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Our Best Lawn Games & Recommended Fun Outdoor Games For Adults & Garden parties

Top 10 Lawn Games in the UK for the Summer Sun of 2017!

Best Lawn Games

These fun outdoor games span a wide range of activities. They include classics like lawn bowling and badminton. Newcomers to the scene include games like Spikeball and Swingball.

No matter the specific game you buy, it’s sure to be a fun addition to your backyard. These games are perfect for everyday use as well as for parties and events.

Here are the top 10 best lawn games currently available:


Mookie Toys Boule Set

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Boule, also referred to as lawn bowling and sometimes bocce ball, is one of the most classic lawn games.

A small ball, known as a jack, is thrown out by one player. Each player then throws two of their own coloured larger balls towards the jack. The goal is to get your large balls as close as possible to the jack.

Though dozens of different boule sets are available, the Mookie Toys Boule Set is among the very best. The set is perfect for the lawn, garden, beach, and just about anywhere else.

Note that this set is constructed from plastic. It’s not a professional set by any means. The balls are very durable and won’t break anytime soon.

The set also comes with a plastic carrying case. This makes it easy to take the boule set with you on trips and outings.

This boule set from Mookie Toys is perfect for people of all ages. It can also be used in all but the smallest yards.


BuitenSpeel Throwing Game

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From Robbie Toys comes their take on the popular throwing game often known as ladder ball.

Aside from boule, this is one of the most classic lawn games around. It’s simple and easy enough for people of all ages, including children and the elderly, to play.

Two players can play at once. Each player throws three sets of throwing balls at the ladder, attempting to snag them on a rung. Balls that land receives a different amount of points depending on the rung they land on.

This throwing game from Robbie Toys is notable for its durable wooden construction. The ladder is easy to assemble and lasts for a long time.

Though the wood ladder is sturdy and long lasting, it can’t be left outside. You must take this game inside for storage after each use. Otherwise, the ladder is likely to wear out quickly.

Another slight negative is that only one ladder is included. Models from different brands often include two ladders for improved gameplay.



Jaques of London Regency Ultimate Quality Badminton Set

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Badminton is yet another classic lawn game that every family needs.

Of course, the activity is limited to lawns with enough space. This badminton set from Jaques of London comes with a 20-foot wide net. Make sure you have enough space before buying.

The Regency Ultimate Quality badminton set comes with 4 badminton rackets, 2 regulation height posts (for holding the net), and 3 shuttlecocks in addition to the net.

Every component of this badminton set is top notch. The net is made from thick gauge synthetic material for use in all weather conditions. The posts are made from thick gauge steel. The shuttlecocks are cork topped for year-round use.

You can expect one of the best backyard badminton sets around when you order from Jaques of London. The brand is one of the most respected in the world with over 200 years of happy customers.

Honestly, there is very little negative to say about this badminton set. Perhaps the only issue is that it’s better suited for adults and older children.

Younger children tend to be rough on their badminton equipment. And when the equipment is as high quality like this, you want it to be treated with utmost care.


Target Ball Game

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Those that love darts will love this dart ball game from Jaques of London.

The game takes a classic dartboard and adds Velcro. Players throw Velcro balls at the dartboard, trying to stick them as close to centre as possible.

The dart ball game is compatible both indoors and outdoors. Weather not cooperating? Take the activity inside and continue playing. Don’t let rain ruin the fun.

The game is very simple and straightforward. People of all ages can play and do well with ease.

Jaques of London used only the best materials for the game’s construction. It will last for years on end, even with heavy use.

The biggest downside to this lawn game is its lightweight design. It’s so light that it blows around easily even in a light wind. You might want to attach DIY loops or weights to prevent it from spinning around.


Swingball Pro

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Not everyone wants a traditional lawn game. Swingball Pro is worth a look by those that want something more unique.

The game consists of a tennis ball attached to a tether attached to a pole attached to a weighted base. It’s played much like a small version of tether ball.

Players take turns hitting the ball with the included paddles. One player is attempting to hit the ball clockwise, the other is attempting to hit the ball counterclockwise. The goal is to be the first player to wrap the ball/tether all the way around the pole.

