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10 Best Ride On Toys for Fun in 2019

Top 10 Ride on toys in the UK

Ride-on toys can bring tremendous value to a child’s playtime. Experts often point out that “play is a child’s work,” so providing children with the best, most appropriate toys that prolong their playtime and enhance their learning is important.

With their possibilities for active movement and role-play, ride-on toys can provide hours of happy entertainment for young children. In this article, we’ll outline important considerations when choosing the best ride-on car or truck for your child and review some of the best ones on the market.


VTech Baby 2-in-1 Trike to Bike

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Popular children’s brand VTech has done it again with a colourful, sturdy toy that ingeniously switches from a three-wheel design to a two-wheel design. Young toddlers and infants developed enough to stand are delighted by the Trike to Bike’s bright colours and front panel filled with fun activities. In fact, it offers two learning modes and introduces shapes and colours.

The crowning feature of this toy is its adaptability: very young children can ride this toy as a trike, and toddlers can ride it as a bike. While stable enough to assist small children who are already walking, this VTech toy is not a good item for infants who need help standing, as the wheels might roll out from under them.

Children old enough to balance on their own, however, find that the wheels offer some resistance, and won’t slip out too quickly. While some children appreciate pushing themselves along, many often love to simply practice their gross motor skills by stepping on and off the vehicle. Either way, converting the toy from two to three wheels is easily completed.


Big Bobby Car (Blue)

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The Big Bobby Car is a classic ride-on vehicle that lives by the motto, “simple is better.” While straightforward in its construction, its ergonomic design makes it comfortable for young and older children. Suitable from 12 months, this toy’s four wheels, low centre of gravity, and moulded plastic make it extremely durable and stable.

The Big Bobby Car comes completely assembled, except for the steering wheel, which is easily added. Children love the realistic looking wheel and the horn. It’s also notable that this toy is compatible with a host of additional accessories: tow handles, trailers, and more, enhancing its appeal to children.

This toy is available in several different colours, and while each option is certainly bright, parents might appreciate the more classic aesthetic of this particular children’s toy. Its smooth plastic makes it a breeze to wipe down, and while its stickers won’t hold up well under rain or snow, parents will find the easy-rolling wheels do well on hard outdoor surfaces, such as gravel trails and asphalt sidewalks.


Scuttlebug Bumblebee

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Convenient storage is always a plus, and the Scuttlebug Bumblebee gets high marks in that category! An ingenious design with three wheels and handles, the Scuttlebug folds away in three simple steps. When folded, it’s small enough to slip onto a shelf, store away in a cabinet, or even fit inside a backpack for convenient transportation.

This ride-on toy has three wheels for added stability and is suitable for ages one to three. The front wheel provides steering and excellent manoeuvrability, while all the wheels handle indoor and outdoor terrain like a pro, including grass or astro turf.

Children love being able to place their feet firmly on the floor, and the design of the bike is such that they will be practising balance and developing gross motor skills without even knowing it.

Thanks to its lightweight design, the Scuttlebug can be transported anywhere, a huge advantage for families always on the go. The colours are bright and engaging without being garish, and overall aesthetic will be appealing to modern families.


John Deere Ride-on Tractor with Loader and Detachable Trailer

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The tiny tractor lover in your life will love this John Deere licensed Ride-on Tractor! This sturdy ride-on vehicle comes complete with every bell and whistle imaginable and is the perfect option if you’re looking for that “wow” factor.

This ride-on toy comes with a fully operational frontloader that can tip and scoop. It also comes with a detachable trailer that connects via a rear hitch pin and has an opening bonnet and pedals suitable for three to five years.

The trailer is a no-brainer for children; loading and unloading items into it is an irresistible job that encourages learning and exploration. This toy stands out immediately in its classic John Deere green and yellow.

It is important to note that this toy does require fairly extensive assembly, and will require a good deal of room to operate, making it an inappropriate choice for play areas short on space. Another factor parents should consider is this toy’s large number of working parts; the potential for something breaking is higher than for a toy with fewer parts.

However, it’s worth pointing out that this toy has no electronic components, and will encourage children’s ingenuity and mobility.


Ride-on Swivel Scooter

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The Ride-on Swivel Scooter (also known as a “plasma car” or “gyro swing” car) is an innovative design that propels riders without electronic or battery assistance of any kind. Children sit on the vehicle and place both feet on the footrests, and both hands on the steering wheel. Then, using their whole upper bodies to turn the wheel back and forth, gravity and centrifugal force cause the ride-on toy to glide forward on its own!

What’s especially fantastic about this toy is the wide age range it accommodates. Children as young as three can use it, and even adults report using and loving this toy! It is truly an excellent choice for nearly all ages, and especially great for children that are normally too tall to be comfortable on other ride-on toys.

However, while children will use their upper bodies to initially “power” their cars, they will not be active like they would with most other ride-on toys. The Swivel Scooter can also pick up speed quickly, so supervision is required on hilly surfaces, and it should not be used around vehicles or near roadways.


