Our 10 Best Garden Swings & Swing Sets

Best Garden Swings

Garden swings can be a great way to get the children outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. If you are looking to find the best garden swings for your kids, the large number of products available on the market might overwhelm you. Fortunately, we’ve conducted the research to help you find the best swing for your garden. We’ve also outlined and illustrated everything you need to know before deciding.

Top Garden Swings Sets For Babies, Toddlers, Children and Older Kids

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Scroll down to find out what to look for when purchasing a swing set, we’ve done the research to help narrow your shopping quest.  Below we have reviewed the top ten garden swings for children.  Each review has an overview and explanation of the set.  You’ll also see pros and cons for each product so you can make an informed purchase decision.

Top 10 Garden Swings For Kids in the UK Summer 2018

The swing from HIKS has a high back with a T-bar for safety and support. You won’t have to worry about your kid falling or slipping from the swing while they are playing with this safety feature.

The ropes are made from a black polypropylene material that’s strong and secure. All of the plastic materials are safe for children to play with since they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. It meets the certifications for the European Toy Safety Standards.

You can attach this swing to a wooden climbing frame, metal frame, or mount it on a tree in your garden as well. It has galvanised steel O-rings to secure the ropes to whatever you decide to mount the swing on. You can also adjust the rope length to a suitable size.

The T-bar easily detaches and latches to secure your toddler into the swing seat. It’s easy to assemble and set up the swing right out of the package.


  • T-bar safety lock
  • Black polypropylene ropes
  • Attaches to metal frames, wooden frames, and tree branches
  • Galvanised steel O-rings
  • Adjustable rope length


  • Only suitable for babies and toddlers
  • Does not have a high maximum weight capacity

The adjustable outdoor garden rope safety swing is great for toddlers ages three and older.  There is no assembly required, so you can get your swing up and ready to use in minutes once you open your package.

It’s easy to set up in your garden.  The swing is made with a hard and durable plastic material that can withstand the outdoor elements.  You’ll also notice that the material is slightly roughened on the inside, which adds grip and support for your child.  The grip helps make sure that the toddler doesn’t slip and gives them higher back support.

Your package comes with heavy-duty ropes that can support up to 40kg of weight.  The plastic horn in the front of the seat acts as a safety feature to prevent your kid from falling or slipping out of the swing.

If your garden has an overhanging tree with a sturdy branch, you might want to consider this swing as an option for your kids.  It also works well if you attach it to a spring, which is great for someone with a gazebo or other outdoor structure in the yard.


  • Heavy-duty rope
  • Attaches to tree branches and other outdoor frames
  • Good back support
  • Plastic horn safety feature
  • Durable and strong plastic material


  • You don’t get to select your colour because they send one randomly
  • Only suitable for young children due to weight restrictions

The folding swing is ideal for toddlers that are ages 9 to 36 months. It’s a great option if you want to teach your child how to swing and play outdoors. Unlike other swing sets, this product ensures that your kid has proper back support while they are on the seat.

It’s easy to set up this foldable swing set for toddlers. The frame is made from steel, which is a durable, supportive, and safe construction material. Furthermore, the frame is powder-coated, so it’s easy to clean and able to withstand the outdoor elements of a garden.

The included swing seat has a bar in the front and seatbelt to give your child extra safety and support, so they won’t fall out or get hurt while you swing them. When you are not using the swing, it can easily get folded and stored away. Since it’s just for toddlers, it does not really get fixed to the ground.


  • Easy to fold for quick set up and convenient storage
  • Seatbelts and support bar on the seat
  • The steel frame that is powder-coated
  • Easy to clean
  • Gives the toddler proper back support while they swing


  • You cannot fix it to the ground
  • Some durability problems over time

If you have multiple children, you might want to consider the outdoor folding swing set as a top option for you. You get two swings and a seesaw glider all in one set. Even if you only have one kid, they will have different options to choose from with this large set. Their friends, cousins, or other relatives can also enjoy playing on this swing set since it fits up to four children.

The swing set is made of durable and sturdy steel materials. You can use bolts or cement to secure the structure into the ground for added safety and security. It’s recommended for children ages three to eight, with a maximum total weight capacity of 180kg.

You can also swap out or interchange the existing swings with other options such as a toddler chair, rope ladder, or trapeze. However, those accessories are not included in your initial purchase, so you would have to buy those separately.

The seats are sturdy, and the ropes are soft, so your child will be comfortable while they sit and grip the ropes.


