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Top 10 Best Paddling Pools for Kids & Pools With Slides

10 Of The Best Paddling Pools for Kids, Babies & Toddlers.

Although you may have to drag your child kicking and screaming for a bath every night, you may not be able to pull them out of a paddling pool in the summer. There are few things children like better than to be splashing in a pool when it is hot outside. If you are considering buying one of the best paddling pools for kids on the market, there are several options from which to choose.

If you’re looking for something a little larger than your standard paddling pool, then check out our top ten garden pools for Summer.

If you want to buy one of the best paddling pools for kids, here are ten you should consider buying to cool down your tots during the summer.


Intex Sunset Glow Baby pool

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This inflatable vinyl pool is a good option for your smallest swimmers. It is appropriate for use by children from the ages of 1 to 3 years old, but they need to be supervised by their parents while playing in the pool.

The pool can be inflated with the use of a manual air pump or without an air pump, but it will be ready faster if you use a bicycle tyre pump to inflate it. The pool is easy to take with you to the beach or a family picnic. Instead of putting water in it, it can double as a portable playpen or soft place where your toddler can nap when they get tired during a family outing.

The three-ringed pool measures 86cm x 25cm, so there is plenty of room for up to three or four small children if you want to schedule a pool play date. The pool can hold up to 83 litres of water if you completely fill it.

Along with the inflatable sides, the bottom of the pool also inflates so your little one has a soft place to sit while playing in the water. The bottom has a quilted pattern, so if your child accidentally falls while playing, the won’t hit flat against the concrete or ground, and the bottom will help protect them.

The pool is made from 8-gauge vinyl, so it can last throughout the summer if properly cared for, but the material can puncture or tear. Fortunately, if it does puncture, the pool can be repaired with the included patch.


Intex Mushroom baby Pool

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This Intex Mushroom Baby Pool is a good way to cool off the youngest swimmers in your family during hot summers. It is recommended for use by children ages one to three with adult supervision.

The vinyl material easily inflates with the help of a manual air pump, such as a bicycle tyre pump. It quickly deflates as well to put it away or to take on a family holiday.

The pool is shallow enough for a toddler to sit in and splash, but not swim in. The pool measures 102cm x 89cm and holds about 13cm of water. Although it is small, two toddlers could fit in it and play together.

There are small mushrooms on the side of the pool for children to play with and squeeze. To help keep them full of air, they each have a valve with which to inflate them.


Intex Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Pool

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The Smiley Giraffe Pool by Intex is designed to look like a giraffe with its bright yellow colour, an inflated smiling head, and a tail. It has additional play features like a ring toss game with two inflated rings that fit over the giraffe’s tail and dangling noise makers.

This paddling pool is designed for your youngest swimmers, from 12 months to 3 years of age. The pool only has one inflatable ring, so it is shallow but deep enough for sitting or lying in and splashing the water. The pool only holds 53L of water and is spread out over dimensions of 112cm x 91cm x 72cm.

Inflatable pools can sometimes become damaged from punctures or tears. However, this pool comes with a repair patch so that it will hold water again. As it is vinyl, the bottom can be a little slippery and hard, so it should be set in the grass.

If you are headed to the beach and want a place for your baby to play, this pool is easy to take with you. It weighs less than 1kg, so you can fold it up and tuck into a bag to take along. It can be quickly inflated with a bicycle tyre pump.


Intex Lazy Fish Inflatable Baby Pool

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This inflatable baby pool is a good choice if you have a baby or a small toddler. It is made for children 1 to 3 years old to use as a paddling pool.

If you are taking your baby or toddler to the beach, just deflate the pool, fold it up and tuck it into a bag. It only weighs 1.8kg, so it is light enough to carry with you and use as a small playpen on the sand.

The pool is made to look like a fish with its mouth open, and it provides shade to help protect your toddler’s skin against the sun. It is also a cool, freshening area to sit in if it is hot outside.

The Lazy Fish pool measures only 124cm x 109cm x 71cm, so once it is filled with water, it will not be deep as it only holds 53L. With the sides of the pool only 15cm in height, small children can crawl in and out of it as they wish.


