10 Best Cricket Sets in 2018

Most people consider cricket as England’s national game. It is also a popular international sport with major events like the Intercontinental Cup, the World Cricket League Championship or the Ranji Trophy in India.

According to the England and Wales Cricket Board, there are 1.7 million people who play cricket recreationally around the globe. Anyone can get into cricket and this is a fun sport to play as a family. You can introduce your children to this sport and help them develop a few essential skills thanks to the best cricket sets reviewed below.

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Whether you want to play casually or prepare your children to play at school or in a club, you need to invest in quality equipment. The size of the cricket bat is another important thing to look at since your child will have a hard time playing with something not adapted to their height.

Top 10 Cricket Sets in the UK

The Cricket Set Size 3 in PVC Bag is an ideal set for an older child who has some experience with cricket and who graduated from plastic bats. The size 3 wooden bat features a rubber grip and a design that closely resembles the bats professionals play with.

This sit includes a rubber ball, which means your child will need to wear protection while playing. Note that protective gear is not included.

There are four wooden stumps and the bails that make up the wicket. This means you can play with a bowler’s stump and a wicket. The wood gives a more authentic feel compared to plastic when hitting the wicket.

The stumps need to be planted in the ground. This means you might need to help your child set up before playing and your child won’t be able to play on hard surfaces. Setting up is quick and easy as long as the ground is not too firm.


  • Great price for a wooden set
  • Realistic bat design
  • Rubber grip
  • Bowler’s stump included


  • Bat would be too heavy for a young child
  • Only one rubber ball included

The Mookie Complete Cricket Set Size 3 is a wooden set that will provide you and your child with a very realistic cricket experience. This is a good choice for an older child due to the size and weight of the bat.

The size 3 bat features a rubber grip for comfort. The set includes three stumps and a bail for the wicket and an additional bowler’s stump. You will also get gloves and pads, which is an interesting bonus since most cricket sets do not include protective fear.

The set includes a soft ball, which is ideal for beginners. There is a carry bag with a handle so you can easily take this set with you on your next trip to the park.

The Mookie Complete Cricket Set Size 3 is great if your child is new to cricket but shows a real interest in this sport. This wooden set is durable and the bat has a design similar to the full size bats you can purchase in sporting goods stores. You might want to replace the soft ball with a real cricket ball once your child gains more experience.



  • Quality wooden set with everything you need
  • Gloves and pads are included
  • Rubber grip
  • Soft ball for beginners


  • Stumps have to be planted into the ground so you can’t play on concrete.
  • The size 3 wooden bat is not ideal for young children

The Size 3 Cricket Set With Stumps And Ball Outdoor Garden Boys Girls Sport Activity Set is another interesting option if you are looking for a quality wooden set. The wicket and bat are similar to the equipment your child would use at a club or at school, which makes this set an ideal choice if your child would like to train outside of school or prepare before joining a club.

This set is also a good option for a child who is new to cricket as long as they are old enough to swing with a size 3 bat. The quality of the wood makes this set a durable option and your child is going to love the original green design on the bat.

The set includes a size 3 wooden bat, four stumps, a red ball and a carrying case. The bails are also included. This set has everything you could want except protective gear.


  • High-quality durable wooden set
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to transport and set up
  • Size 3 wooden bat is ideal for realistic batting action


  • Too heavy for young children
  • Only one ball is included

The Woodworm Junior Cricket Set really stands out because of the red design featured on the bat and stumps. This set definitely looks nicer than other similar products and would make a great gift for a child who is into cricket!

You will get four stumps, the bail, a bat and a heavier ball for a more realistic experience. This is a carefully crafted product that is ideal both for a beginner and for a child who plays at school or in a club.

The set also comes with a carrying case so you can easily store it and transport it. This set would be an excellent choice if your child is about to start formal training because of the weight and design of the bat. And because the set comes with four stumps, you can follow regular cricket rules and set up a bowler’s stump.

You can choose between a size 4 and a size 6. It might be best to purchase protective gear as well since this set comes with a heavier rubber ball.


  • Delivers a very realistic experience
  • Includes four stumps
  • Heavier rubber ball
  • Cool design
  • Carrying case


  • Available only in size 4 and 6
  • Rubber ball is not ideal for beginners

The Toyrific Cricket Set is a simple and affordable wooden cricket set. The set is available in size 3 or 5 and includes a wooden bat, stumps and bails as well as a soft ball. Note that you will have to plant the stumps into the ground and won’t be able to play indoors or on hard surfaces.