  • Ideal for families with multiple children
  • Durable and sturdy material
  • You can safely secure it to the ground with cement and bolts
  • Wide recommended age range
  • Includes see-saw glider in addition to two swings


  • You may need assistance from another person to assemble it
  • Top bar may bend over time

The HIKS swing set for children is fully adjustable so that you can set this up in an ideal location of your garden. The mounting ropes are made from strong polyethene material to support your child. Furthermore, the O-rings are reinforced with metal for added stability that brings the maximum weight capacity up to 70kg.

The unique design that mimics a crow’s nest or spider web is a fun and entertaining change of pace for your child compared to other swing sets. They can sit, stand, or lie down while swinging, or use it just to relax while suspended in the air. There is extra padding on the outer rim of the circular swing, which adds comfort for your kids while they play.

It’s recommended for children that are at least three years old and have adult supervision while they play. You can hang this swing from a tree, or add it to an existing climbing frame or swing set. If you are looking for an alternative option to a conventional swing seat, this product might be an option that you can consider for your children.


  • The ropes are fully adjustable
  • Polyethene and reinforced steel materials
  • Alternative to conventional swing sets
  • Added padding around the rim
  • Children can sit, stand, or lie down


  • It may be difficult to adjust each rope to an identical length
  • Ropes slightly slip after they are adjusted

The wooden children’s swing made by King Do Way is ideal for people that want a traditional swing seat in their home or garden. If you grew up with a wooden swing at your house and you want your child to have a similar experience, you may want to consider giving this product a try.

You can mount the swing to an overhanging tree or exiting play set swing frame. The wooden material is comfortable and sturdy for your kid to sit on. It has ridges and raised sides on the seat as a safety precaution to help prevent kids form slipping and falling off the swing while they play outside.

The ropes are fully adjustable, which makes it easy for you to assemble in an ideal area of your garden. It has a maximum weight capacity of up to 120kg. If you are looking for the most classic look for a swing set and have older children, you might want to consider this traditional swing seat as your best option


  • Classic and traditional wooden swing
  • Ridges and raised edges to prevent slipping
  • Fully adjustable ropes
  • Maximum weight capacity of 120kg
  • Can attach to trees, steel frames, or other structures


  • Nails holding the seat together are not the highest quality
  • The wooden seat is very thin

The HIKS deluxe children’s swing is available in blue, green, and red colour options. If you are looking for a new and updated swing seat with a classic look and design, this might be a product that you can consider for your child to play with in your garden.

It’s recommended for children ages three and older and has a maximum weight capacity of up to 70kg, which is great for older children to use as well. The swing is made from HDPE material that is certified to European Toy Safety Standards with plastic that does not contain any harmful materials, so it’s safe for kids to play with.

The ropes are fully adjustable, which makes it easy for you to attach to a tree or metal frame in your garden. It will fit on most of your existing swing and play set metal frames without any problems.


  • Available in multiple colour options
  • Made from HDPE material that meets European Toy Safety Standards
  • Fits on existing metal frames
  • You can attach it to a strong overhanging tree branch
  • 70kg maximum weight capacity


  • Does not come with a frame
  • Need to use knots to tie and secure the rope instead of rings

If you want your kids to have a variety of options with their swing set, you might want to consider this one as a top option. In addition to a standard swing, it also comes with a swing glider and slide included with the frame.

The glider can support two children while another kid swings and a fourth uses the slide, which makes it ideal for families with lots of kids. If you are a grandparent, you might want to consider this frame for your garden so your grandchildren can play while they visit your home.

It has a steel frame that is powder coated so it’s strong and durable. You can easily assemble the frame with the included high-tensile Allen key fittings. Your swing set also comes with ground pegs to give extra support and stability as a safety precaution.

The swing set is not the easiest one to assemble since it has so many other features like the slide and glider, but once you have it erected your children will be happy that they have so many options on one set.


  • Comes with a slide and glider
  • Steel frame for stability
  • Comes with pegs that provide extra support
  • Ideal for multiple children to play with at once
  • Comes with Allen key fittings for installation


  • Not easy to assemble
  • Slide is too small for children over four years old

The Plum Meerkat Wooden Garden Swing comes with one swing, a glider with two seats, a climbing rope, and a slide. It’s made from FSC certified and pressure treated premium timber materials. It’s heavy duty and provides has extra strength so multiple children can play on this swing set at the same time.

The wide range of features and options allows for children between the ages of 3 and 12 to all enjoy this swing set. Although the instructions are easy to follow for setting up the frame and set, it takes at least three hours with two adults to construct the entire product out of the package.

All of the hardware needed comes included with your purchase. You’ll also get anchors to help give the frame added support to the ground of your garden. It’s a great swing set for outdoor use and is built with materials that can withstand the outside elements. There are metal swing attachments in the pole, so you don’t have to do any drilling to assemble it.


