Best Ride-On Electric Toys for Kids in 2018

Play time is an essential part of childhood. The best ride-on electric toys for kids give children the opportunity to be creative, and they help encourage independence. The toys can also help a child develop essential life skills, including how to share and being imaginative. Ride-on toys also have an important role to play in a child’s cognitive development.

10 of the Best Ride-On Electric Toys for Kids in the UK

Designed for children from the ages of 3 to 7, the Charles Jacobs Ride on Kids Motorcycle Electric Scooter Motorbike 6V Battery Operated Toy Bike has three wheels, a padded seat and an attached storage box. Your child will have fun riding and he or she can take more toys around on the merry ride.

The bike has a maximum speed of 3 km/ h and is powered by a foot pedal. It has a switch, so that your child can go forward or in reverse, and the pedal itself is easy to use and fuss-free. It includes a rechargeable 6V battery. After charging the bike, your child can get up to three hours’ worth of play.

The bike is fun with a inbuilt horn and music buttons, and there is an auxiliary input for playing your own mp3s. The front lights flash rhythmically when set music is played, but four separate AA batteries are required for the music and lights functions. All in all, the bike is a riot and your kid will have lots of fun riding it around.


  • Three wheels for added stability
  • Includes auxiliary audio input for mp3
  • Flashing musical lights
  • Speed limit for safety
  • Storage box
  • High battery run time of 3 hours


  • Maximum load is just 25 kg
  • Lights and music require separate batteries, 4 AA

If your kids have expensive tastes, the Licensed Mercedes ML350 6V Electric Ride on Kids Car with Remote might be the perfect ride-on toy for them. It’s licensed by Mercedes, and is a fully realistic scale replica of the real deal.

The toy car includes a key start and authentic engine noises. You also have the option of plugging an mp3 player into the dash, so that your child can listen to music while he or she drives. The Mercedes includes many child-friendly features, and the front headlights can be switched on and off from the dashboard itself.

Even the steering wheel makes turning sounds, and is available with an optional parental remote control. The remote works within 20 metres, and can turn the steering left or right alongside going forward and reverse. A separate device can disable all sounds if you need some peace and quiet.

A flashy little car with neat features, the Mercedes is great for budding fancy car lovers.


  • Realistic, scale model of a Mercedes
  • Complete with engine sounds and a key start
  • Includes parental remote control
  • In-car controls are easy for children
  • Turn signal noises
  • Includes a seat belt


  • Battery only lasts about two hours
  • Plugging in mp3 disables the horn and other in-car sounds
  • On the small side, so best suited for younger kids

The deAO Childrens Ride on Electric Excavator Digger Truck might be the ideal ride-on toy for the child who dreams of growing up to be Bob the Builder. It’s a battery-operated ride-on digger with wide, solid wheels and important safety features. The size and spacing of the wheels help provide greater stability so that your child doesn’t tip over.

The digger is designed to help babies under the age of 36 months develop motor skills. Although the toy is battery powered, it is meant to be propelled forward by the child’s feet. Riding the toy should help strengthen your child’s legs, as well as improve his or her balance.

A 60-degree rotating cabin allows for moving the excavator while in a static position, sort of replicating the actions of a real construction engine, and the bucket itself moves and scoops; we think that’s great for picking up stray toys and what not!

However, this ride-on toy does make some noise, and usually, most of our researched reviews say that children don’t stop playing with it.


  • Digger features an electric arm to simulate digging
  • Helps children develop balance and motor skills
  • Powered by a child’s feet; so it can't go too fast
  • Encourages creativity and independent play
  • Suitable for use indoors


  • On the small side at only 49 cm x 24 cm x 62 cms
  • Limited appeal
  • Can be noisy
  • Can knock down items on short tables and such

The Razor Pocket Mod Electric Scooter proves that ride-on toys aren’t only for little kids. Designed for children over the age of 13, the Razor scooter is inspired by iconic vintage Vespas. It has a high-torque motor and can reach speeds of 15 mph. Kids get to travel up to 10 miles on a single battery charge.

