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Our 10 Best Go Karts for Kids

Top 10 Go Karts for Kids in the UK this 2019

Best Go-Karts for Kids

Not all go-karts have motors. Pedal go-karts are a much safer option for younger children, but they still provide hours of fun.

Similar to downhill soapbox derby carts of old, modern pedal-propelled go-karts are not only fun, but they’re also a great form of low-impact cardiovascular exercise. They get kids up off the couch, outside, and moving.


We’ve done some of the legwork for you to narrow them down to the best of the best. These are the safest, most efficient, and most fun models currently available.

The top 10 go-karts reviewed below are the absolute best of the best.


Berg Toys Ride On Pedal Go-Kart

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This is by far our top recommendation. The reviews on this product are incredible and it’s easy to see why.

Some pedal go-karts give a bumpy, uncomfortable ride – not so with the Berg Toys Ride On Pedal Go-Kart.

The Berg Toys go-kart is known as one of the most comfortable models around.

  • The swivel axle maintains stability no matter the terrain.
  • Pneumatic rubber tyres absorb every bump with ease.
  • The product is lightweight at only 20 kilogrammes when assembled.
  • Berg Toys lists it for children between 3 and 8 years of age.
  • The maximum weight limit is 27 kilogrammes.

Forward and reverse driving is possible thanks to the cart’s BFR system. All you have to do to stop the cart is pedal backwards. Continue peddling backwards to drive the cart in reverse.

Additional highlights include the steel frame, adjustable seat and steering wheel, and enclosed chain. The overall build quality of this Berg Toys go-kart is outstanding.

The only potential drawback is that self-assembly is required. However, you don’t even need any tools of your own. The product is shipped with a 13mm spanner and Allen key, the only tools required for assembly.


Kiddo Racer Design Pedal Go-Kart

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Most kids want a go-kart that looks like the real deal, not a toy.

Good thing there’s the Kiddo Racer Design Pedal Go-Kart. The products look like a realistic motorised go-kart except that it’s pedal powered.

The cart is EN-71 certified. It’s designed for children between the ages of 4 and 8 years old. The maximum user weight is 30 kilogrammes.

This Kiddo by Raygar go-kart comes packed with features. Chief among these are its “engage” and “neutral” gear lever, hand-operated rear-wheel brake, and rubber tyres. These make the product easy to use and fun to operate.

Additional safety features include the fully enclosed chain and easy steering. An adjustable seat enables your kids to find the most comfortable seating position. A steel frame ensures the toy will last for years on end.

The only downside to this go-kart is the confusing instructions. Assembling the product can be difficult because of the unclear directions.


TecTake 2-Seater Pedal Go-Kart

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Few other pedal go-karts are anything like the TecTake 2-Seater Pedal Go-Kart.

For starters, this unique model has two seats on the same body. Most models only have one.

You don’t always have to use the two seats. Remove the back seat as needed when your child is operating the cart alone.

Best of all, this TecTake cart is designed to grow with your child. Remove the front seat when they’re too large for it, and they can actually pilot the cart from the back seat.

In addition to its two-seat design, this model is notable for its ball bearing axles and wheels, powerful hand brakes, pneumatic tyres, forward and reverse gear system, and overall rugged finish.

Note that the 2-seater model does come with a lot of adjustable and removable parts. If you just want a simple cart, you might be better off looking at different models.


ATK All-Terrain Kart Start

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The ATK All-Terrain Kart Start is just about as simple as it gets. It’s the perfect model for those that want a fun go-kart without many bells and whistles.

The most notable aspect about this ATK cart is its lack of pedals. Unlike the other models on our list so far, it’s created for downhill riding. Kids can also use it by scooting themselves along.

Another notable aspect is the lack of handlebars or a steering wheel. The cart utilises a simple rope handlebar for steering.

Despite its simplicity, the ATK All-Terrain Kart Start is a top-notch product. Powerful brakes ensure a quick stopping motion. Large rubber tyres increase stability and enable you to ride over uneven off-road terrain.

Perhaps our favourite thing about this product is its versatility. You can use it in its simple form or upgrade it with a variety of parts from ATK.