Intex Dinosaur Play Centre

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This dinosaur shaped play set and the pool is designed for children three years old and older. When it inflates, it is both a kid’s play set and a paddling pool.
The play area has a volcano water slide, a play area where kids “feed” the dinosaur, and a waterfall. The set also includes six colourful balls with which the dinosaur is fed.
By attaching a garden hose to the toy, the palm tree sprays water over the children. The lagoon shaped paddling pool also has a waterfall, which is close to the spraying palm tree, so kids will be sprayed when sitting under the waterfall’s small canopy.
The pool provides a large play area, so a small group of kids could easily play in it at the same time. It measures 249cm x 190.5cm x 109cm, and it can hold up to 216 litres of water. You should use an electric air pump can inflate it quickly.
There is a plug to help drain the pool when it is time to put it away for the season. After the water has completely drained, either wipe it down with a towel or allow it to air dry before folding it and putting it away in your garage or shed. Drying it will help prevent mildew from growing.


Bestway Sea Life Above Ground Pool

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If you want a basic inflatable swimming pool for young swimmers, this pool is made for toddlers 12 months old and up. It has a two-ring design, so it is not deep, but your kids can still wade or play to their heart’s content.

Like most small vinyl paddling pools for kids, this easily inflates with or without an air pump. A bicycle tyre pump will fill it quickly, or you can blow it up yourself if you decide to take it with you on a family outing.

This economical pool is a good size for toddlers and younger children. Its dimension’s measure 92cm x 20cm and holds 88L of water when it is 75% full. Toddlers can easily get in and out of the pool due to its soft vinyl sides.


Bestway Fill and Fun Paddling pool

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This round swimming pool is designed for children ages 3 to 6 years of age. It is just deep enough for allow them to splash, wade or paddle across it so that it could be a good choice for beginning swimmers.

There is no need to bring out an air pump for this pool as it pop-ups out of the box. Just pull it out of the packaging and unfold the sides to set it up before adding water to it.

The pool has semi-rigid walls made from heavy gauge vinyl. The vinyl floor is more comfortable because it is softer than the walls. Although the walls are made from stability, they are soft enough to push down to allow the water to drain out of the pool.

The pool is deep enough to allow your tots to wade or paddle in the water as it holds 228L when 75% full. It measures 123cm x 25cm, so your child could invite playmates to join in on the fun.


Bestway My First Frame Swimming Paddling pool

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If you are looking for a strong pool for your toddler, the Bestway My First Frame Swimming pool may be a good choice. The pool is available in various sizes, with the smaller sizes best for children, ages 3 and up to splash, wade or play. The smallest size measures 122cm x 122cm x 30cm.

This frame pool is easy to put together without tools as the frame snaps or slides together. The frame is made from rust-resistant metal, which is secured with PVC connectors. The walls are made from asturdy mix of 3-ply PVC and polyester mesh.

Along with being easy to assemble, this pool also quickly disassembles and folds up for easy storage. It is very lightweight, so put away for next summer when it becomes too cold for swimming outdoors.


Intex Rainbow Ring play Centre

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This inflatable play centre paddling pool is made for young children from ages 3 to 7. Since it is an activity centre, it is not made for babies and toddlers, unless a parent is going to be in the pool with them at all times.

With its design, this pool/play centre with keep your children occupied the entire summer. It is designed with an inflatable water slide, a separate paddling pool area, a ring toss game with four inflatable rings, and a water sprayer. It also has a ball roller and ball toss game, which includes six plastic balls. The water sprayer needs an attached garden hose to work.

You will want to buy an electric air pump for this inflatable pool as it measures 297cm x 193cm x 135cm. It has a water capacity of about 196L, so it is not very deep given the size of the play centre.

After summer is over, the pool can be drained and put indoors to use as a ball pit. Your kids can slide into the ball pit or have fun playing with the other features when it is too cold to be outside.


Intex Play Box Pool

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The Intex Play Box pool is a simple, small pool perfect for very young children. They can sit in it, play, splash or wade with assistance from mum or dad.

The pool measures 85cm x 85cm x 23cm, so it is small enough to be put anywhere you want, including on a patio in the shade or on the lawn. It is easily inflated with a manual air pump, or you could also blow it up.

The bottom of the pool is inflated to provide a comfortable place for young water enthusiasts to sit or lay in it. Since the pool is only 23cm or 9″ tall, it is easy for toddlers to get in and out of on their own. However, for safety’s sake, the pool should be drained after they are done playing in it.

The pool only holds 57L of water, so it can be filled quickly so your young ones can enjoy it on hot days. To drain it, simply lift it and turn it over.

It is made from 10-gauge vinyl, so it should hold up for the summer and beyond. If it is punctured or torn, the pool comes with a repair patch.

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