10 Best Roller Skates for Kids & Best Roller Blades

Roller blades and roller skates might not be as trendy as they once were, but they’re still a fantastic way for children to have fun and stay in shape.

They make kids want to exercise and play outside. Plus, they’ll help them form stronger relationships with friends and boost their mental health. Rolling around is so fun you might just find yourself wanting to buy a pair designed for adults!

Our comprehensive buyer’s guide and reviews below will show you exactly how to select the best roller skates for kids and the best roller blades.

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We’ve done the legwork for you by reviewing dozens of different models. These are the most fun, most comfortable, and safest products available.

Top 10 Roller skates for kids in the UK

There are few better choices for children that prefer roller skates than the Osprey Children’s Quad Roller Skates.

Sturdy and stable is the best way to describe these skates. Their quad-wheel design ensures stability on any surface, even those that are uneven.

Large 32-millimetre wheels make skating easy. Kids love these skates because the wheels consistently spin smoothly and quickly.

Another highlight is the padded interior boot. It’s very plush and comfortable. An easy slide adjuster makes getting the right fit easy. Safe lock buckles ensure the skates don’t become unbuckled during use.

The skates come in several different colours. The pink version and the blue version are the two most popular.

The biggest downside of these skates is that the buckles are difficult to latch. Young children will have difficulty securely latching the straps by themselves.


  • Stable and sturdy design
  • Large, soft wheels
  • Plush interior bootie
  • Safe lock buckles
  • Multiple colourways


  • Difficult to latch
  • Inner bootie slides around

Among the best roller skates for kids are the No Fear Kids Quad Skates.

These skates are built from the ground up with durability in mind. Every component from the toe-stop brakes to the 54-millimetre wheels to the quick-lock buckles is built to last for the long haul.

No Fear also does comfort right with their quad skates. The plush interior bootie makes using these skates very fun. Your child’s feet won’t get sore during use.

In addition to comfort, these No Fear skates are very stable. Unlike other models, your child’s ankles and knees won’t bend in towards each other during use. There’s enough support for them to keep their legs straight and in the proper skating position.

Another highlight is this product’s versatility. They perform just as well indoors at a skating rink than outdoors on uneven terrain.

The only real downside to this product is sizing. The skates don’t fit true to size. They fit larger than most others. So it’s usually worth going a size down (or trying them on in person first) to find the perfect fit.


  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Quality components
  • Toe-stop brake
  • Large, 54mm wheels
  • Quick-lock buckles


  • Don’t fit true-to-size
  • Noisy when in use

Buy these Sk8 Zone Kids Quad Skates, and you’ll get the entire package. In addition to the skates, you’ll also receive a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads.

First, let’s talk about the roller skates themselves. Like all products from Sk8 Zone, they’re built with high quality materials. These include the wheels, toe-stop brake, buckles, and interior boot.

The interior boot is particularly important. It’s snug yet comfortable. It’s also among the most breathable on the market.

Another unique feature is the adjustable sizing. A small button on the side of the skates allows you to extend them to match your child’s foot size.

The adjustable sizing feature means that your child won’t grow out of these roller skates as quickly as other models.

Though including a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads is a nice offer, it’s unlikely all three of them will fit your child. If you’re lucky, at least one of the three will fit correctly.



  • Fully adjustable
  • Comes with helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads
  • Built with top-quality materials
  • Toe-stop brake
  • Sturdy design


  • Unlikely that helmet and pads will fit
  • Not as durable as other models

Very young children will love the Sambro Paw Patrol Roller Skates.

More of a toy than a piece of sporting equipment, these roller skates are great for toddlers and other absolute beginners.

Note that the construction isn’t as durable as other products. Almost all of the components are made from plastic. However, this isn’t a big problem since these skates are for such young users.

Despite the plastic construction, these roller skates perform surprisingly well. Your child will be able to skate around the driveway or neighbourhood with ease.

Kids also love the looks of these skates. They’re very colourful and fun. They have a Paw Patrol graphic on the front.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to get these skates to fit properly. They don’t have very good adjustment features, especially compared to other skates on the market.


  • Ideal for beginners
  • For ages 3+
  • Paw Patrol graphic
  • Very stable
  • Surprisingly high performing


  • Flimsy plastic construction
  • Difficult to tighten correctly

One of the best roller skates for kids available on the market is none other than the SFR Vision II Kids Quad Roller Skates.

SFR is a company known to make top quality toys for kids. Their entry into the roller skates market is no exception.

These roller skates are sturdy, comfortable, and durable. They’re perfect for brand-new beginners as well as more advanced skaters.

Features include 53 millimetre wheels, ABEC-5 bearings, and a nylon chassis. The top of the boot is made from semi-soft vinyl.

These roller skates are a good choice for all-purpose skating. However, they’re best suited for roller skating sports like roller derby or roller dancing.

The only drawback to these skates is how stiff they are at first. They require a lengthy break-in period before they’re comfortable for extended use.


