set.

If your child is a Star Wars collector, they will absolutely want the Flametrooper micro figure in their collection.

You’ll also get a mini Millennium Falcon ship included with your purchase.  The mini ship is perfect for your child to play Star Wars games with a friend.  It’s also small enough that your child can take it with them on the go.  The mini Millennium Falcon can easily fit in their hands for a car ride or anywhere else outside of the house where they want to play.

The set comes prebuilt, so there is no complicated assembling required.  All you need to do is add a few stickers.  It’s recommended for children ages four years and older.


Star Wars Vintage Collection AT-AT Walker Endor Version

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The detailed AT-AT Walker has electronic lights and sounds.  It’s a great option for kids that love the classic Star Wars movies.  It has a wide range of playing features that are perfect for creating battle scenes.

It’s made from a durable plastic material, so it won’t break easily during intense play.  The design is detailed and matches the AT-AT Walker from the movies.

The package comes with the components unassembled, but it’s fun for your kids to build.  It also comes with a speeder bike and the AT-AT driver figure.  In addition, the vehicle can hold up to five more figures.  However, additional figures do not come with the package and must be purchased separately.

Your kid can move the head of the AT-AT vehicle up, down, and even sideways with the handle.  The cockpit opens up and has a light up screen.  Your kids can press a button inside the cockpit to active some of the noises and battle phrases.

The head of this machine fires missiles.  It also has guns that move to different spots on the vehicle.  When the bike is on the vehicle, it slots into place, and a button releases it.  The backside of the vehicle opens up so the speeder bike can come out of storage and onto the playing surface.

There is also a hatch underneath the vehicle so the figures can throw grenades.  The main body has several platforms and ladders so the mini figures can move around.


LEGO 75125 Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter Building Set

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The Star Wars Resistance X-Wing Fighter from Lego is a great option for Lego lovers and Star Wars fans.  There are 87 pieces in the set, so it’s easy for children to build but challenging enough that they will enjoy themselves during the process.

Once they finish building the set, they can use the X-Wing Fighter to recreate battle scenes from their favourite Star Wars movies.  It’s a great addition the other Resistance toys in your child’s Star Wars collection.

The wings on the Resistance X-Wing Fighter can fold, so your kids have options for how they want it to look.  They can manually adjust the folding wings while they are pretending to the fly the X-Wing Fighter in mid air.

There is an open cockpit design for this fighter jet as well.  The set comes with an X-Wing pilot mini figure as well.  Your kids can easily put the mini figure inside the open cockpit, so the pilot is exposed while flying.

Besides the pilot, there are additional accessories included in this package as well.  There is a special helmet in this set that’s specifically intended for the pilot.  The set comes with a blaster pistol as well.  The blaster pistol is perfect for battling with other vehicles in your kid’s Star Wars collection.


Star Wars Stormtrooper Illumi-Mate Colour Changing Light

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The colour changing Stormtrooper is the perfect toy and accessory for any young Star Wars fan.  It’s a light that’s in the shape of a Stormtrooper head, which gives your child plenty of options.

Your kids can use this toy to creatively play Star Wars games.  It’s a great addition to an existing Star Wars collection.  The Stormtrooper head lights up, so your kids can play in the dark.

When they are not using it as a toy, the Stormtrooper can serve as a nightlight.  The light changes colours so a dark room can illuminate blue, green, pink, or white.  It runs on LED lights, so it’s cool to the touch.  You won’t have to worry about your child getting burned by touching a hot light.

It’s a cool toy for your kids to take with them to sleepover a friend’s house or go camping in the woods.  The light feature will keep them comfortable if they’re scared of the dark, and the Stormtrooper head shows off to everyone how much they love Star Wars.

The set runs on three LR44 batteries that come included with the set.  The Stormtrooper is made out of plastic, so you won’t have to worry about it dangerously breaking or shattering if it gets dropped.



Hasbro Bop It! R2-D2 Game

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The R2-D2 Game puts a creative twist on the classic game, Bop It.  Instead of a standard Bop It toy, it’s an R2-D2 figure.  The toy commands you with voice actions such as “pull it” or “twist it” and all of the other classic commands.  However, the voice is another Star Wars character and R2-D2’s companion, C-3PO.

The combination of the R2-D2 figure and the C-3PO voice make it a great option for Star Wars fans.  If your child liked the original Bop It games, they would enjoy this one even more.  The game automatically records your score each time you play.

There are two different modes that your kid can play this game on.  The first is a solo mode, so they can entertain themselves while they are alone.  They also have the option to play with friends.  Your children simply pass the toy to the next person after each command.

The Hasbro Bop It R2-D2 game is recommended for older children that love Star Wars.  It’s not suitable for children under 36 months old.  Kids that are eight years or older can have the most fun playing this game.

Your kids can also use the R2-D2 figure on its own, without playing Bop It.  They can add the figure to their existing collection of Star Wars action figures and use it as an accessory to their play sets.