Though many people see the cart’s simplicity as a benefit, others will find it much too simple for their tastes. It’s lack of a seat with a back also means it’s much less comfortable than other models.


Kids Pedal Ride-On Go-Kart

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Get your children up off the sofa and out into the great outdoors with the help of the Kids Pedal Ride-on Go-Kart.

The Go-Kart is simple with basic parts. It’s easy to use by children of all ages (though the recommended ages are 5 to 10 years old).

The entire product is CE certified. Additional safety features include a hand-operated brake, enclosed chain, and front and rear fenders.

Adults love this go-kart for its simplicity, durability, and safety features. Children, on the other hand, love it for its awesome looks. It looks just like a motorised go-kart with its fenders, red paint job, steering wheel, and racing decals.

The rubber tyres are another great addition. Not only do they provide a more comfortable ride, but they also help users drive over uneven terrain (such as grass and dirt) with ease.

The big downside to the Kids Pedal Ride-On Go-Kart is its largely plastic construction. Other than a steel frame, much of the cart is created with weak, breakable plastic components.



ATK All-Terrain Kart Classic

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A step up from the above-reviewed ATK Kart Start, the ATK All-Terrain Kart Classic takes the basic design and builds it into something even more powerful.

Another peddle-less design, this go-kart is built for going down hills or pushing along the ground with your feet.

The cart is built from premium grade materials (exterior grade plywood and stainless-steel hardware) for the utmost in durability. Large pneumatic tyres with ball bearings make for a fast and gentle ride.

The ATK Kart Classic is perfect for those that want a simple go-kart with a few more bells and whistles than the Start version. These include an adjustable padded backrest.

This particular model is also perfect for families on the go. Quickly remove the wheels (thanks to R clips) to load the toy vehicle into your car more easily.

The negative is that the All-Terrain Kart Classic is still barebones. Though this is appealing to some people, it’s not what everyone is looking for in their go-kart.



Homcom Pedal Go-Kart

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Another pedal go-kart modelled after real-life race cars, the Homcom Pedal Go-Kart is sleek, colourful, and almost certain to be a hit with your kids.

This Homcom model is rated for children 3 to 8 years old. Your kids can grow with the product thanks to its adjustable seat.

The cart is also very easy to use. Even 3-year-olds will quickly learn to pilot it with ease. Steer with the steering wheel, brake with the hand brake, and use the free forward lever to switch from “forward” to “reverse.”

Perhaps the most notable feature is the swing axle. The axle enables sharper, more stable turns, especially on roads and other hard, flat surfaces.

Additional features include trailer coupling, fenders to prevent mud and water from splashing up, and a closed chain guard for increased safety.

The only issue is that the included nuts often don’t tighten all the way. The problem is easy to fix by simply buying better hardware from the store.



Ezy Roller Classic No-Pedal Snake Kart

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Perhaps the most unique style go-kart on our list, the Ezy Roller Classic No-Pedal Snake Kart is designed for children ages 4 to 14+ years old.

As the name implies, no peddling is required to propel the cart. Instead, you drive it by meandering. In other words, you use your feet to move the single front wheel backwards and forwards to create propulsion.

The lack of pedals and a chain makes this cart very durable. Chances of it breaking are slim to none.

The unique style of propelling the cart also requires more energy than peddling. This is one of the best go-karts for exercise currently available.

That’s exactly the cart’s biggest negative though. It takes the most effort to drive. Those that want a cart that’s easy to use should look elsewhere.


Ferbedo Air Racer Go Kart

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Another classic style pedal go-kart, the Ferbedro Air Racer Go Kart is a great choice for kids that want a more traditional model.

The comfortable, high-backed seat is fully adjustable to suit different sizes and ages. Adjust the seat as your child grows, so you don’t have to buy a new model every year.

Safety comes first with this go-kart. It features an enclosed chain guard, stable design, large pneumatic tyres, and a forward/reverse drive mechanism.

The highlight for kids has to be the cart’s looks. It’s designed to look like a real-life race car, complete with sporty racing decals, including flame graphics.

This product’s only real negative is the amount of plastic used in its construction. It’s simply not as durable as other models on the market.


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