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10 Best Kites for Kids

Flying a kite is a simple joy appreciated by people of every age. Every member of the family can bond over a day spent at the park or at the beach flying a kite.

But finding the right kite can be tricky. A kite’s size, shape and construction have a direct effect on how well it will fly. Plus, different types of kites are suitable for different ages.

If you’re looking for the best kites for children, you’ll love our updated guide below. We’ve tested 10 of the top children’s kites and have a complete review of each. Plus, we’ve also got everything you need to know about how to pick out the best kite for your needs.

10 Reviews of Kites for Kids

Buying the wrong kite is like literally tossing your money into the wind. Not sure where to start your search? Our ten in-depth reviews will help you find the perfect kite:


Sun Kites Huge Rainbow Delta Kite

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This is a big, high flying kite which is easy to fly and durable.
Everyone from kids to adults can quickly get this kite into the air and control it with precision. Requires no particular kite-flying experience. Even young ones should be able to fly this kite.

This kite is a great choice if you want to encourage outdoor play and exercise. The Rainbow Delta is a kite kids can run around with and fly.

The kite is weather resistant so a brief shower won’t ruin any family fun. Recommended wind speed for optimal flight is between five and 16 mph.

Dual wing tails can be added to the kite. Total kite size is 106 cm by 67 cm. The main tail is an impressive 142 cm.

This is a popular, top selling kite which is a nice fit for families with children of all ages.


A Great Life Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids

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Bright, bold and colourful, aGreatLife’s Huge Rainbow lights up the sky with colour. The 107cm triangle-shaped kite has a long tail with fringes which flap and flutter in the wind. Plus, this kit is designed specifically for young kids and other inexperienced kite fliers.

The Huge Rainbow kite easily takes flight and soars even in low winds. The ripstop polyester fabric is lightweight but tear-resistant. Plus, the kite is easy to control thanks to 50 metres of Dacron Flat Line Winder string and grooves on the grip side.


aGreatLife Sweet Ice Cream Kite for Kids

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Talk about a cool kite! This Sweet Ice Cream kite has a unique design which is perfect for summertime fun. The Sweet Ice Cream Kite is made from ripstop polyester which easily soars on even mild breezes. You really only need three to five MPH of wind to get this kite into the air.

Kite kit includes 30-metre string, rods and handle. The kite is easy enough for a child to use. With a unique ice cream cone design, this kite is right at home at kite festivals and other group settings.


BESTOYARD Rainbow Kite for Kids and Adults

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This 47” by 24” kite is large enough to fly on slight breezes and small enough to allow for precise manoeuvrability. With a triple-stitching and a fibreglass frame, this kite is durable enough to last for years.

The kite has three different tails. Each allows for different flight styles. The tales are as brightly coloured as the main part of the kite, both of which look vibrant against the sky.
While the kite is easy to get into the air, flying it does take a bit of practice due to the kite’s size and speed. Younger kids probably will have a hard time. Still, this is a fun kite to take out on a family outing.


EmmaKites Mr Fox Diamond Kite

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Although designed for ages three and up, children and adults of all ages will love Mr Fox. With a simple but charming style, the orange-and-white Mr Fox is visible even when way up in the sky.

Looks aside, how does the kite fly? This 2.52 by 1.9-foot kite is made from light kite spar material. Partially assembled, you just need to join the two vertical graphite rods and add the included 130-foot kite string.

Mr Fox the kite has two tails. They help the kite to stay steady in the air. Not that you need much wind at all. The kit flies easily in even low winds.

Although designed for children over the age of three, that’s really just for flying the kite once it’s already airborne. Launching the kite is probably more of an activity for kids who are at least seven or eight years old.

But the whole family can fly together. This is a solid kite – whether it’s a must-buy or not really depends on your opinion of Mr Fox.


aGreatLife Pirate Kit for Kids

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Ahoy, mateys! Not every kite has to be rainbows and bright colours. Many kids will love to fly this black-and-white pirate flag.

The kite launches relatively easily from a standing position. This works great for younger kids who might not have the stamina or coordination to run while getting the kite airborne.
The kite has a money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty on parts. Unfortunately, speaking of parts, this kite needs to be assembled. Putting the kite together can be a little confusing, and the instructions are a bit on the sparse side.


Anpro Huge Colorful Kite

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At 60 inches wide by 32 inches long, there’s no missing this kite. Big and bold, the kite has a colourful design you’ll notice even at the end of the 197-foot flying line.

This is a kite the whole family can fly. Even the young ones will find the kite easy to launch. Older kids and adults will likely enjoy the long line and precise controls.

Assembly is where the kite doesn’t score such high points. You have to put the kite together yourself, and the instructions aren’t very clear. For instance, the vertical rod needs to be bent a bit during assembly.


Hengda Kite

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Look! Up in the Sky! It’s an… octopus? Kites come in all shapes and sizes, but this one is definitely more interesting than many others. This giant red octopus is sure to signal a good time for every member of the family.

This kite is large. From the top of its head to the tip of its tail, this flying monster is 31 inches wide and 157 inches long. Flies best in large areas like parks and beaches.
The Hengda is made in the city of Weifang, China. This city is the International Kite Capital. There’s just a different, lighter and more traditional feel to a kite from China than the ones made in the U.K.

The tentacles remain largely tangle free. The kite is made of a silk-type material. You’ll want to make sure you fold the kite carefully before storage.

Once in the air, the kite floats and flies like a dream. With a bit of practice, anyone can keep this kite in the air. Kids as young as six should be able to handle basic handling of the Hengda. Getting the kite airborne is probably too complicated for little kids, but pre-teens should be fine.
Flying the kite is fun. Overall, this kit has a somewhat-silly design but is a bit more serious underneath.


Tomi Kite’s Huge Rainbow Kite

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This kite is one of the largest on the list. At 60 meters wide, this kite is best operated by at least two kids, which makes it perfect for large families.

The Tomi Kite is very durable. The rip-stop fabric is very weather resistant. Tough enough to handle wild wind but also only needs a stiff breeze to be airborne.

Kite includes a full owner’s manual with kite tips. Perfect for teaching children how to translate written instructions into physical processes.

Not sure if this is the kite for you? Try it out with no risk thanks to the money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty.
The kite does come with an 18-inch storage pack but be aware this is a large kite. You won’t be able to just shove the kite in a drawer when you need to store it.


Brookite Mini Butterfly Kite

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This is a beautiful kite which flies best in medium strength winds. At a lightweight 59 grams, the kite is hard to control in high winds but works great in winds between three and nine miles per hour.

The Brookite Butterfly is a small kite at 19.4 inches by 14.4 inches. Easy to store and carry, this is a kite you can keep in the boot for whenever you find a kite-flying spot.

The unique shape looks great flying high in the sky. Available in multiple different colour combinations, the kite includes two tails, a handle and flying line.

While this small size isn’t the best for every condition, this is a great small kite for clear, breezy days.

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