This is a durable product designed with beginners in mind. Your child is going to love this if they are new to cricket or have only played with a plastic set in the past. The design of the bat is based on real cricket bats and your child’s batting skills will quickly improve. There is a rubber grip on the bat to make swinging easier.

Due to the quality of the set, this could be a good option for a child who has more experience with cricket. You might want to replace the soft ball with a real cricket ball for a more realistic experience once your child is ready.



  • Great price for a wooden set
  • Everything is included
  • Quick set up
  • Soft ball is ideal for beginners
  • Realistic bat
  • Choose from two sizes


  • No carrying bag
  • The stumps might be too short for older children

The Complete Cricket Set Size 3 In Bag is a comprehensive set that is suitable for older children who have played cricket before. The set includes a size 3 wooden bat, four wooden stumps, bails and a rubber ball. This means you will be able to set up a wicket as well as a bowler’s stump!

The set also comes with a mesh carrying bag and includes gloves and leg pads. The leg pads might be too large for young children but make this set an ideal option if your child is just starting to play with a rubber ball instead of a soft one.

The equipment is similar to what your child would play with at school or at a club. If your child is new to cricket, this set is still a good option but you should think about replacing the rubber ball with a soft one until your child is more comfortable.

The set is designed to be easily transporting and put together. This is a great cricket set for your backyard, the beach or the nearest park!


  • Comes with gloves and leg pads
  • Great value for the price
  • Carrying bag
  • Includes a bowler’s stump


  • Leg pads and gloves come in only size
  • The size 3 wooden bat would be too heavy for younger children

The Crazy Cricket Set comes with a soft ball, a set of stumps and a size 2 cricket bat. A storage bag is included so you can easily transport everything. The set is made from high-quality plastic and looks sturdy and durable.

The lightweight plastic means your child can transport this set and set it up without any help. The black, red and yellow design makes this set look fun and the ball should be easy to spot with its bright color.

The product is recommended for children between the ages of 5 and 9, but since a size 2 bat is included, it might not be suitable for a 9 years old. An older child who has never played cricket can learn with a size 2 bat but you will soon have to replace the bat with a size up so your child can develop a more powerful swing.

The soft ball is ideal for a beginner and the stumps are 1ft8” high, which makes a good target. There is a base for the stumps so you can set up the wicket on grass or on paved ground, which makes this set very versatile and easy to set up.


  • Easy to transport and setup thanks to the lightweight plastic
  • Ram is known for making quality products
  • Comprehensive set at a low price
  • Can be set up on a hard surface


  • Only available in size 2
  • Only includes one soft ball
  • No bowler’s stump

The Kids Safe Toy Plastic Cricket Ball & Bat & Stumps Indoor & Outdoor Garden Play Set is one of the best plastic cricket sets for young children. The bat measure 23”, which is smaller than a size 1 and ideal for a child who is 5 or younger.

The set includes a blue plastic bat, 2 yellow stumps, a base for the stumps and a bail. You will also get two soft plastic balls. The wicket is very easy to set up and the flat base allows you to play on any surface. This can even be an indoor toy if you have enough room.

Keep in mind that this set is designed with young children in mind. This set has everything you need for a fun introduction to cricket. Your child will learn to swing the bat, hit the wicket and understand the concept of the game.

The flat base that holds the wicket together is a great feature because a young child could easily set up the stumps and the bail without any help. This means they can easily put the set away once they are done playing!


  • Designer with younger children in mind
  • Teach your child to swing with the lightweight bat
  • Includes two balls
  • Very easy to set up


  • No carrying bag
  • Bat is too small for most children older than 6

The Garden Cricket Set – Complete Cricket Set For Kwik Cricket & At Home is a quality plastic set with everything you need to play at home or at the park. This set includes two bats, two balls and two sets of three stumps with bases and bails, which is perfect if you have several children! This would also be a good option if you are shopping for a club.

The stumps feature a sturdy flat base so you can set them up on any surface. Your children can easily set up the wicket without any supervision. The lightweight plastic makes this set safe if your children will be playing without any adults around. The carrying case makes it easy to transport this set to the park or beach.

There are three sizes available, including Kids, Junior and Senior. The Kid size corresponds to a size 2 bat, the Junior size corresponds to a size 5 and the Senior size comes with a regular size bat. Note that you will only be able to pick one size and will receive two sets with the same size bat.


  • Includes two bats, two balls and two sets of stumps
  • Choose from three sizes
  • The bases mean you can play on any surface
  • Includes a carrying bag
  • There is an additional bail in case you lose one


  • No bowler’s stumps
  • You might not need two bats and wickets

The Kwik Cricket Set is made for light durable plastic and features a bat with a very realistic profile. Your child is going to love the original blue and green design on the bat!

