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The 10 Best Pool Tables for Kids & Adults

The Ten Best Pool Tables for Kids

Children love to mimic adult activities, and playing pool is no exception! With some help, even very young children can enjoy the many benefits of billiards. Choosing the right pool table can enhance their play even further, and help them reap all the rewards, though the buyer must keep several important features in mind while shopping.

The following ten pool tables are great options, and we’ve weighed out their pros and cons to help you think through the right option for you.


Global Gizmos 50 x 30 cm Deluxe Table Top Pool Game/Snooker Table Game 

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The Global Gizmo table is another table top option well suited to young people. At 50cm, it’s a fun option for the very smallest hands. Table top options are beloved by parents and caretakers alike, as they enable easy and efficient storage.

When little ones tire of their toy, parents can slide it under a bed or into a cupboard. It won’t take up valuable living space the way larger, more permanent tables might!   

This table top option is better than most thanks to its heavy design. While not too heavy to lift easily, its construction is sturdy and substantial, helping to ensure better game quality.

While little ones might not have the finesse to appreciate well-balanced playing fields, they will notice that they have more ball control playing on this table.


Viavito Unisex Folding Pool Table

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At five feet, the Viavito Unisex Folding Pool Table is quite a bit larger than our previous option. A stylish black with green felt, it will stand out wherever it’s placed.  

One very appealing feature of this table is its option to fold away. Its unique L-shaped leg design allows it to fold vertically and be stored in a closet or against the wall. Because of this feature, the Viavito table is appealing to those with limited storage.  

The Viavito’s height is 78cm, so it’s a good option for children as young as six or seven. This table has excellent ball rebound, though because it’s not made for use with standard size billiards balls and because its felt is a bit rough, adults used to playing on standard slate tables might notice the difference. It includes two cues, chalk, brush, and a set of pool balls.


HLC 4 in 1 Multi Sports Game Table

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Another multi sports game table, this HLC product includes options for playing football, table tennis, air hockey, and of course pool. Unlike other options we’ve reviewed, this multi game toy is not a tabletop game. In fact, its unique L-shaped legs help to provide greater stability and increased playing performance.  

Its L-shaped legs have an extra feature: they allow this table to be folded away vertically when not in use, a huge benefit to people looking to save space. Its blue felt and colourful graphics make it unique from most of the other tables reviewed here, as well.  

From a size perspective, the HLC is well suited to children from four years. It will also accommodate older children, however, which gives it added versatility.  

Purchases should not be surprised by the assembly; this product comes flat packed and requires some construction.  


HLC 6FT Folding Billiards Snooker/Pool Table

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At six feet, this final HLC product is the largest table reviewed today. Covered in green felt and with modern style black legs and table, the HLC stands out in a good way.

Its L-shaped legs provide excellent stability, even without the missing levellers.  

A huge bonus for this table is its foldaway feature. When children are finished playing, they can easily adjust the table so that it stores away vertically in a closet or against the way. Because this table is so long, this thoughtful storage feature can allow smaller spaces to accommodate a table larger than normal.  

Balls are retrieved via classic white nets, and cues are included. While not a slate table, this table offers enough stability thanks to its wood construction to provide hours of enjoyable play for young people. Its construction is robust and durable.


UKayed 5 in 1 Deluxe Games Table

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A popular option for people purchasing pool tables for young people is to purchase a multi games table.

This table from UKayed is an exciting option, thanks to its five different game modes. It’s a great choice for children who need lots of variety, or for areas that will be hosts to a large number of children who want more options than just billiards.

It allows for football, billiards, table tennis, chess, and backgammon play, and includes all necessary accessories for each game.  

At 51cm, the Ukayed 5 in 1 Deluxe Games Table is one of the largest tables we’re reviewing today, so might not be appropriate for very small children without assistance. It is a true tabletop game system, so while storage is easier, buyers might be frustrated by having to find a table large enough to accommodate this toy.

However, if that obstacle can be overcome, the tabletop feature might be the perfect way to accommodate children as they grow.  


Novelty Mini Table Top Pool

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This tiny toy is sure to delight little ones! While older children and adults might not appreciate the miniature nature of this tabletop option, youngsters will appreciate being able to access it from their height.

Children will even be able to play with this toy on the floor, helpful when they are learning balance in addition to hand-eye coordination.  

The Novelty Mini Table Top Pool table comes with sixteen balls, two cues for dual person play, and a triangle. While its construction is largely plastic, its green felt is not unattractive and its small accessories will be easy to store.

Purchasers should keep in mind that this toy will not be able to compete when compared with larger, higher quality toys, but its diminutive size makes it appealing as a novelty.  

Indeed, even adults might be tempted to pick up the tiny cues for a game on this mini table!  


A to Z 08068 Kids Toy Mini Table Top Pool Game

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The A to Z 08068 Kids Toy Mini Table Top Pool Game is one of the smallest pool tables we’re reviewing here today, which makes it perfect for the very youngest of kids! It doesn’t have legs, so its footprint is tiny. In fact, it’s designed to be played on a tabletop, or even on the floor so that storage will be a cinch: just slide into a cupboard or under a bed.  

This is not a table suited to adult play, but a great way for the very youngest children to begin interacting with the game of billiards. It’s an especially good choice if the buyer is worried the child might not be interested in playing pool for the long term and just wants to test out the game. The quality of this toy is not particularly high, which is fine as competitive games will not be played on it, but purchasers should be aware that this toy might not outlast a single child.  

Finally, all accessories are included with this toy.  


Indoor Kids Play Pool Billiards Table

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While the Indoor Kids Play Pool Billiards Table is designed for children, at 69cm, it will accommodate older children and adults, as well. Constructed from light wood veneer and MDF with green felt, it’s attractive, though it doesn’t necessarily have the formal look of a traditional pool table.  

At 65cm tall, it’s the perfect height for children. Assembly is a breeze; this table only requires its four sturdy legs to be screwed into place.  

While it doesn’t fold away and doesn’t have the stability of a slate table, this is an easy, convenient option for those wishing to help children catch a love of pool.  

The Indoor Kids Play Pool Billiards Table comes with two pool cues, billiards balls, and a pool cue.  


Charles Bentley Kids Junior 4Ft Green Snooker Games Table

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Children will love playing pool on this junior version of the real thing! Designed for children, but with a grown up appearance and features, this table will be able to accommodate crowds at a youth club or a young person in his or her bedroom.  

The Charles Bentley Kids Junior table has a fresh wooden veneer finish, and green felt. The pockets are composed of netting, making it easy to identify and retrieve balls, even for young children.

While made with manufactured materials and not slate, purchasers can expect a solid build quality that will accommodate young people as they develop their skills.   

This table includes more than the usual assortment of accessories, for both pool and snooker: a scoreboard, cloth brush, triangle, chalk, cues, and set of pool balls and full-colour snooker balls.


Charles Bentley 4Ft 6 Inch Blue Pool Games Table

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With striking blue felt, the Charles Bentley table 4Ft 6 Inch table stands out attractively. Similar to its fellow Charles Bentley table in this list, it is slightly larger, making it a more appealing choice for older children. It is, however, still smaller than most full-size tables. 

It features foldaway black metal legs, which make it easy to store and portable. The pool table can also be used with the legs as a tabletop game.  

The metal legs and wooden construction of this table lend it weight. We’re used to thinking of this as a bad thing in toys, but in fact, the weight will help to steady the table and enhance children’s enjoyment of the game. These materials will also add to the overall quality of the table, and help ensure it will last after children have outgrown it.

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