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Best Toys for Christmas 2019

The Best toys for Christmas


LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall Toy

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If you like Lego and you like Harry Potter, then you’re going to LOVE this EPIC Harry potter Hogwarts Great Hall Lego set! The 4 level tower even has authentic moving staircases, 10 character mini figures, buildable Basilik and so many other included features like wands, lanterns, potions, etc.

With 878 pieces in total this Lego kit weighs an impressive 1.5kg! So if you’ve got a flair for construction and a magical imagination, this is the perfect present for your Christmas day


Monopoly Game Cheaters Edition Board Game

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The ultimate Christmas board game is of course monopoly and if you’re anything like my family members you’re always looking for ways to cheat your way to the end.

Well now, they’ve actually started to encourage it.

Monopoly cheaters edition allows you to bend and break all the rules and cheating is a big part of the game however, don’t get caught or you can end up not only in prison, but in real life (plastic) handcuffs


Paw Patrol Fire Truck

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If you love Paw Patrol then you’ll love this Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2ft Ladder. We’ve already reviewed our top 10 Paw Patrol Toys which you can read here, but if you’re looking for the most popular one to buy this Christmas then this is it!

Launch water cannons, drive, explore, rescue and help the Paw Patrol gang on their missions – this toy is a great gift for any child aged over 3 years old.


L.O.L. Surprise! Bigger Surprise!

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You may remember last Christmas’s giant L.O.L Craze – well this year it’s back with an even BIGGER Surprise.

As the name suggests this L.O.L Surprise box is a whole lot bigger and even  better. The hard wearing purse comes with at least 60 surprises, 2 new dolls with funky wigs and accessories and even a pet!

If you or your loved ones are true L.O.L fans then this is for you.  


Pikmi Pops Surprise Pack Assortment

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If you can’t afford a L.O.L surprise, this Pikmi Pops Surprise is a great alternative for fluffy Plushie fans. The surprise comes with 2 sweet scented mini plushies (called Pikmi’s) Plus you also get to unwrap 3 surprise items as well as having a chance to grab the Ultra rare or shiny edition Pikmi’s.


Chow Crown Game

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If your family loved playing pie face at Christmas then you’ll enjoy the newest best game at Christmas Chow Crown. The best game for a family get together, just pop on the crown and when the music starts snacks (which you preload) will begin to spin. The aim of the game is to finish the food before the music ends.

Great game for any amount of people – hilarious game when played with a family full


Learning Resources Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set

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Encourage your kids to start coding early with this educational toy. Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set teaches your child smart logic and critical thinking from 5 years old +. Program Botley to perform actions, tasks and avoid obstacles – you can even make him talk and feel dizzy!

This 77 piece activity set is the best Christmas toy if you’re wanting to buy something fun yet educational.

Botley is screen free which means your child can be educationally active without staring down at an Ipad or mobile phone.


Nerf Laser Ops 2 Pack Combat Blaster

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Head to head battles with this Nerf Laser Ops 2 Pack combat Blaster set couldn’t be more fun. With sound effects, light effects and quick reload buttons, children can have hours of fun playing with these.

Fire up to 225 feet and take advantage of the unlimited ammo functions. You can even track your performance via a phone app (who says this toy is just for kids).



Boxer — Interactive AI Robot Toy

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Boxer, The interactive AI Robot Toy is another incredible robot toy. The robot has a whole host of ways in which you can play with him but the most common is using the activity cards included in the pack. Just Place 1 of the 10 activity cards in front of Boxer. Once he rolls over the card and scans it, you can start playing some of Boxers games like Bot Bowling, Paddle Bot and Go Kart, or use the interactive ball accessory (included) to play a fast-paced game of football

Boxer even displ;ays an array of emotions which you will learn as you get to klnow him and his personality. Download the free phone app and discover even more fun ways to play.


Rollplay NightHawk

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With a max speed of 12km/h children will have so much fun on this Roll Play NightHawk. With a unique driving experience controlled by weight distrubution  you can glide around with a 2 m turning circle thanks to 2 side-mounted wheels with 360 ° radius. This high safety, high comfort electric sliding vehicle has 2 mounted handles to protect your hands and give additional control.

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