  • Semi-soft vinyl construction
  • 53-millimetre wheels
  • ABEC-5 bearings
  • Nylon chassis
  • Stylish design


  • Very stiff at first
  • Requires a lengthy break-in

Not all children want basic, multi-purpose roller blades. For those that want to get into the extreme sport that is aggressive inline, the Anarchy Panik Skates are a great bet.

The skates are designed specifically with doing tricks in mind. They are lightweight, very supportive, and boast reinforced construction.

One of the most notable features, that no other products on our list have, is the grind pad between the wheels of each skate. This slick component allows experienced skaters to grind or slide on obstacles.

Despite the fact that they’re designed for aggressive inline skating, the Anarchy Panik Skates work just as well for normal, general purpose skating. Your kids will have just as much fun with them in the driveway or at the skating rink.

Other highlights include the 52-millimetre wheels, amazingly fast ABEC-7 bearings, built-in SAS shock absorber system, and the nylon fibre frame with wheel position adjustment.

Though these roller blades are extremely lightweight, they’re also bulky. The bulk makes them a poor choice for your child’s very first pair of roller blades.


  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • SAS shock absorber system
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Stylish looks ooze the “cool factor”
  • Extremely lightweight


  • Bulky
  • Break-in period required

Get your children up off the couch and outside with the help of the SFR Vortex Inline Skates.

These roller blades are simple with very few parts. Not only does this make them easy to learn how to use, but it also ensures they’ll last for a long time.

Children love this product for its awesome looks. It has a colourful yet sleek design that just screams “I’m going fast!” Multiple stylish colourways are available.

The performance of the SFR Vortex Inline Skates is also on point. 72-millimetre wheels and ABEC-5 bearings ensure a fast and smooth ride.

Another highlight of this product is the adjustable sizing. Though only two sizes are available, some features including a state-of-the-art securing system enable you to get the skates snug and secure on your child’s foot.

There are few negatives to these roller blades. Perhaps the only one worth mentioning is the lack of multiple sizes. Though this seems to be the norm in the industry, we’d like to see a few more size options available.


  • Adjustable sizing
  • Sleek, stylish design
  • 72mm wheels and ABEC-5 bearings
  • Very lightweight
  • Good entry-level skate for hockey


  • Only two sizes available
  • Nosier than other models

Few other kid’s roller blades are anything like the XQ Max Children’s Inline Skates.

The word that comes to mind to describe these skates is robust. Though the components are mostly plastic, they’re as durable as they come.

Comfort is another key factor to the success of these XQ Max blades. The interior bootie is very soft and does not slide around during use. A series of straps, ratchets, and laces enable you to tighten the boot as securely as possible.

Even beginners won’t have any problems using these roller blades. Their sturdy design means that they will help support your child’s legs. Your child won’t suffer from the common problem of having their legs turn inward during use.

Best of all, for children at least, these roller blades look good. Your child is sure to turn more than a few heads as they blade around the neighbourhood.

Note that these inline skates do require a break-in period. Expect some pain and perhaps some blisters during the first day or two of use.


  • Robust design
  • Comfortable, secure interior bootie
  • Straps and laces for better sizing
  • Heel-brake on right boot
  • High-performance


  • Noisier
  • Bulky and heavy

No Fear is known for making some of the best toys for active children – their No Fear Children Roller Blades are no exception.

These roller blades scream quality throughout. The sleek, black finish just looks stylish while the large 72-millimetre wheels (and ABEC-5 bearings) tear up whatever terrain is thrown their way.

In fact, these roller blades are perfect for children with a grasp of the basics. Their high performance makes them a good fit for those interesting in roller sports such as inline hockey.

Each boot features reinforced construction for increased durability as well as a supportive fit and a 3-point securing system. Padded lining further increases comfort.

Children love these rollers blades not only because they’re fun and comfortable, but also because they look like the real deal. These skates look just like those that adults wear.

The downside to this product is the lack of sizes available. Unlike other manufacturers that offer blades in each shoe size, No Fear only provides two options (size 1 – 3.5 and size 4 – 6.5).


  • Huge 72mm wheels
  • Fast ABEC-5 bearings
  • Reinforced construction
  • 3-point securing system
  • Adjustable sizing


  • Only two sizes available
  • Tricky to secure

Roller Blades and Skates for Kids Buyer’s Guide

Your first decision when it comes to buying this type of equipment is: roller blades or roller skates?

Once you narrow this important choice down, it’s essential not to rush out and buy the first pair you see. Not all roller blades and roller skates are created equal. You want to buy a pair that’s comfortable, long-lasting, and high-performing.

Here’s what you need to know about buying the best roller skates or roller blades for kids.

Why Buy Roller Blades or Skates

The main reason to buy roller blades or skates for your children is obvious: they’re a whole lot of fun to use.

Even adults have fun strapping on a pair and skating around town. In fact, roller blading/skating is one of the best outdoor activities for families with children. Buy everyone in the family a pair and let the good times roll.