The maximum weight for the scooter is 77 kgs, and it measures 127 cm long, 45 cm wide, and 76 cm high. Your child can start the bike with a twist of the throttle. He or she can stop the bike with a squeeze of the brake.

It’s a great toy scooter to improve a child’s balance and motor skills, especially if your child is fond of riding cycles. It could also provide great training for young teens who want to test for their driving licence at age 16.

The rider would of course need to wear safety gear, and it is not be driven on any roads which are outside of a private property. For girls, there’s a version available in pink too, should they wish.


  • 24V battery system featuring two 12V batteries
  • Fully charged batteries provide 40 minutes of run time
  • Sturdy construction, including a steel frame
  • Has storage under the seat
  • Strong retro design
  • Children fond of biking would love it


  • Not for use on public roads
  • Batteries take up to 12 hours to fully charge
  • Can reach a speed of up to 15 mph, which can be too fast for younger kids
  • Would require additional safety gear like a helmet

Red Mini Cooper Style Electric Car is another ride-on that’s ideal for kids who want a toy that looks just like the real thing. Designed for ages 2 through 6, this allows for a larger window of playtime while the kids are growing up.

It includes a 12-volt rechargeable battery and a parental remote control. It also has an auxiliary input, for plugging in an mp3 player, as well as a battery indicator, so that you can see how much power the car has left. The car features twin motors and four-way control. A child can power the vehicle with a pedal switch and a forward and reverse gear stick.

The seats are plush leather, and there are two more colour options available: blue and pink. Seat belts are included for safety, and the construction of the car is with toughened, durable plastic. Mini Cooper fans, whether adults or children would love this glitzy car.


  • Includes a seat belt
  • Includes parental remote control
  • Includes mp3 player input, two music buttons, and volume control
  • The seat is made of soft, comfortable leather
  • Includes stickers, so your child can decorate the car


  • It is unclear how long the battery lasts and how long it takes to charge
  • Doors are non-functional
  • No speed controller, car starts and stops at full speed
  • Assembly can be tricky

Even if your child hasn’t mastered riding on two wheels yet, he or she can still play on the Qaba Kids Electric Motorbike. The bike includes detachable training wheels to help children learn how to ride, and to eventually help them develop their balance. This can help later when kids want to move onto proper cycling with time.

The motorbike is intended for kids from age 5 through 8, and can hold up to 25 kgs of weight. The max speed is 2.5 km/ h, making it safe for young children. It also includes sound effects, such as a horn, and a bright front light.

The bike also features a forward and reverse switch. It is powered by a switch on the handlebars. After a single charge, it will run up to 45 minutes continuously. The frame itself is very sturdy, and it is available in three colour options for you to choose from.

All in all, it is a great training tool for budding cyclists, at a competitive price for parents.


  • Runs for 45 minutes after a single charge
  • Removable training wheels
  • Slow maximum speed at 2.5 km/ h
  • Affordable


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Can take up to 10 hours to charge
  • Is on the small side, and will hold support a child up to 25 kg
  • Only basic sound effects

Let your child enjoy the best of Britain with the Kids Range Rover HSE Sport Style 12v Electric / Battery Ride on Car Jeep. The ride-on Range Rover includes a remote control, input for an mp3 player, and real, functioning magnetic doors. It also includes upgraded tires, made of EVA, which is meant to last longer than standard plastic wheels.

Although it doesn’t have a key for the ignition, the toy car features authentic engine sounds while starting-up. Start up is via a push button, easily operated by children. It’s powered by a foot pedal, steering wheel, and forward and reverse gears. Through the remote that comes with it, parents can turn the car left and right, and forward and back. A seat belt is included as well for your child’s safety.

Even though the car looks like it has two seats, it is a single seater toy for children aged between 3 to 7. But your kid will enjoy the set music that is inbuilt in the car, and parents will like the easy to read assembly instructions, and lasting durability of it.


