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Best Football Goals For Kids – Sets & Nets For The Garden

Top 10 Football Sets

Football is a great game for kids to learn. Not only because it is the most popular sport in the world, but also because kids who play get plenty of exercise, develop better coordination, and learn how to be a part of a team.

There are plenty of outdoor sports out there, Cricket, Badminton, Tennis to name a few – but none are quite like football.

The Best Football Sets

Below are reviews of the best football sets for a variety of ages, skill levels, and playing surfaces. They each have plenty of solid qualities, but the weaknesses in each set are pointed out as well to help you make the best decision when you decide to buy a football set.


Podiumax Durable Set of 2 Kids Pop Up Football Goal with Carrying Bag

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After making portable football goals for over 20 years, Podiumax knows what it takes to make a quality football set. These goals set up in seconds due to their pop-up design; and they break down just as quickly and easily. To help make them even more portable, this set comes with a carrying case so you can practice or play just about anywhere. Four ground pegs help secure the goal and its durable fibreglass rod and tetoron polyester fibre net let you fire shots at this goal without worrying about it breaking on you.

At 123 x 90 x 90cm this is a larger football set that makes it ideal for matches where someone parks them self in front of the goal. Designed for older children, even adults, will enjoy playing when they are using this set.

Although it is a bit larger, these goals are suitable for use indoors as well.


FORZA Football Goal "Locking Model"

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Not all football sets are toys or measured in centimeters. The FORZA goal is something for the more serious football player to use. The model reviewed here stands at 1.22 meters high and is 1.83 meters wide so it is large enough for younger children to enjoy a real football match or for adults to use in a fun pickup game. This model is also available in larger sizes if you wish to increase the size of your goals.

Weatherproof and versatile, you can leave this set up all year round and not worry about it falling to the elements.

Unique to the FORZA goals is the locking system that ensures the posts will not separate from the corner pieces even during the most rugged play.

Easily the most durable of the sets reviewed here, FORZA does offer replacement parts should anything break so you don’t have to replace the entire goal.


Finer Shop 2 in 1 Kids Sports Set

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This football set includes a goal, smaller sized football, and an air pump. What makes this set unique is that it also comes with two plastic hockey sticks and two lightweight hockey pucks to introduce children to two different sports.

At 55.9 x 19.3 x 5.3 cm and 581g it is small enough to use indoors and light enough for you to carry around with you. Like many others, this set assembles by attaching the goal posts to the corner pieces and is easy enough for children to accomplish with little or no help from an adult. Just let them set it up in the corner of a room or in the back yard and they are ready to start playing.

While it is built to withstand heavy play from a younger player, this football set is not going to hold up to use from a stronger player using a real football.


CostMad Football Goals with Nets Mini Portable Indoor Outdoor Sport Set

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Made to help teach children the game of football this set comes with two plastic goals and nylon nets. Each goal has four ground pegs to secure the goal to compensate for its lightweight and lack of depth. At 60cm (H) x 85cm (W) x 42cm (D) this set is perfect both indoor and outdoor use.

The goals are easily assembled and disassembled, and it takes up very little storage space in a closet or garage. While this set does not come with a carrying bag, the goals are light enough for you to bring along to the park or beach.

Complete with a yellow and black football and air pump, this set contains everything you need to let your kids start playing right away.

This set is designed for children three years old and up but can be enjoyed by older children and adults as long as you aren’t shooting the ball too hard at the net.


Denny International® Kids Football Goal with Ball, Pump, and Whistle

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Another set designed for kids aged three and up, this set makes it easy to introduce young players to the game of football. At 60cm (H) x 85cm (W) x 42cm (D) it is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors and comes complete with a carrying box, a ball, an air pump, a whistle, and ground pegs to help secure the goal from falling over. There is even a red card and yellow card included to help teach children what happens if they commit a foul.

While not easy for a child to set up, an adult will find it easy to assemble this goal in a matter of minutes. Unlike most of the sets reviewed here, this one only comes with one goal so if you plan to use it for a two-sided match, you will need to add another goal.

Designed for use with the lighter ball that this set comes with, this goal will not withstand use with a real football for very long.


DeeXop Portable Folding Toy Set Football Set

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Much like the previous review, the DeeXop football set is a toy designed for younger children and not a goal that adults or older kids would find useful.

The set comes complete with a football small enough for kids and an air pump.

At only 41 x 29 x 60 cm it is small enough to use indoors and weighing only 800g you can easily carry this around with you to the park or beach and let you kids start having fun.

The goal posts are made from plastic and setup is simple. Slide the goal posts through the netting and attach them to the corner pieces. Each piece is designed that even kids as young as five can easily set this up for play.

Not as durable as some of the other football sets on this list, it should be fine for kids using the ball that is provided in the set.


PowerLead Psoc C001 Easy Score Football Set

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Another football set that falls into the toy category, you can expect durability with this product that is backed by a one year 100% warranty. Also included in this set is a smaller sized football ideal for younger kids and a pump. Everything a budding player needs to get started with the game of football.

Assembly is simple, just string the poles through the netting and pop the goal posts into the corner pieces. At 60 cm x 41 cm x 29 cm this is a perfect size for younger children and weighing just 800g you can carry it around to wherever you want to let your kids play.

While not designed for indoor use, this set is small enough to set up in a room to let kids play inside.

Older children and adults may not find this set suitable for their needs as it is not built to stand up to a hard shot from a real football.


Kids Portable Soccer Goal and Target Shot

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Another set for the developing football star, this pop-up football goal opens to 110 x 80 x 80cm for quick pick up matches or practices and if you flip it over, there is a covering with five openings at the corners and middle of the goal to practice shot placement.

Solid fibreglass poles and the anti-tear Oxford fabric make this a durable, but light, goal that you can secure into the ground with the PVC pegs that come included.

Breaking this goal down is just as easy as setting it up. Simply fold it into a flat oval and slide it into the carrying bag for easy transport to wherever you want to take it.

The net, and the rest of the goal, is constructed to withstand hard shots on goal. Likewise, the shot placement trainer holds up well against a well-struck ball so there is no need to worry about tearing it free from the goal.


Dgreat Mini Football Training Goals

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Whether you are looking for a football set for younger kids or training goals for a more accomplished player, this set accommodates both. Made from weatherproof mesh, it is ideal for playing in the yard, at the park, or at the beach.

Each goal is just under a meter high and a meter wide and its pop-up assembly gets the match going in seconds. Plastic pegs firmly hold the goals in place to allow for players to take harder shots without worrying about breaking the goal or knocking it over. With this football set, you don’t have to worry about durability. It is built to withstand a well-struck ball hitting the back of the net.

Breaking them down after you are finished playing is just as easy as setting them up. Simply twist and fold the goals and slide them into their convenient carrying cases.

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