Beyond fun, like skateboarding, the number one reason to buy roller blades or skates is exercise. Skating around town makes exercising fun. It won’t even feel like exercise as you roll around with a smile on your face.

Indeed, roller skating or blading is one of the best ways to ensure your children receive their recommended daily amount of sun filled exercise. According to the National Health Service, children need at least an hour of exercise a day.

Numerous activities stem from roller blading and roller skating itself. As your child becomes more experienced, they might become interested in roller hockey, roller dancing, roller derby, or even aggressive inline.

As outlined in the New York Times, learning a new sport or activity is good for the brain. It eases depression and anxiety while boosting self-confidence and self-esteem.

Roller Blades and Skates Benefits

The top benefit of roller blades and roller skates is the fun and enjoyment they provide to you and your family.

Give a pair to your child and chances are they’ll be entertained for hours. Even if they’re the only one in the neighbourhood rolling around, they’re sure to have a good time.

Roller blading and roller skating is even more fun as a group. Consider buying a pair for everyone in your family – yes, adults included – for hours of family fun.

As mentioned above, roller blades and skates are also great for fitness. According to Rollerblade.com, the activity provides low-impact cardiovascular exercise while also building muscle strength and endurance.

Health Fitness Revolution states that both roller blading and roller skating also benefit the body by improving coordination and balance.

And then there are the mental benefits. The Mental Health Foundation states that regular physical exercise, like roller skating, improves your mood.

That means roller skating and blading on a regular basis can make you happier, reducing the risk of depression and anxiety in the process.

According to NPR, yet another benefit of children learning a new sport is an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Roller blading/skating is an excellent way for your child to meet other children with similar interests and build better relationships with friends and family.

Before You Buy

Roller skates and roller blades are a great toy for most but not all children.

First and foremost, your child should be mature enough to use them correctly. Roller sports can be very dangerous if proper care isn’t taken. It may be a better idea to buy younger children a scooter instead so they can still scoot around on wheels a little more safely.

Along those same lines, these products are best used under the supervision of adults. Make sure your child is confident using them before letting them do so alone.

Your kids must use their roller skates or blades in a safe environment. Ensure your driveway or street is swept of rocks, twigs, and other debris that could cause accidents.

Most importantly, ensure your children only roller blade or skate in an area without motor vehicle traffic. Your kids must know not to skate in areas where these dangerous vehicles are present.

How to Choose Roller Blades and Skates

The first choice to make is the most obvious: roller blades or roller skates?

Roller skates have four wheels each, two wheels in the front and two wheels in the back, on each foot.

Roller blades, on the other hand, have four wheels on each foot but they’re all in a line, one in front of the other.

The quad design of roller skates equals more balance. It’s easier for most kids to balance and learn to skate with roller skates.

Though roller blades are more difficult to learn to use, their benefits are higher speeds and better turning once they’re mastered.

Roller blades also require stronger legs and ankles for proper use. Because they’re less sturdy, many young kids suffer from their knees and ankles turning inward while wearing them.

For these reasons, roller skates are best for younger children while roller blades are better for older children and teenagers.

Another factor to consider is size. The skates/blades you choose must fit well. If they don’t fit properly, not only will your child have less fun, chances are they’ll suffer from serious blitering.

DevaSkation.com provides a thorough resource on finding the proper sized roller skates/blades for your kids.

Finally, you should consider the skill level of your child. Beginners should select wholly different models than more experienced users.

In short, beginners require more balanced skates/blades. Intermediate and advanced users, on the other hand, require quicker turning and higher performance.

Safety Guidelines

Both roller blading and roller skating are potentially dangerous activities by their very nature.

Luckily, it’s easy to make both much safer by following some safety guidelines. Chief among these is outfitting your children in the right safety equipment.

Kids Health states that the most important piece of equipment is a helmet. They insist that you should buy a helmet that’s specifically made for inline skating. Bicycle helmets work in a pinch but aren’t best for those serious about the activity.

Other pieces of equipment to consider include knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards. Kids just learning to blade or skate for the first time should also wear long sleeves and long pants.

Final Thoughts

Whether your child is a beginner to roller sports or already an expert, there’s no denying you want a pair of blades/skates that are durable, comfortable, and high-performing.

The Sk8 Zone Kids Roller Blades are the clear winner when these factors are considered. They not only last for years on end, but they provide the utmost in comfort and performance as well.

These skates rank so highly thanks to their classic design. They don’t try to do anything fancy by adding unnecessary bells and whistles. They just include the basics and keep things simple.

This simplicity is much appreciated in a market oversaturated with gimmicks. The straightforward approach by Sk8 Zone means that their roller blades are great for kids of all ages and skill levels.

Of course, that’s not to say the other roller blades and roller skates on this list aren’t great options. Your children are sure to be happy with any one of the ten top quality models reviewed above.

Finally, it’s important for you to supervise your children as they learn to roller blade or roller skate. That’s why it’s such a good idea for you to invest in an adult pair for yourself.

You can learn a new activity together and better ensure your child’s safety in the process.