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10 Best Spiderman Toys And Action Figures

10 Best Spider-Man Toys

According to entertainment industry reports, Marvel’s Spider-Man character tops other superhero characters in licensing for toys and other merchandise.  Spider-Man generated $1.3 billion in global sales in 2013. Sales for the best Spider-Man toys include figurines, action figures, costumes, gloves, masks, puzzles and video games as well as T-shirts, hats, umbrellas and hundreds, if not thousands of other items with Spider-man’s likeness or logo.


Spider-Man Marvel Titan Hero Series Figure

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The 12-inch high Spider-Man Marvel Titan Hero Series Figure has basic articulation of the joints and detailed features based on the movie character. This sturdy action figure lacks the accessories and weapons, but its sise and durability make it a great choice for encouraging kids’ imagination.

Pit Spider-Man in battles with Venom, Sandman and other villains. (The villain dolls are sold separately.) Kids from four to 18 years old can buy accessories, such as a utility belt or Spider-mobile. The mix and match option enables children to exercise their creativity.

This best-selling action figure has received many excellent reviews praising its durability and reporting that it can survive even rough handling by young fans. Children love it, according to parents and grandparents.

All Spider-Man fans will appreciate this action figure for its stature and character detail. (You can pose its muscular arms.) Teen and adults can buy this as a collectable for their shelves or mantles. At 12 inches tall, it will tower over tiny action hero figurines popular in toy and collector circles.


Ravensburger Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man 4 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles

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Jigsaw puzzles may seem like an antique from your Nan’s time, but Ravensburger’s Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man 4 in a Box Jigsaw Puzzles are updated for today’s young action hero fans.

Kids can put together four different puzzles featuring Spidey in different battles. The 12, 16, 20 and 24 piece puzzles have varying degrees of difficulty. When completed, the puzzle measures 19 centimetres by 14 centimetres.

The puzzles, made from premium-grade cardboard, are sturdy enough to stay intact after repeated uses. The pieces have a linen finish to reduce glare on the images.

Jigsaw puzzles keep children engaged and quiet, and offer a respite from hectic video games. The colorful images of Spider-Man slinging his web at enemies give kids an extra incentive to complete the puzzles. The Ultimate Spider-Man Jigsaw puzzles will provides hours of fun for kids three years and older.


Marvel Spider-Man Glove

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The Marvel Spider-Man lets kids fight the bad guys. Children can wear the glove along with a Spider-Man costume or on its’ own.

The package only contains one glove, not two, and the glove doesn’t actually sling a web. Pressing a plastic button in the middle of the glove activates a web-slinging sound. Suitable for kids five and older, this Spidey glove sparks the imagination and lets kids pretend to help the superhero capture villains.

Although the glove only makes a web-slinging sound, the plastic mechanism on the palm gives the appearance that a web will shoot out at a moment’s notice. While the Marvel Spider-Man Glove lacks a real-life web, the sound effects and plastic button provide a more realistic Spider-Man experience than plain Spidey fancy dress gloves.

This one-size fits all glove needs 3 A76 batteries to operate (not included).


Marvel Ten-Inch Spider-Man Soft Plush Toy

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The soft, cuddly Marvel Ten-Inch Spider-Man Soft Plush Toy turns the official image of Spider-Man from the Avengers and Spider-Man film into a miniature version suitable for infants and toddlers.

Suitable for infants a year or older, this toy is well-made from the softest plush. Reviewers say that kids (especially ones aged three to six) love the plushie and won’t stop holding it, and that it’s the right size for little hands.

An official Marvel product, the plushie has a big, red and black webbed head just like Spider-Man’s mask. Kids will feel comfortable knowing Spidey is by their side protecting them. The plushie has polyester covering that you can wash with gentle shampoo.

You can purchase other superhero plushies (Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk) for an entire collection. The Marvel Spider-Man Soft Plush Toy provides companionship for the youngest Spidey fans, but can also share the shelf with an adult’s superhero collectables.


Hasbro The Amazing Spider Man Electronic Figure

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Hasbro’s Amazing Spider-Man Electronic Figure lights up, makes web-slinging sounds, and comes with a missile launcher. The figures includes 2 AAA batteries start the action.

Active superhero fans who love to imitate Spider-Man’s crime-fighting missions have three different missiles to load up in the launcher to blast villains. This electronic action figure also has a shield to protect Spidey from attacks.

The soft, shooting missiles won’t damage furniture. Adults should supervise young children during play to prevent problems. The Spider Man Electronic Figure should be used by children three years or older.

Push the Spider emblem on Spidey’s chest to hear him speak, or bend his arms and legs in action-ready poses. You can also move Spider-Man’s head with a bit of effort. Posing the action figure for fighting maneuvers makes it more fun for kids, and with several moveable parts, kids can exercise their creativity.