  • Comes with a parental remote control
  • Seat belt included
  • Includes a cable to plug in an mp3 player
  • Includes a twin motor and two speed options (high and low)
  • Magnetic, opening and closing doors
  • Includes working front headlights, fog lights, and rear lights
  • Sturdy and easy to assemble


  • No mention of how long battery lasts or how long it takes to charge
  • No mention of top speed
  • Users have faced wheel issues

What’s more fun than a quad bike? The 12V Ride on Quad Bike for Kids is ideal for the child who longs to go off-roading, but isn’t old enough for the real thing yet. The bike features a 12V motor that can reach speeds of up to 5 km/ h. The bike includes two speeds, high and low, and can be driven forward and in reverse.

The quad bike is meant for children between the ages of 3 and 7, and will hold up to 35 kgs in weight. The black and red design is robust in itself, and features working lights for a realistic look.

Although it looks like an off-road vehicle, the bike is designed for use on smooth, flat surfaces solely. That being said, parents have been using it in their patios and yards with no problems whatsoever.


  • Offers two speeds
  • Has working lights
  • Has a battery run-time of up to an hour


  • Assembly instructions can be difficult to decipher
  • Limited features

Kids usually are fascinated by cops to no end. And the Ride-on Electric Police Bike lets your child fully immerse him or herself in this role play helping spark creativity.

Designed for children over the age of 2, the bike has realistic sirens and flashing lights. It also has reverse and forward gears, and a 6V rechargeable battery. However, the backlights will need a separate set of batteries to operate. The stickers are sent with the bike, which can be fun for you and your child to put together.

Great to ride in all kinds of terrains due to its three-wheel stability, this one too is a no-fuss bike that kids will enjoy playing with for hours.


  • Encourages independent and creative play in children
  • 6V battery is positioned under seat and securely attached with a screw-on cover
  • Flashing lights and siren noises
  • Affordable


  • Lights and siren sounds can drive parents up the wall (sorry mum and dad)
  • Backlights require separate batteries
  • Construction and quality could be better

If your child loves swanky sports cars, the HOMCOM Children Kids Electric Ride on Car might be just right. It looks just like a sports car, minus the super-fast speed. Depending on whether it’s in low or high gear, the car can reach a top speed of of 5 km/ h.

The car includes safety features such as a seat belt and parental remote control, and it meets CE, EN71-1-2-3, EMC, and EN62115 toy safety standards. The construction itself is very sturdy with metal parts, and the car has a realistic look about it.


It comes with an mp3 input, and once charged, the battery will run continuously for 45 minutes. A monitor inside displays electricity for you to keep an eye on the charging bit, which is great to get precise, full charges.


Finally, the car is meant for ages 3 through 8, and supports weights of up to 30 kgs. It is created for both indoor and outdoor use, and will lend hours of enjoyable playtime for your kids.


  • Includes parental remote control
  • Includes seat belt
  • Meets CE, EN71-1-2-3, EMC, and EN62115 toy safety standards
  • The battery will run continuously for 45 minutes
  • Electricity monitor
  • Sturdy construction, made of metal parts


  • The battery can take up to 12 hours to charge before first use
  • Top speed is slower than walking
  • Maximum weight is 30 kg

The Benefits of Ride-On Electric Toys

Ride-on electric toys aren’t just fun for kids. They also offer some developmental benefits. Some of the ways a ride-on toy can help your child grow include:

Encouraging creativity: Whether your child has a ride-on car, ride-on motor bike, or another type of ride-on toy,  he or she can create an entire world around the toy, according to Fisher-Price.

Spatial play: Learning to navigate a ride-on toy will help your child become a better observer of the world, according to North Shore Pediatric Therapy. Your child will find out how to turn the toy either to the left or right, how to go forward and backwards, and when he or she needs to stop the toy.

Encourages independence: Giving your child a ride-on toy can be a good way to encourage him or her to play independently. Similar to sparking your child’s creativity, encouraging independence will help him or her create an entire world around the existence of the toy.

Development of gross and fine motor skills: Learning to make the ride-on toy go and stop will help your child develop motor skills. The same goes for learning to navigate the toy over different types of surfaces, such as the pavement or on grass.

Development of a sense of balance: Ride-on toys help children develop their sense of balance, as they need to learn to sit on the toy without toppling over. That sense of balance can come in handy later when your child is learning to ride a bike without training wheels. You can also have a look at our list of best trampolines that help develop these balancing skills too.