All of the components included are built to last. Durable materials are used throughout. The company behind the product, Swingball, is known for their excellent customer service.

The strong, weighted base means you can play this game almost anywhere. It firmly attaches to a variety of surfaces including grass, decks, concrete, sand, and more.

All of the components pack down into the base after use. This makes Swingball Pro easy to both store and transport.

Note that the product is best for children. Two adults going head to head, whacking the ball at full power, will likely tip the game over from time to time.


Jaques of London Giant Tumble Tower

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Giant Tumble Tower is another fantastic all ages lawn game from Jaques of London.

The highly reputable company has been producing top quality products since 1795. The tumble tower is no different.

The Giant Tumble Tower takes the popular game Jenga to a new level. It’s an oversized version of the game.

Each block is created from beautiful hand-finished wood. The set comes with a luxury zip case for easy storage and transportation.

This lawn game is perfect for users of all ages. Children enjoy it just as much as adults. Multiple players can play the game at one time.

The only downside is that the blocks aren’t as big as other oversized versions of Jenga. The game is perfectly sized for children, but slightly small for adults.



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Spikeball is one of the hottest new lawn games to hit the market. First seen on the hit show Shark Tank, it’s now spread to the UK and around the world.

The game is a lot like volleyball. The big difference? Instead of a net, there’s a small trampoline-like object between players.

The game is best played between four players on two teams. Pass and spike the ball onto the net in a manner much like volleyball.

Spikeball breaks down easily into several components. These can be stored in the included carry bag. Every sets up and breaks down quickly and easily.

The game isn’t the best for very young children but is perfect for most children old enough to play other sports that require decent hand eye coordination.

Spikeball’s biggest downside is its net. It’s very hard to get the net tight enough to create any bounce for the ball with each spike.


Garden Games Jumbo 4 in a Row

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Take classic board games to the great outdoors with Jumbo 4 in a Row from Garden Games.

As the name implies, this lawn game is an oversized version of 4 in a Row. You get a large frame (75 centimetres tall, 85 centimetres wide, 20 centimetres deep) and 42 plastic pieces (each 90 millimetres in diameter) in red and yellow.

The game is perfect for children yet still fun for adults. It’s a great addition to any backyard garden party or event.

Garden Games includes a handy canvas carrying case with the game. The carrying case is durable and makes storing and transporting the game a cinch.

Though other oversized version of 4 in a Row is available, this version from Garden Games is hands down the best. Not only is it the largest, but it’s also the most well made.

The only disadvantage is that the frame wears down surprisingly quickly. Dropping the plastic pieces into the frame actually causes quite a bit of wear and tear as they fall to the bottom.


Garden Games Premium Quoits

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Few lawn games provide nearly as much family fun as the classic game of quoits.

Also known as ring toss, playing the game simply consists of players taking turns tossing woven rings onto pegs attached to a hard wooden base. Each ring is worth a different number of points.

Though several different manufacturers offer their own versions of the game, the version from Garden Games is the best of the best.

Not only is it one of the most attractive, but it were also extremely durable and made from high quality materials. It will last for years on end.

Another benefit of this game is that it’s small enough for indoor use. If the weather outside turns sour, just move the quoits inside and let the fun continue.

The downside to Garden Games Premium Quoits is that it’s a toy. Unlike most of the other games on this list, the pieces are quite flimsy and not professional grade.


Twister Picnic Blanket

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The Twister Picnic Blanket combines an actually usable picnic blanket with the beloved game Twister.

Unroll the blanket in your yard or at a park and get ready to have a good time. The blanket is laid out exactly like the traditional game with brightly coloured circles.

Best of all, the spinner comes as a handy keychain. Simply clip it to the blanket’s handles or your own keychain, so you always have it with you.

Everything about the Twister Picnic Blanket is top quality. The material itself is warm, durable fleece. Waterproof backing is added, so you don’t get damp while sitting on it.

The downside is the blanket’s small size. Though it’s roughly the same size as a normal twister board, it’s too small to use as an actual picnic blanket.

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