The set includes a ball, two bats, a plastic ball, two sets of three stumps with bails and bases. You will also get a convenient carrying case. The rubber grip on the bat and its realistic design makes this a high-quality product even though it is made out of plastic.

The flat wicket base makes playing on hard surfaces possible, which is ideal if your child will be playing in your driveway or indoors!

Setting up is very easy since all you have to do is insert the stumps into the plastic base. Your child will be able to set this up and play without any supervision.

This set is available in two sizes. The small size is ideal for children 6 to 8 while the medium size would be ideal for a 9-years old.


  • Realistic profile of the bat
  • Durable product
  • Original design
  • Carrying bag
  • Includes two bats and two sets of stumps
  • Choose between two sizes


  • Includes only one ball
  • Not ideal for children under 6


If you are shopping for a plastic cricket set, the Kwik Cricket Set is an ideal option due to the realistic profile of the bats and the overall quality of the products. If you would prefer a wooden set, the Woodworm Junior Cricket Set is one of the best cricket sets. This set features a durable built, has an original design and includes a bowler’s stump.

There are plenty of other options to consider. The best cricket set really depends on the age of your child and on how familiar with this sport he or she is. Look for a set that is easy to transport and set up and shop for additional protective gear once your child is too old to play with a soft ball.

Playing Cricket on A Smaller Scale

Traditionally, cricket teams play on a 22-yard long field. Like football, the game requires two teams of 11 players. There are 11 fielders and 2 batsmen present on the field at a time. You obviously won’t be able to organise a full-scale cricket game in your back garden.

However, you can shop for cricket sets that include the three stumps and the wicket that constitute the target the batter needs to hit. Some sets also include the bowler’s stump. You can organise a small cricket game with one of these sets, or choose to only purchase a bat and ball to help your child work on their batting skills.

Your child will learn several skills by playing cricket in your garden, at the park or at the beach:

  • Practice hitting the ball and scoring runs so they can play as a batsman.
  • Deliver the ball from one end of the field to the wicket to get the batsman out and learn to play as a bowler.
  • Guard the wicket to later play as a striker once they get on a team.
  • Practice strategical placement to become a great fielder.
  • Learn about the rules of the games and gain a better understanding of the strategies and match structure.

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Cricket?

Getting your child one of the best cricket sets is an opportunity to spark an interest in this sport and to share your passion with your child. This is great if you often watch cricket on TV together or if your child is showing an interest in team sports.

Cricket is also an activity that you can share as a family. You can encourage your children to play together or have some of your child’s friends over to organize a cricket game. This type of structured playtime is great for your child’s social development!

The health benefits of playing cricket include developing endurance, stamina and eye coordination. Playing a sport like cricket also helps with stress and can contribute to boosting your child’s self-esteem.

Playing a team sport will teach your child how to achieve a goal together and will help him or her develop their communication skills. Children who are enrolled in sports are more likely to succeed academically. And your child will also get to spend more time outside and be more active if they develop an interest in playing team sports.

How to Choose the Best Cricket Sets

There are plenty of cricket sets designed for beginners. The best cricket sets usually include a bat, a soft ball and the stumps and bail you need to use as a wicket. If your child is older and has some experience with playing cricket, consider a set that comes with a hard ball to reproduce a more realistic experience. Don’t forget to get a helmet, pads and gloves if your child is playing with a hard ball.

The size of the cricket bat you get for your child needs to be adapted to his or her height. Here is how you can determine which size bat is best:

  • If your child is under 4ft3”, get a size 1.
  • If your child is under 4ft6”, get a size 2.
  • If your child is under 4ft9”, get a size 3.
  • If your child is under 4ft11”, get a size 4.
  • If your child is under 5ft2”, get a size 5.
  • If your child is under 5ft4”, get a size 6.

You can shop for regular size bats for a teenager who is over 5ft4”. You will also have to shop for protective equipment adapted to the height of your child once they start playing with a hard ball.

The weight of the cricket bat is another thing you might want to look at. A heavier bat allows for more powerful swings while a lighter bat is ideal for sharper movements. A lighter bat is more adapted for an experience player who needs to practice their techniques.

Unless your child plays in a club, it might be best to opt for a bat with a medium weight. A heavier bat will make swinging more difficult if your child is inexperienced.

Some sets come with stumps that you will have to plant in the ground while others have a wicket with a flat base. The best design depends on the surface on which your child will be playing.

Take a few minutes to brush up on the rules of cricket with this video: