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10 Best Electric Skateboards

Top 10 Electric Skateboards


Yuneec Electric E-GO Cruiser Skateboard

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The Yuneec Electric E-GO Cruiser Skateboard is an easy to use electric longboard. Created using sturdy, durable high quality materials this 6.3kg electric skateboard is great fun for all the family. With a wireless remote control you can effortlessly cruise along pavements and roads at speeds of up to 20mph.
The battery on the Yuneec Electric E-GO Cruiser Skateboard will last you up to 20km and takes around 3-5 hours to charge. With this electric skateboard not only can you use the wireless remote but you can also control it using a cool app on your mobile phone.

The mid-range price means this electric skateboards has a few less features than the high range models, but so much more than the budget skateboards.


IBoostboard Electric Skateboard

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The IBoostboard Electric Skateboard is a 4 wheeled motorised skateboards allowing you to hit speeds of around 10mph. With a range of 12 miles from a 2 hour single charge, you can use this electric skateboard to commute anywhere.

Weighting only 6.5kg you can either easily carry, or manually skate, when not using the electric functions. With discreet sound and a small bluetooth remote, you can fool all the neighbors into believing your a pro skateboarder.

The IBoostboard Electric Skateboard is great for everyone, as long as you weigh under 100kg(maximum load). Thanks to its smooth regenerative braking system and a 400w output this skateboard has plenty of features for the budget price.


Slick Revolution® Max-Eboard Electric Longboard

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The Max-Eboard Electric Longboard is developed by Slick Revolution an English company. Being designed and manufactured in the UK you can rest assure that the features and functionalities of this skateboard are in line with UK rules and regulations and all customer service requirements will be dealt with by an English speaking company.

The electric skateboard itself reaches a top speed of 20mph and has an 11-13mile range, making it a commuters dream. It weighs just 7kg so can be easily transported and stored. The wireless controller is discrete and has different speed functionalities, regenerative braking (when you brake the battery charges) and even cruise control!

This bamboo decked electric skateboard is priced competitively up against the others and comes with a standard 1 year warranty.


Slick Revolution® Min-Eboard Electric Skateboard Miniboard

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The baby brother to the Max-Eboard, here is the Min-Eboard also by Slick Revolution. The company are based in the UK meaning you’ll have full UK support as well as UK specific hardware and parts.

With specifics mirroring that of it’s Max-Eboard brother, the only difference between the two is the deck size and weight. Weighing slightly less and having a smaller deck size means it’s even more convenient to store away and transport around. It weighs just 7kg and can easily be stored in your backpack between travels.

The Min-EBoard is great small deck for beginners with wireless controls, battery level displays and quiet motors. It charges quickly, has a vast range of up to 13miles and can cover speeds of up to 20mph.


E-GO 2 Velobil Skateboard,

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This E-GO 2 Velobil Skateboard comes in striking blue and black colours. Weighing just 7kg makes it lightweight, easily transportable and the kicktail shape allows for better control and steering. You can ride for up to 30km without the need to recharge and recharging takes between 3-5 hours.

The E-GO 2 Velobil Electric Skateboard can hit speeds of around 20km/h depending on weight and terrain. The robust wheels are perfect for the UK roads and pavements and the skateboard itself can be controlled via the remote controller or even using an application on your mobile phone.


Atom Electric B.10 Skateboard

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The Atom Electric Skateboard has a powerful 1000W motor meaning it can hit hills harder than the competition. Its range of around 6 miles and speed of up to 16mph can be accessed by a single battery charge of just 2 hours.

This powerful little beast of a skateboard has a snazzy design and looks just like any normal stylish skateboard should. It has a carry handle at the tail end making it easily transportable while keeping up its sleek appearance.  

It’s a shortboard so may not be the best board for beginner learners, but if you have the basic skills and knowledge then you’ll be fine on it. It’s a high quality electric skateboard with every function you could need.


Ridge Skateboards Electric Division

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One of the more budget skateboards – the Ridge Skateboards Electric Division is the lightest electric skateboard we’ve reviewed at just 3.5kgs. The battery can last a range of 10km and the electric skateboard can hit speeds of 15km/h.

The modern looking board has vibrant green wheels, making it stand out above the crowd in terms of fashion and it’s discreet battery back and controller means nobody will know your secret to speed. This skateboard comes with prime delivery so it’s a great last minute gift idea.


Marui Electric Cruiser Skateboard

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The Marui Electric Cruiser Skateboard offers maximum speeds of up to 25mph, has a range of up around 11 miles (depending on the battery option) and takes just 3 hours to fully charge. It’s waterproof and has a PCB housing to protect the battery pack from adverse weather conditions.

This electric scooter can handle hills of up to 30% and has a range of speed functions including a beginner option. The wireless remote has a smooth ergonomic design meaning it’s easy to hold and use.

The Skateboard comes with a battery power displays o you always know how long you’ve got left to charge and it also comes with a rear light so you can be seen at all times. It weighs 7.8kg so it’s lightweight and convenient.


he Archos SK8 Electric Skateboard

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The Budget Pick: The Archos SK8 Electric Skateboard has funky green wheels and looks like a normal basic board – except it’s electric. The battery has a smaller range of 5 – 10km and can hit speeds of 15km/h.

It’s not suitable for everyone, the maximum capacity is 80kg, so it may be more suited to a teenager or small adult. It weighs less than 5.2 kg and is made using maple wood.


The Ninestep Dual Engine Mountainboard Electric Skateboard

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The Luxury Pick: The Ninestep dual engine mountainboard skateboard is THE luxury electric skateboard. With state of the art dual engine giving super power of 2000W, this high quality electric skateboard will get you from A-B in no time.

This sturdy skateboard has a maximum speed of 25mph and on one charge can cover up to 30km. It takes JUST 3 hours to charge and is definitely the best electric skateboard on the market. Beginners can look like pro’s with the big, sturdy pneumatic tires.

Being the most expensive electric skateboard featured you can guarantee this board has more features and functions than you can dream of.

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