Disney Infinity 2.0 Spider-Man Playset Pack (PS4/PS3/Nintendo Wii U/Xbox 360/Xbox One)

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The Disney Infinity 2.0 Spider-Man Playset Pack combines action figures and video games for an interactive challenge for kids ages seven and over. The age recommendation comes from Pan European Games Information (PEGI).

The game comes with Spider-Man and Nick Fury figures and a level piece. The 2.0 disc will work on all consoles as long as you have the base unit to place figures. According to the manufacturer, the Spider-Man Playset Pack will work on PS3 and PS4, Nintendo Wii U, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Kids guide Spider-Man and other superheroes to save the city from evil-doers in this interactive game. It takes a few hours to finish the adventure for some users while it may take longer for others. Children love the action-packed video, and parents love the fact that it keeps kids amused for hours.

The Spider-Man Playset Packs only works on 2.0 systems. Kids can play it alone, or with up to three friends. Players place the figurines on a USB peripheral (the base or level piece) to bring them into the video game. Players add to the game by buying additional figures or Play-Sets.


Rubie’s Official Classic Ultimate Spider-Man Children’s Costume

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Children can dress up like Spider-Man by wearing Rubie’s Official Classic Ultimate Spider-Man Children’s Costume. The costume, available in sizes Small (three to four years), Medium (five to six years) and Large (seven to eight years), has jumpsuit and hood/mask. The costume, designed and produced in the UK, is made of 100% polyester except for trims.

Reviews indicate kids of all ages love the costume. Young Spider-Man fans can imitate their hero and pretend they can shoot webs, climb walls and perform other Spider deeds. Some parents report the sizing runs a bit small, so you may want to order one size larger for your child.

The costumes have a padded chest for a more authentic look, but the package lacks gloves. An official licensed product, the Rubie’s Classic Ultimate Spider-Man Children’s Costume has been tested and found to meet or exceed all UK and European safety standards for toys, including REACH and EN71.


Marvel Spider-Man Heroes Mashers Spider-Man Action Figure

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The customizable Marvel Spider-Man Heroes Mashers Spider-Man Action Figure has a detachable head, arms and legs. Kids mix and match Mashers parts to create their own superhero figure.

Kids can improve Spider-Man’s already intense superpowers by swapping one of his legs for one of Iron Man’s legs or a claw from Wolverine. The possibilities depend on kids’
imaginations and the number of Masher figures they own.

All Masher series figures are compatible, so kids can switch arms, legs and heads as they buy new figures. To get any real play out of Mashers, children need to have a few figures, which can get costly for parents.

The Spider-Man Mashers figure has his signature web coming out of his palms, plus finely detailed chest, arms and legs. The manufacturer recommends the Mashers series of figures for ages five to ten years.

Hasbro produces the Spider-Man Masher figure and other Masher figures under license from Marvel Characters B.V.


Marvel The Amazing Spider-Man Motorized Web-Shooting Figure

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The 13-inch tall Marvel the Amazing Spider-Man Web-Shooting Figure has motorised web-shooting blasters in each hand. Push a button on his to activate webs and hear them shoot out of Spider-Man’s hands. One button controls the left hand; the other the right hand.

The motorised web-shooting Spider-Man comes with a cutout target of The Lizard, one of Spidey’s most-feared nemeses. Children will love blasting The Lizard with Spider-Man’s web shooters.

A sturdy toy according to reviewers, the web-shooting mechanism may break if improperly used. The web shooters dispense string, and they have a safety mechanism to stop the web from unfurling if the string becomes stuck. The string unfurls over and over; no refills necessary.

Parents should supervise young children who use this toy, as the string could get stuck in a child’s eye or cause other injuries if misdirected.

The Spider-Man web-shooting figure needs 4 AAA batteries (not included).


Anker Spider-Man Fun Stickers, Plastic, Multi-color

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Colourful, plastic Anker Spider-Man Fun Stickers let kids decorate their bedrooms, computers and toys with images of Spidey and even a few of his enemies. These stickers help kids develop their creativity, and can be used as tools for a superhero art project.

You can order stickers in increments of between one and four packages. Each package has five sheers of stickers. Stickers include Spidey getting ready to sling his web, the Spider-Man emblem, Spidey’s mask, and Spidey in front of tall buildings.

Children can let friends know they’re keen on Spider-Man by putting the stickers on cell phone or iPad cases or paper binders. A fun rainy day activity, stickers help kids pass the time without sitting in front of the telly or computer.

Some reviewers say the stickers are a bit thin, but still colourful and decorative. Adults can use Anker Spider-Man Fun Stickers in party bags or decorate gift-wrapped presents with them.

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