Best Cat Ear Headphones – Buyers Guide

Cat Ear Headphones are more than an accessory; they were designed by students from the University of California. These headphones’ ears light up, making them cute especially with the flashy lights.

These headphones stand out in any crowd – which is ideal if you’re not aiming to have the same set as everyone else.

Top 5 BEST Cat Ear Headphones

The Censi Creative Cat Ear Headphones come in both white with pink and black with red. If you want to show off your/your child’s unique personality, then these sleek cat ear headphones are the best ones for you.

With soft memory foam leather, you can guarantee ear and head comfort all day long. Not only that but, with outside noise reduction and 4.0 Bluetooth compatibility you can escape the “real world” hustle and bustle and escape to your music/audiobook/telephone calls all through these fashionable cat ear headphones.

Better yet, these are great for the whole family as the ears can actually be detached – so if dad needs to borrow them, but isn’t too keen on the cat image, he’s in luck!

Although these headphones aren’t the cheapest on the market, they’re also not the most expensive. They sit solidly in the middle ground and I think the benefits and functions are perfect for those on a mid-range budget.


  • Detachable Ears
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • 3.5mm headphone plug
  • Noise cancelling
  • Microphone
  • USB charging port


  • Not cheap
  • No carry bag to hold them

These cat headphones come in some of the best colours:

  • Dark pink with white
  • White with pink
  • Black with blue
  • Baby pink with dark pink

There’s a colour for every personality.

They’re lightweight, making them perfect for kids, foldable, and of course, stylish! The cat ears on the headphones contain LED lights, as does each ear cup, and there are pads of different light settings for you to choose from.

With 4.2 Bluetooth and compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device you can get up to 8 hours of music playback from a full USB charge. They use micro USB so can be charged by any android charger, but if you don’t already have a charger – you needn’t worry as these headphones come with:

  • A 3.5mm headphone jack
  • A micro USB charger cable
  • And a carry case.

These headphones are great for those on a budget, however, they do lack some of the better functions and quality the higher end cat ear headphones feature.


  • Micro USB charging
  • Comes with carrying case
  • Good range of colours


  • Tight on larger head sizes
  • Noise leaks
  • No built-in microphone
  • Cheaper quality than higher end headphones

Could these Axent Cat Ear Headphones be the best of the bunch? With external cat ear speakers as well as the headphones, this headset is Puuurrrfect for both private and shareable listening. There’s a built-in wireless microphone so you can use these for your phone calls, music or audiobooks all by connecting to your Bluetooth device.

To make them even more stylish, these headphones actually light up different colours so you can pick one to suit your mood or your outfit. With cushioned ear cups, noise cancellation and USB recharging – what more functions could you need?


  • 1 button sync
  • Carry case
  • Wireless or wired capabilities
  • Loudspeakers or headphones
  • Noise cancelling


  • Mid-range price

High-End Pick: These exclusive Ariana Grande Cat Ear Headphones come with a debossed Ariana signature on each earcup. The perfect gift for the Superfan in your life.

Comes in a chrome and white styling colour, however, the accent lights can be changed to match whatever mood or outfit you want. The cat ear headphones have a built-in microphone for phone calls and pair wirelessly to any Bluetooth device.

The cat ears are speakers, providing the best quality sound for shareable listening, while the ear cups provide users with a comfortable fit, private listening and noise reduction from the outside world.

Although these headphones are slightly pricier than the rest, they are great quality, celebrity endorsed and limited edition.


  • Speakers & headphones
  • Carry case
  • USB charging
  • Ariana Grande endorsed
  • Colour changing


  • Price
  • Heavier than competition

The budget pick: These Iclever volume limiting cat ear headphones are perfect for kids of all ages. With different styles and colours to choose from including dragon wings, these headphones are suited to all genders and personalities.

For children aged 3 upwards, these adorable headphones come with an adjustable headband and cushioned ear pads, so they fit all ages (recommended for 3-12-year-olds). With the standard 3.5mm headphone jack these cat ear headphones are best used alongside iPhones, Kindles, android phones, tablets – and just about any other device that has a headphone port.

These are the budget pick, so the capabilities reflect the cheap price. There is no Bluetooth, speakers, microphone, fancy colour changing lights, etc, but you do have fully functioning, cute headphones that your kids will enjoy.


  • Options for boys
  • Volume limited to protect ears
  • 3.5mm jack
  • Budget price


  • Not as many facilities as the high-end cat ears
  • Max recommended age is 12
  • The volume may be to low

The Design and Build Of Cat Ear Headphones

One of the top attractive things about the headphones is the design. The usual headband that is seen on other headphones comes with two cat-like ears.

Apart from the earcups at the top, these headphones stand out in terms of design and usually come in a single color except for the speakers and LED elements.

The Ear Muffs

The ear muffs are circular and huge with faux-leather pads for comfort. The pads also provide a secure fit to allow you to dance the whole night long without the headphones falling off.