  • Anchors are included to stabilise and support the frame to the ground
  • For children ages 3 to 12
  • Comes with a swing, glider, climbing rope, and slide
  • Assembly instructions are easy to follow
  • No drilling required for installation


  • Assembly time takes at least three hours with two adults
  • The frame is narrow

The Plum Wooden Single Swing is made from premium FSC certified timber material. The robes are soft, but also strong, durable, and heavy-duty. If you purchase this product from Plum, you’ll receive a 12-month manufacturer warranty against rotting wood or damage from insects.

If you have a child between the ages of three and ten years old, you might want to consider this swing set as an ideal option. The maximum weight capacity is 50kg. It’s a great addition to any garden since it has a classic wooden frame design.

The swing set is easy to assemble, but it takes some time. Two adults can expect to spend at least an hour putting the frame and swing set together. The box contains all the materials and instructions necessary to install. You’ll even get anchors to secure the swing to the ground for additional support.


  • 12-month warranty from the manufacturer
  • Wooden frame looks great in your garden
  • FSC certified timber material
  • Great for children ages three to ten
  • Box contains everything needed to install, including support anchors


  • Takes two adults over an hour to set up
  • Maximum weight capacity is only 50kg



You’ll be happy and satisfied if you buy any of the products that we reviewed above.  However, the Plum Wooden Swing Set and Climbing Frame is the clear winner.  It hits all of the points we outline below for what you need to look for when purchasing a swing set.


It’s ideal for children between the ages of three and 12 years of age.  In addition to a traditional swing, it also comes with a climbing rope, glider, and slide.  Since the glider has two seats, there can be up to five children playing on this swing set at the same time.


If you have a family with multiple children or grandchildren, this swing set might be a top option for you to consider.  The swing set even comes with anchors for added security to keep the frame grounded to your garden.  That way you won’t have to worry about the frame tipping while several children are playing on it at the same time.


Once you decide on the best swing set for your garden, just make sure that you follow all the instructions to safely install it.

How to Choose the Best Garden Swings for Kids


To choose the best garden swing, you’ll need to find one that’s appropriate for the age and weight of your child.  Some of the swings on our list are ideal for toddlers between the ages of 6 and 36 months, while other swing sets are made for children between the ages of three and ten years old.  The maximum weight ranges as well, from 40kg to 180kg, and everything in between.


In addition to the age of your child, you’ll also want to determine how many children will be using the swing set.  If you have multiple children or grandchildren that will be playing on the swing set in your garden, you’ll want to look for an option that has several swings.


Some of the options on our list have two swings and other accessories such as a slide, seesaw, glider, and climbing rope.

What Are the Advantages and Benefits of Garden Swings for Children?


The benefits of a garden swing for a toddler is that it teaches your baby at a young age how to swing.  As they grow older, they will feel more comfortable on other swing sets since they learned the basics as a young child.


Garden swings are also a great way to get your children outside and staying active.  According to the health experts at Care, playing outside improves your child’s vision, stimulates their social skills, increases their attention span, limits stress, and increases vitamin D.


As a parent or grandparent, it’s a great scenario for you if your children and grandchildren can experience playing outside right in your garden.  You can keep an eye on them while they play, so you know that they are safe, and you’re also available in case of an emergency.


It’s not always convenient for you to take your kids to a playground or park so that you can give them the same experience with a garden swing at your home.

Things to Look for When Buying Garden Swings for Kids


You want to make sure that you select a garden swing that is safe.  When it comes to our children and grandchildren, safety is always the most important feature.  According to Calbom & Schwab, over 50,000 children each year are hospitalised from playground injuries.


You’ll need to look for swings with safety features such as a T-bar locking mechanism or seatbelt if you have a baby or toddler that will be using the swing.  For older kids, some swings have grooves, ridges, or raised areas to prevent them from slipping while they use the swing set.

What’s the Best Way To Use a Garden Swing?


The best way to use a garden swing is by following the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines.  Make sure that it’s properly installed, set up, and secured to a wood frame, metal frame, or strong tree branch.  Never exceed the maximum weight restrictions, and you won’t have to worry about the swing breaking or collapsing.

Prerequisites to Using a Garden Swing for Children


It’s recommended that an adult supervises all children while they are playing on a swing set, regardless of their age.  Before a kid gets on a swing, you need to make sure that it’s properly assembled.  All the ropes need to be adjusted adequately to an even length on each side and fastened into place.


If the package comes with anchors to mount and cement the frame to the ground, make sure you do that before any children get on the swing set.  According to the UK Counsel Claims Organization, it is the responsibility of the owner of playground equipment to maintain the safety and maintenance.  If a kid gets injured on your swing set, you’ll be responsible and liable.