Wheelybug Ladybird

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It’s rare to find a beautifully constructed wooden ride-on toy in today’s market, but that’s exactly what the Wheelybug Ladybird is! It stands out instantly, thanks to its simple lines and vibrant designs, making it an appealing choice for gift-givers looking for a more classical or understated aesthetic.

This ladybug toy is brightly painted, and covered with a padded layer of sponge and tough polyurethane for added durability and comfort. Perfect for children ages one to three years, it has multi-directional castors. Children will love sliding forward, backwards, and from side to side, and won’t get frustrated by running into walls or other objects like they might with traditional ride-on toys.

The Wheelybug’s funky unisex design lends itself well to being shared with other children or handed down to a sibling. Its extremely low centre of gravity makes it virtually impossible to tip, while its handle encourages core and grip strength. The Wheelybug Ladybird can be ridden on, but it can also be used as a push along toy for babies or toddlers just learning to walk.


Little Tikes Classic Cozy Coupe Ride-on

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This adorable update on a classic ride-on might be a fun way to share your childhood tradition with a special child in your life! They say classics are classic for a reason, and this sturdy little toy is no exception. Two- and three-year-olds love to open the coupe’s door, climb in, close the door tight, and go for a ride.

In a sea of toys very low to the ground, the Cozy Coupe is a nice surprise for adults: it is tall enough to push without having to stoop too low.

This Little Tikes toy includes a high seat back and storage in the rear, plus a full functioning driver’s door. Children love to grip the easy-to-steer wheel in front and ply the working horn. Added benefits include a parent grab handle on the roofand removable floorboard for toddlers.

This toy is suitable for use outdoors or indoors, though buyers should consider how much space the Coupe will occupy–it might not be welcome indoors! It is also not suited for anything other than smooth terrain–rocky surfaces or grass will make this toy difficult to drive.


Ferrari 458 Push Along Car

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This officially licensed Ferrari ride-on car is a miniature version of the real thing that is sure to thrill your budding race car driver! The scaled down replica of the Ferarri 458 supercar is packed with authentic details. Little ones ages 18-36 months will appreciate the fully manoeuvrable steering wheel and will be delighted by the genuine Ferrari red.

Imagine your child competing in the “big race”? That’s exactly what they’ll want to in this realistic looking vehicle. This miniature toy Ferrari sports vehicle will stoke a child’s imagination and encourage the most competitive little racer to dream big.

To operate the ride-on vehicle, children sit on top of the seat and use their legs to push the car along. The car comes with a horn that plays fun songs and sound effects. It is lightweight and easy to steer. These features will enhance the child’s sense of role-playing, resulting in longer, more engaged play.

Some might appreciate the car’s luxury aesthetic, though others might prefer a more childlike toy for their little ones. Either way, the car is sturdily constructed and will be easy to clean. It requires two AA batteries to power the lights and sounds, though these can be optional if preferred.

Due to the battery-operated components of the car, however, it’s only recommended for indoor use.


HOMCOM Electric Scooter

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The HOMCOM Electric Scooter looks like a daring motorbike, and is sure to excite little ones! Suitable for children ages three to six years, this bike has a three-wheel design for stability. Thanks to a 6V Battery, its maximum speed is 2.5 km/h.

Children will love this classic chopper style ride-on and its fun details, which include a headlight, forward and reverse gears, and a hookup for an iPhone or other music player. Parents and caretakers will appreciate the safety function of the vehicle: acceleration is controlled by a foot pedal, and the toy stops virtually instantly when the pedal is released.

The powerful battery must be charged for ten hours when the toy is first assembled, but after the initial use can be charged again in six to eight hours, for approximately 45 minutes of play time.

Parents should consider that this toy may be difficult to store: thanks to its battery, it must be stored indoors, but its bulk may make that difficult. Parents should also consider the terrain outside their home: without sufficient paved paths, children might find “driving” their motorcycle frustrating.

That said, there’s nothing like the thrill of having a powered motorcycle as a young person!


Licensed Mercedes ML350 6V Electric Ride on Kids Car with Remote

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This ride-on car has all the bells and whistles and is only one of two electronically operated toys on this list. The Mercedes ML350 6V Electric Ride on Kids Car is a licensed, realistic scale replica of a Mercedes SLK.

Kids will love the realistic look and smart design, as well as the vehicle’s key start. Children turn the realistic key on the dashboard a quarter of a turn and hear authentic engine start-up sounds.

Little ones will also enjoy the MP3 player input with volume control, as well as the working steering wheel and operational seat belt. The vehicle makes sounds, including horn and turning noises. The Mercedes replica also has working front headlights that can be turned on and off via a switch on the dashboard.

The feature parents will especially love is the parental remote control. Children can use the pedal inside the car to operate the forward and reverse gears and the steering wheel, or an adult may operate these features using the provided remote. This is an added safety feature, as well as a feature that enables very small children to enjoy the car!

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