Top 10 Best Garden Pools UK, Frame Swimming Pools & Small Deep Pools

Lounging by the pool is a great way to spend a hot summer day unless you do not have a swimming pool. Fortunately, going to the expense of installing an above ground or in-ground pool is not necessary. Instead, there are many different types of garden pools to choose from, including the 10 best pools for the garden listed here.

10 Of The Best Garden Pools : Small Deep Pools and Frame Swimming Pools

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Bestway Steel Pro 12’ x 30” Frame Pool Set

The Bestway Steel Pro pool is large enough to fit the entire family or a group of friends on a hot summer’s day. The pool measures 3.65 m in diameter and is 76cm deep. The pool is deep enough for small kids to swim in or for adults to float or to sit in while the kids play.

This frame pool has heavy duty PVC and 3-ply polyester walls that give it enough strength to hold 6,473 litres of water. The frame is made from rust resistant steel, with “T” connectors and “C” clips, so the sides easily fit together. The connectors and clips are hidden by PVC flaps, so they will not rust due to water exposure and to prevent injuries.

The frame fits together easily, and the only tool required to help tighten the connections is a screwdriver. A DVD with assembly instructions comes with the pool, so you don’t have to read complex instructions, but you can watch a video instead. If there is damage to the pool, like a puncture, the pool set includes a heavy-duty patch.

The pool set also includes a 1,249-litre filter pump. It is a low-maintenance cartridge filter, which includes a cartridge.

The DVD not only explains how to assemble the pool, but it also gives instructions on how to maintain it. The instructions will help you learn how to keep the water clean and healthy so your


  • Large enough for the entire family
  • Built to last several seasons
  • Easily assembles
  • It includes a cartridge filter


  • The supplied pump is too small
  • The pump had an American electric plug

Bestway Splash Steel Frame Pool Pro

This above ground garden pool is a good size for families who have children. Small kids will be able to paddle in the pool, while adults and teens can sit in it and supervise them. At 2.9m x 2m x 66cm, there is room for everyone in the family to cool down on a hot day.

The Bestway Deluxe Splash pool is made to last with a galvanised steel frame, and 3-ply polyester mesh inner lining. The lining is reinforced with ropes that wrap around the bottom of the pool liner to help stabilise the legs.

From out of the box, the pool is easy to assemble, so with the help of two or three friends, it can be put together in 20 to 30 minutes. When you’re ready to take it down, attach a hose to the drain plug to direct water away from the area, then let it dry and disassemble the pool.

While this may not be the largest of the pools for the garden on the market, it holds more than enough water for splashing at 3,297L at 90% capacity. Since the sides of the pool are only 66cm, younger children can easily claim in and out of it, so there is no need for a ladder.


  • The pool can hold an entire family
  • Built to last several seasons
  • It quickly assembles with help
  • The sides are short enough to get into the pool easily


  • It does not include a filter pump
  • The pool bottom can be slippery

Intex Small Family Frame Pool

If you are looking for a pool the entire family can enjoy, this Intex Small Family Frame Pool may be what you want. It is a good size at 3m x 2m x 75cm, but it would be a bit shallow for swimming. There are four seats at each corner of the rectangular pool, so the kids can relax in it after they get tired of playing.

The frame pool easily assembles and takes only about 20 minutes to get ready to fill with water. After unfolding it, the 3-ply PVC walls are held up with a Zinc-plated, powder-coated frame, which is resistant to corrosion.

This small garden pool has a water capacity of 3,834 litres. The drain plug is on the side of the pool, which you can attach a hose to so you can direct water away from the yard while draining.


  • The pool is a good size for small gardens
  • Each corner of the pool has a seat for kids
  • It can be assembled quickly
  • A garden hose can be attached to the drain


  • It does not include a filter pump
  • It does not completely drain without a pump

Intex 12’ x 30” Easy Pool Set – HUGE Pool

The Intex Easy Set swimming pool is made from strong materials, so it is built to last.

It’s also huge if you choose the 12 foot model!

The walls are constructed from tough PVC which resists abrasions, sunlight, and salt water. With proper maintenance, this pool will last for several seasons.

At 3m x 76cm, the pool has enough room for the entire family to cool off during the summer. Younger children can splash and play while mum and dad soak up the sun as they supervise the kiddos.

To keep the water clear and reduce germs, the set includes a cartridge filter that will remove debris and impurities by filtering the 5,619L pool at 2,006 litres per hour. A cartridge for the pump comes with it.


  • The pool has enough room for the family
  • It is made to last several seasons
  • It includes a filter pump and cartridge
  • It includes a DVD instruction manual


  • The vinyl ring easily punctures
  • It can be difficult to keep clean

Intex Swim Centre Family Pool

Inflatable pools are not just for kids, but adults can enjoy them too. This Intex Swim Centre Family Pool can be enjoyed by the entire family at home or take it with you on holiday. It quickly inflates with an electric air pump.