When they are not playing with the toy, it’s a great decoration for their bedroom.  They can put it on their dresser, shelves, or night table to go with the Star Wars theme in their room.  The toy runs on two AAA batteries that come included in the package with your purchase.


LEGO 75114 Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Building Set

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The First Order Stormtrooper Lego set is perfect kids that love Star Wars and love building with Legos.  There are 81 pieces in the set, so it’s not suitable for young children, and the small pieces can pose a choking hazard.  The set is best for kids over the age of seven.

Your child can bring one of their favourite Star Wars characters to life while they build this set.  They will enjoy the building process, and then they can use the completed model as an action figure to play with.

The action figure has sleek armour and holster attachments for the blaster pistol and spring loaded shooter.  The spring-loaded shooter comes with extra ammunition so your child can shoot multiple rounds and easily reload the toy weapon.

There are several joints throughout the body of the Stormtrooper action figure so that kids can adjust the toy into nearly any pose.  It has a sturdy and durable design, so your children can recreate intense battle scenes without worrying about the pieces falling apart.

The First Order Stormtrooper is a great addition to your child’s Star Wars action figure collection.  Since they get to build it themselves, it will likely be one of their favourites.



Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Darth Vader

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The Darth Vader action figure from Revenge of the Sith is a great gift for young Star Wars fans.  No Star Wars toy collection is complete without a Darth Vader action figure, and this is one of the top choices.

It has characteristics and details that replicate the appearance of Darth Vader in the movie.  Your child can recreate scenes from Revenge of the Sith or any of the other classic Star Wars movies.  They can also create new battle scenes with their creative imagination.

It’s ideal for children that are four years old and up.  The Darth Vader action figure is large and is 12 inches tall.  The large size shows Darth Vader’s dominance over other action figures in your kid’s collection.

In addition to the action figure, the package also comes with an accessory.  Darth Vader’s red light sabre fits in his hand so your kids can battle against their other toy figures.

When your children are done playing with this action figure, it can stand by itself in their bedroom. It’s a cool accessory decoration for a young child’s Star Wars themed room.


Official Disney Star Wars The Force Awakens Talking Interactive R2-D2 Figure with Light & Sounds

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R2-D2 is one of the most recognisable characters from the Star Wars movies.  Your child’s Star Wars collection is not complete with an R2-D2 toy.  The talking R2-D2 figure from the Force Awakens is one of the top options.

There are two different buttons on the toy.  The first button is for activation and the second one is for sound activation.  Your child can decide if they want to play with or without the sound, which is a great option that most toys don’t have.  That way they can play without disturbing other people in the house.

The movements of the toy figure mimic the motions of R2-D2 in the movies.  R2-D2’s body rolls and spins to move around, and the head turns as well.  There parts of the toy that light up and it has over 20 different sound effects.  The sounds mimic the noises that R2-D2 makes in the movies.

The official Disney Star Wars the Force Awakens Talking Interactive R2-D2 figure is suitable for children three years and older.  If there’s anything confusing about the toy, it comes with easy to read instructions.  You can easily help your child if they are having trouble with the activation buttons.



Bestway Star Wars X-Fighter Inflatable Rider Toy

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If your child wants to pretend to be an X-Fighter pilot, they can use their imagination with the inflatable rider from Bestway.  Your kids love playing with action figures in their room, but they also need to get outside for some exercise.

The inflatable toy is big enough for your children to play on top of.  If you have a pool, it’s the perfect toy for your young Star Wars fans.  It’s also a great way for you to join your kids while playing outside in the water.  You should not let your kids play in the pool unsupervised.

It comes with heavy-duty handles to provide extra grip, so they won’t fall into the water.  The toy has a wide base, so it won’t tip over easily.  It has an age range of 36 months to 18 years old and a suggested maximum weight capacity of 45 kilograms.

The toy is made from a strong vinyl material.  If for some reason the toy gets punctured, your package comes with a repair kit.  Fixing a hole has never been easier with the simple repair patch.


Tomy Pop Up Darth Game

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The Tomy Pop Up Darth Game is a great gift for any Star Wars fan.  It’s ideal for families that want to play together with their children.  If your kids love Star Wars and you want to get in on the fun with them, the Pop Up Game is one that you can consider as an option.

To play, you turn the switch on and push the Darth Vader figure into the barrel.  Simply turn his head to lock the figure in place.  Next, everyone takes turns inserting light sabres into the barrel, one person at a time.  The set comes with three different coloured light sabres, so it’s suitable for two or three players.

One of the light sabres will cause the Darth Vader head to pop out of the barrel.  Whoever’s light sabre gets the figure out of the barrel wins the game.  It’s fun and exciting because there’s no way to predict when the head will pop out; it’s different every round.

The game also has the Star Wars Main Theme song as well as the iconic Imperial March song.  Young Star Wars fans will enjoy these authentic and familiar sounds while they play the game.  It also includes the signature sounds of Darth Vader’s breathing while you play.

It’s recommended for children between the ages of four and ten years old, but parents can get in on the fun of these games as well.  It’s a great chance to bond and spend time with your children.

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