Exercise: A ride-on toy is usually meant to be used outdoors. While your child might not get much exercise while riding on the toy, he or she is likely to get plenty of exercise during the play time. Want more great ideas for outdoor, active activities for your kids? Check out the best garden pools of the season!

Learning to share: If you have more than one child or if your child regularly plays with other kids in the neighbourhood, having a ride-on toy, which can only hold one or two children at once, is an excellent way to help kids learn to share.

What to Look for in a Ride-On Electric Toy

Not all ride-on electric toys are created equally. They differ in style, size, and features. When choosing a toy for your child, safety is a big concern, as is whether the toy is appropriate for his or her age. If you’re child is still slightly young, you may want to look for more age appropriate toys like these for 1 year olds, for 2 year olds and for 3 year olds. 

When it comes to safety, you need to make sure that the toy is equipped with safety features. Those features include brakes, so that your child (or you) can stop the vehicle quickly if needed. Some toys include a remote control allowing parents to override the child’s control of the vehicle. If you think your child is going too fast on his or her car or bike, the remote control lets you slow the toy down or stop it.

Make sure that the batteries aren’t accessible to your child. Ideally, the area that holds the batteries should be covered by a screw-on lid, according to Kids Health. That way, a young child won’t be able to pry the lid off and get to the batteries.

You also want to check out how the toy is made. It should not only look sturdy. It should feel sturdy. Make sure all the pieces are firmly attached and don’t wiggle or jostle when the toy moves. The wheels on the vehicle should roll smoothly.

Most ride-on toys come with a seatbelt, according to e-tech. Just as you wouldn’t let your child ride in a regular car without wearing a seatbelt, you don’t want to let him or her play on a ride-on toy without a seatbelt.

Although one of the benefits of a ride-on toy is teaching your child balance, you don’t want to choose a toy that’s unstable. The design of the toy influences how stable it is. Ideally, the toy will have a low centre of gravity, so that it doesn’t tip over easily. You can test the stability of the vehicle by giving it a gentle push, according to Kids Toy Center. If the toy topples over, it’s probably not one you want your child playing with.

How to Use Ride-On Electric Toys

Once you get the toy home and your kid is ready to play, there are some basic safety guidelines to follow to make sure everyone has a fun, safe time.

Choose a smooth surface for your child to ride on. The pavement is often ideal. Clear the area of any sticks, rocks, or other debri before your child powers off. Make sure your child knows not to steer the toy into the street.

Your child might protest, but it’s a good idea to make sure he or she has the right safety gear when playing. The Tameside Metropolitan Borough recommends having your child wear a helmet anytime he or she is using a ride-on toy.

Concerns About Ride-On Electric Toys

Even if you take every safety precaution available, concerns about ride-on electric toys can linger. In the US, some ride-on toys were recalled for safety reasons. The acceleration pedal on the toys could get stuck. Several children were hurt because of the faulty design.

As Time reported, between 1990 and 2011, more than 3 million children were hospitalised for toy related injuries. Ride-on toys were among the toys most likely to cause injury. Hence it is important to adhere to all safety consideration when choosing this important milestone toy for your child. Reputed brands and reputed makes.

Prerequisites to Using Ride-on Toys

To keep your kid safe, it’s important not only to follow safety instructions, such as wearing a helmet, but it’s also essential that you make sure your child is the right age to use the toy. Most ride-on toys include a minimum age for using them. You also want to ensure that your child isn’t too big or too old for the toy, as too much weight can strain it and cause it to break.

Conclusion: Which Ride-on Toy Do You Recommend I Buy?

The clear winner in this round-up for ride-on electric toys for kids is the Licensed Mercedes ML350 6V Electric Ride on Kids Car with Remote. It has the safety features parents want, including a seat belt and remote control, and the fun features kids want, including lights, sounds and a mp3 input. Plus, the car is licensed by Mercedes; so it has the stamp of approval from a leading car manufacturer.

It’s also a great toy for encouraging imagination and creative play. In their replica Mercedes, kids can pretend to go shopping, go off to work, or pick up their friends to have adventures.