At 2.3m x 2.3m x 61cm, the entire family can fit into the pool and cool off this summer. Each corner of the pool as an inflatable seat with a backrest and there are two cup holders for refreshments.

The pool is made from a heavy gauge vinyl for durability. As long as it is taken care of, the pool will last for several summers. There is a drain on the bottom of the pool, so you can drain the water and clean it as needed.


  • The pool with fit the entire family
  • There are inflated seats in each corner
  • Easy for kids to get in and out of the pool


  • An air pump is not included
  • It may leak air

Intex 8’ x 30” Easy Set Up Pool without Filter

If you are looking at pools for the garden, but you only have a small space, this Intex Easy Set pool could be the right size for your family. It measures 1.8m in diameter and is 78cm tall and has a water capacity of 2,419L of water at 80% capacity.

It doesn’t require assembly, just pull it from the box, unfold it and then inflate the ring to make it sturdy enough to fill with water. The pool walls are made from two outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC with a layer of polyester mesh between them. The inflatable ring is a sturdy vinyl which can be inflated with a small electric air pump.

As easy it is to set up, it is just as easy to take down when swimming season is over. Use the drain plug to empty the water and either air dry it or wipe it down with a towel before folding the pool and storing it away until next summer.


  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble
  • The pool fits easily in smaller yards
  • It is made from a blend of PVC and polyester


  • Top ring of pool easily deflates
  • It does not come with an air pump

Intex 120” Family Swim Centre Pool

If you need one of the best pools for the garden suitable for small children, this Intex Family Swim Center pool may be the one you want. The 3m pool is shallow as it is only 56cm high so that they can wade or paddle around in it. It is also easy for kids six and up to get in and out of the pool by themselves.

Since the pool holds a little less than 1,000 litres of water, kids, teens and adults will enjoy being in it when the weather is hot. However, it isn’t deep enough for swimming.

Since this is an inflatable pool, no assembly is needed. It has three air chambers with double valves for quick inflation and an exhaust valve as well. It is made with 15-gauge vinyl so that you can use it for several summers.

When swimming season is over, just pull the plug on the drain to let out the water. Let it dry before folding and storing it so it doesn’t mildew.


  • The pool quickly inflates with air pump
  • Good for families with kids ages 6 and up
  • The sides are 15-gauge vinyl


  • It does not include an air pump
  • Too shallow for swimming

Jilong Pools 8’ Prompt Pool Set

Round pools like the Jilong 8’ Prompt Pool Set, are often better for smaller yards than rectangular ones. The sides of the pool are only 63.5cm high, so it’s easy for everyone in the family to get into.

With a water capacity of 2,074L at 80% full, it makes a nice pool for sitting or playing in on hot summer days. However, with a pool height of only 63.5cm, it would be too shallow for swimming, except for very young children.

The pool can be ready to fill shortly after pulling it out of the box. Just unfold it and inflate the vinyl ring so it can hold water. The walls are made from three layers of heavy-duty, laminated PVC material. The pool is easy to drain and deflate to store it for another summer.


  • Good for smaller gardens
  • The entire family can be in it together
  • It is made from strong materials


  • Too shallow for swimming
  • Does not include filter pump

Intex Paradise Seaside Swimming Pool

If your children are getting too big for a paddling pool, the Intex Paradise Seaside pool could be a good alternative. Along with providing plenty of room, the sides are low, so it is easy to get in and out of, and it should not be too deep for your smallest swimmers. The pool measures 2.6m x 1.6m x 46cm, so adults can sit inside to cool down in the summer.

Since it is inflatable, it is easy to set-up. Just pull it out of the box and use the two double valve intakes to add air with a bicycle tyre or an electric air pump. You could blow it up yourself, but it would take time to do so.

Along with putting the small pool in your garden or on the patio, you could also take it with you to Grandmother’s house in the summer or to the beach during a holiday. Remember to take a portable air pump to inflate it.

At only 30cm deep, there isn’t enough water for swimming, but toddlers can wade and splash in it. Bigger kids and adults can sit inside of it to supervise them and stay cool on hot days.


  • The pool is a good size for families with small children
  • It easily inflates with an air pump
  • The sides are low enough to climb into the pool


  • The plug rips out of the material
  • The pool’s top ring easily deflates

Garden Pool Maintenance

A garden pool is a small above ground pool that is a step up from a paddling pool and can be easily set-up or taken down and put in a shed or garage. Garden pools may be inflatable, pop-up pools with inflatable edges or frame pools which are large enough to fit the entire family.

