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10 Best Paw Patrol Toys For Christmas

Top 10 Paw Patrol Toys & Gifts

Paw Patrol Toys are ridiculously popular with kids at pre-school age. If your child is under 7 years old then you have surely heard about this group of 6 rescue dogs and their tech-savvy trainer Ryder. The best Paw Patrol toys are the ones that can keep your children entertained and that they can relate with the show itself – which is why we’ve listed the top 10 below and rounded up all their pro’s and cons into one helpful post to ensure you’re buying your child the best Paw Patrol toy or gift out there.


PAW PATROL Terrain Vehicle Rescue Set

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The Paw Terrain Vehicle will help you, your child and of course Ryder and the dogs on a jungle mission to rescue the baby panther. By pressing the trucks paw badge button your vehicle will come to life with real sounds and flashing lights. PLUS there’s even a crane so you can lift the baby panther into the trucks animal carrier and take him safely back to base.


PAW PATROL Life Size Lookout Tower

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At over 2 and a half feet tall this child/life size lookout tower is an incredible toy for the Paw Patrol loving child in your life. Whether they want to reenact their favourite Paw Patrol scenes or let their imaginations run wild, this sturdy and interactive Paw Patrol toy will be a welcome addition to any toy box.

With just one push of a button you can hear all of your favourite characters well known phrases and let your child feel like s/he’s a part of the Rescue team.

There are so many interactive features to this tower from the elevator and slide to the rotating periscope your children will be happy for hours.


Paw Patrol Paw Patroller

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This is the ultimate rescue vehicle in the Paw Patrol set. At 31 x 15 x 72 cm it can transport 3 separate Paw patrol vehicles inside and better yet, can display up to 6 when opened up! Children can re-enact their favourite missions from the show or use their imagination to create the best, fun rescue missions.

This Paw Patroller has great authentic sounds and a working lift as well as a Ryder action figure. Ryder can use the working lift to get up to the Patrollers command tower.

Could this be the best Paw Patrol toy for your little fans? This interchangeable toy has been reviewed over 288 times on Amazon and is currently one of the best rated Paw Patrol toys on the market.


PAW PATROL Air Patroller Plane Toy

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2 air vehicles in one this is the best Paw Patrol toy for your aspiring rescue pilot. Whether children want to fly a plane or a helicopter this air patroller toy comes with real lights and sounds, just press the button to activate.

The Air Patroller comes with the Robo dog figure who is in charge of flying the rescue missions, however addition figures can be bought and stored in the cockpit and cargo bay.

Easily transform into a helicopter or plane during your mission and save the day!


Paw Patrol Rescue Training Centre

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One of the best budget Paw Patrol toys out there is the Paw Patrol Rescue Training Centre. The ultimate training ground to ensure your pups are up to the missions they’re sent on.

Comes with Chase, Kitty and Chickaletta figurines as well as plenty of tools and accessories to help The Paw Patrol on their training and rescue missions.

Whether the Paw Patrol team are learning to climb trees to rescue Kitty, working on their target practice with the Tennis balls or riding along zip lines your children will stay entertained allowing their imaginations to run wild.


PAW PATROL Lookout Playset

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This Paw Patrol lookout set is a step down from the previously mentioned lookout tower. Better value and comes with some of the aforementioned features like a lift and periscope. The Paw Patrol Lookout play set weighs just 572 g and comes with the Chase (and his vehicle) figurine.



PAW PATROL Sea Patroller Playset

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Take your missions to the sea with the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller. Go from land to sea with the drop down wheels and take your Paw Patrol team on some wild adventures and reescue missions.

Use the moveable crane to grab Ryder and once on board you can send him down a ramp to his rescue vehicle. There’s flashing lights and sounds to make sure your sea patroller is heard and safe at all times. There’s even an attachable cage to trap baddies and an inflatable life ring to rescue the goodies!

This set comes with a Ryder figurine and baby octopus.


Paw Patrol Fun and Learn Projector Torch

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One of the best educational Paw Patrol toys is the Fun and Learn Projector Torch. With 2 game modes: Discovery and Quiz, your child can learn about numbers, shapes, colours and even answer true or false questions based on the Paw Patrol team. PLUS it even works as a real life torch.

This is a great budget and educational Paw Patrol toy for your collection.

Your child can project  their favourite Paw Patrol characters on their wall and it even comes with the perfect easy carry handle.

Lacking in small parts, this toy is one of the only available toys that children aged between 2-3 are recommended.


PAW PATROL Sea Patrol Pup Pad

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The Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Pup Pad is a great interactive wrist worn accessory for children. All you need to do is load one of the interactive cards into the device and then the Character images, sounds and phrases will be loaded for you to take your pup pad out on exploration missions.


PAW PATROL Marshall's Ride On Toy

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This is our favourite High-End Paw Patrol Toy. The Paw Patrol Marshall’s Ride on Toy is THE BEST Paw patrol toy for your child who wants to feel right in the centre of the action. With 60 minutes of play time, 2km/h speeds and flashing lights and sirens, your child will feel like a real rescue hero.

The Marshall’s ride on toy comes with a movable ladder and working bubble machine fire hose as well as forward, reverse gears and easy foot pedal accelerator.

of course adult supervision is highly recommended and is not for use by children under 3 years old.

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