The headphones will often come with a button that allows you to turn the LED lights on and off depending on the situation.

Additionally, there’s a button that can switch from headphones to speakers.

The Sound Quality

The sound that the headphones provide is nice and rich, making them ideal for music as well as for PC gaming.

The high-quality sound is both experienced in the speaker as well as the mic output. You get to hear every sound when you use the headphones, and the design drowns out any other background sounds.

Strong Points

  • If you like to listen to music several times a day, then you need headphones that are durable.
  • The Cat Ear Headphones are built to last, with the whole ensemble made of plastic and a metal frame.
  • The headphones come in a wide selection of colors to easily match to the phone and other accessories that you have.
  • These over the ear headphones are among the few that come with both wireless with Bluetooth connectivity.

Why are These Headphones Popular?

They’re not popular just for the design…

The headphones come with external speakers

This makes it ideal for small parties and groups of people that need to listen to music from a single source. It is also a nice feature especially when you want to take off the headphones and still listen to some music.

Additionally, these external speakers operate independently of the speakers sound in the earcups on the headphones, meaning you can listen to music in the earphones and the earcups separately.

The headphones are also comfortable to wear

And they feel fantastic. The earpads easily slip over the ear, and the headband is adjustable to fit over your cap or hair.

Wireless & Bluetooth Compatibable

Because the headphones have wireless and Bluetooth technology, you can easily pair them up with all kinds of devices from many manufacturers. You can pair them up with your phone, tablet or laptop effortlessly.

With Bluetooth technology, you don’t have to worry about wires anymore. The built-in mic can help you communicate without having to use the mic on the phone.


The headphones come with inbuilt battery packs that are rechargeable via USB cable. A single charge can last up to 5 hours of continuous use.

Another great feature is what comes in the box when you first receive the headphones. The box comes with a carrying case that helps protect the headphones during transit and when they aren’t on your head. Inside the case you also find a detachable charging cable as well as a USB cable to recharge the headphones.


These headphones come in different colors including blue, purple, green and red to help you match your preferences.

The headphones are also foldable to help you store them easily. Once folded, these headphones don’t take up so much storage space in your bag. Another interesting aspect of these headphones is that the cat ears are removable for those instances when you don’t want to wear the ears.

Another cool feature of these headphones is that they are noise-canceling headphones, which means that they filter out the various types of background noises. This makes the headphones ideal for use in a noisy area such as a commuter train.

What to Look For When Purchasing These Headphones

You might make a choice depending on the design of the headphones, regarding the color and all that, but there are a few other features you have to look out for. Usually, the decisions you make are based on the situations that you will be using the headphones.

Noise Cancellation

A noise cancellation headphone samples the noises around you and plays an inverted version of the sound in your ears, which ends up canceling out the noise all around you. Check out the level of noise cancellation when choosing your headphones.

With noise cancellation comes various benefits. For one, you don’t have to crank up the volume on your headphones to drown out the external noises. This means you can turn down the volume level on the music to a more manageable and comfortable level and still hear the music over the loud noises from the surrounding environment.

These provide a rich listening experience, all at a lower volume level. If you travel on commuter trains or airplanes frequently, you can use these headphones to read or sleep or even work. These environments can be so noisy and distracting, especially when combined with the noise from the bus or train.

The Budget

You need to consider the budget as well. Are you willing to pay a premium price or would you rather stick to a modest price? So, come up with a budget and then find what headphones are available at that price.

However, never compromise quality to save a few dollars.


The need for wireless connectivity is self-explanatory. Choose a set that comes with detachable wires to give you the option of wireless and wired for the same kind of headset. This lets you roam the world cable-free, and since most of these are Bluetooth enabled, you get to listen to your music wirelessly from the headphones.

The only issue with wireless headphones is that you need to recharge and swap the batteries ever so often.


The reason you go for new headphones is that the old ones get destroyed and worn out. Make sure the headphones are durable and will last even with regular use.


You need to get headphones that will fit you perfectly and allow you to use them for long without feeling any discomfort. Some headphones will feel great at first, but after a few minutes will start to hurt.


This is one of the top features to look out for – how the headphones sound. You need to get headphones whose sound quality is high so that you enjoy your music while on the go. If you need the headphones for gaming, then you need to experience all the sound effects of the game you are playing.

If you plan to use the headphones each day, then the sound is of utmost importance, even the appearance doesn’t matter so much at this juncture. Take time to understand the sound frequency so that you enjoy the experience.

Choose Wisely When Buying Your Cat Ear Headphones

The right headphones are more than just an accessory – they make it easy for you to enjoy music and take the experience everywhere you go. What you need to do is to make sure the headphones you choose are comfortable and deliver the kind of sound you desire.

Cat Ear Headphones are ideal for a wide range of uses, and the design makes them suitable for the individual as well as group listening. Take time to understand what you need from your potential cat ear headphones, and choose the right pair that suits your budget as well.