If you have limited space or are letting a house, a garden pool is a good alternative to an above ground or in-ground pool. However, like full-sized swimming pools, they require maintenance to keep the water clean and healthy by preventing algae or bacteria growth. Here are some tips for keeping garden pools and their water clean.

Buy a Pool Cover

Since many garden pools can hold thousands of litres of water, it is less expensive to leave the water in them throughout the summer. To keep leaves, grass clippings, and twigs from being blown or falling into the water, you can purchase a pool cover to keep debris out of it. If debris manages to get into the pool while it is uncovered, you can use a skimmer to remove it quickly.

In addition to keeping debris out of the water, a pool cover reduces water loss due to evaporation, and it can prevent the material from fading under the sun’s UV rays.  As most pools do not include a cover, you will need to purchase one separately when ordering your pool.

Treat Water with Chemicals

If you leave water in a pool for any length of time, it will become cloudy, and algae can grow in it. Also, untreated water is a breeding ground for all types of viruses and bacteria, including E. Coli, Salmonella and other types of ear, nose and throat infections. Swimming pools are treated with chlorine-based chemicals, but there are non-chlorine based alternatives if you are concerned about skin irritation.

When using chemicals to treat the water, you need to maintain their levels for them to be effective carefully. Maintaining a pool involves frequent water tests to check chemical levels and adding more when the readings are too low. Chemicals are available in granules, or you can use a chemical floater, which uses tablets, to maintain pool water.

Use Pool Filter

Some pools for the garden will include a pool filter pump to help keep it clean. The filter pump will circulate the water through the filter, and other pieces of equipment you can attach to it, and return the water to the pool. This cycle helps to keep the water clean and healthy for swimming.

There are three types of pool filters:

  • Sand Filters – Sand acts as a filtering agent to remove impurities and debris as small as 20 to 40 microns. They provide a simple way to keep the pool clean and require very little maintenance. However, they may need to be back washed occasionally to prevent the sand from caking and debris from clogging it.
  • DE, or Diatomaceous Earth, filters – These filters use exoskeletons of diatoms, which are single-celled algae containing silica, to filter debris and impurities. The material, DE, coats the “grids” within the filter and act as a strainer to catch debris as small as 2 to 5 microns. The filter recharges itself because after the water pressure rises again, it backwashes and recharges with more DE powder.
  • Cartridge Pool Filters – A cartridge pool filter is an ecology way of keeping your pool clean because it doesn’t need to backwash. They have a greater surface area than sand filters, so they are easier to take care of and will not clog as often. They can trap debris as small as 10 to 15 microns. Cartridge filters also work at a lower water pressure, so they produce more water flow and turnover, which makes them less costly to operate. To clean them, you just need to wash them out with a garden hose once or twice a season.

Choosing the right filter for garden pools will depend on:

  • Where your home is located since there will be different types of debris blown into the pool by the wind.
  • Whether there is a water conservation ban in the area.
  • If the pool is heated.
  • How often the pool is maintained.

Backwashing a filter means using the water from the pool to clean the filter. The water, along with loose chemicals, dirt and debris are directed to the area you wish with a garden hose. Once the backwashing cycle is complete, more water will need to be added to the pool.

Hard Water Treatments

If you have hard water, your pool can become discoloured, or scaling can develop. Hard water can also affect the filter, causing damage to it due to excessive scaling and, since the filter will not work properly, the water can become unhealthy. To prevent hard water issues, you can add a descaling agent to the water to prevent problems with scaling.

Extend the Season

Since swimming pool season can be short in some areas of the UK, you can extend it up adding a heater to the pool. For small pools, like a garden pool, you can use a solar heater or a portable swimming pool heater to enjoy swimming when it’s cool outside.

Solar mats, solar blankets and small in-pool heaters are economical to operate and will warm the water by up to 8 degrees. You will need to know how much water your pool holds when locating the right heater for it.

Final Thoughts: Which Garden Pool Do You Recommend I Buy?

While each of the 10 best pools for the garden on our list would be a great addition to your garden, we’ve selected the Intex 12’ x 30” Metal Frame Pool Set as our top pick. We like it because it provides lots of room for the entire family to sit and play in the water when it’s hot outside.

It quickly assembles, but if you’re having trouble putting it together, you don’t have to read complicated instructions. Instead, you can watch the instructional DVD the manufacturer includes with the set.

The walls of the pool are made from a durable PVC material, which resists fading under the sun’s heat, and holds up to salt water and abrasions. The walls are held up by a rust resistant metal frame, making the pool sturdy enough to hold a capacity of 6,435L of water. The set also includes a cartridge filter, and cartridge, to keep the water clear.

A pool for the garden can be fun for the entire family, and the centre of your outdoor entertainment area.


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