10 Best Batman Toys in 2018

Batman merchandise, including toys, placed third in global worldwide sales in 2013, only eclipsed by the Avengers and Spiderman. Batman figurines, dolls, plushies, games, puzzles, scooters, masks, costumes and Batmobiles account for a good chunk of those sales. To find the best Batman toy for your child, you need to do a bit of research online and, of course, ask your wee one what he or she wants.

10 Best Batman Toys

Legos have enjoyed a renaissance as one of the most popular toys worldwide over the past decade. The brand has created several lines of children’s playsets based on superheroes.

The Lego Super Heroes Batman V Superman Clash of the Heroes playset is a best-selling sci-fi/fantasy toy.  It features armoured Batman and Superman mini-figurines. The Batman figure has glow-in-the dark eyes and a bazooka. The Superman figure comes with a Super Jumper to knock down walls and barriers.

Kids can wage battles between Batman and Superman on the skyscraper rooftop made of Legos. The rooftop includes a detachable barrier, an exploding, rotating Bat Signal and a launch stick function for the Batman figure.

Superhero weapons add more possibilities to their role-playing and spark imaginations.

Armoured Batman has a Batarang and stud-shooting, buildable bazooka. Convert the bazooka into a grapple and hook gun or a stud-shooting gun.


  • Toy contains two well-designed mini-figurines of Batman and Superman.
  • Excellent value for kids who love Batman and Superman and play with Legos.
  • Offers a Batsignal kids can use during their play.
  • Batman comes with a grappling hook, Kryptonite gun and Bat Flying discs.
  • Set includes a detailed mini-build roof top set.


  • Has many small parts that young children may swallow.
  • This toy is not suitable for children under three years old.
  • The box contains few Legos, and may not be worth the price to some buyers.
  • The set doesn’t provide enough building opportunities for children.

Recommended for ages three years and up, this expanding Batcave playset from Mattel and Imaginext gives kids a three-story cave where they can create all sorts of scenario for Batman and his enemies.

There’s enough here to keep kids busy all day. The first power pad unfolds to show three platforms, batwings, and the bat computer. The second power pad activates Batman’s garage, and the third opens the sparring dummy for Ninja training.

As the Batwings expand, kids see each level open and the eyes on the Batman emblem at the top glow. Children can load the projectile launcher to fight the Joker and other villains, check the Batcomputer, use the elevator or put Joker or other enemies in the jail cell.

The Transforming Batcave comes with Joker and Batman figurines. Other figures are sold separately.


  • Ideal for role playing with the included Batman and Joker figurines
  • You can buy Mr Freeze, Bane, the Penguin, the Riddler and other figurines separately
  • Has projectile launcher to battle Batman’s enemies with the push of a button
  • Includes two AAA batteries
  • The jail cell, elevator and sparring dummy gives kids more chances to create action and dialogue.
  • Constructed with durable parts. If a door comes unhinged, you can snap it back into place.


  • Requires a lot of imagination to use
  • Some kids may find it boring compared to a tablet or computer
  • Takes up a lot of space, bulky
  • May be safety issues with the projectile launcher

All kids like to turn bathtime into playtime, and the Rubber Batman Bath Duck can help keep infants and toddlers engaged when it’s time to get clean. The black duck has the Batman insignia on its chest, giving young Bat fans a thrill.

This flexible toy is made of rubber, not plastic, so it’s soft to the touch and squeezable. It measures 8.5 centimetres long, 7.5 centimetres wide and 9 centimetres high.

Children two years and older should use this toy. Supervise your child when he or she uses this toy in the bath, and use only in a bath where the child is within the depth of the water.

This durable rubber duck can last through years of baths, and play times in or out of the water.

Adult collectors of rubber duck characters will also appreciate this novelty. Any fan of the Batman comic books or films, regardless of age, will welcome this duck into their Bat collection.


  • Makes a slight squeaking noise
  • Great stocking filler and novelty gift
  • Appropriate for children two years or older
  • Made of rubber, not plastic
  • Distinctive black batman design and logo


  • Smaller than expected
  • Doesn’t float upright, according to some reviewers
  • Infants and toddlers should be under adult supervision when using this duck in the bath

The DC Comics Batman Signal Projector Light lets kids recreate the Batman signal light at home, on walls, curtains, ceilings, furniture, or wherever they like.

The projector measures nine centimetres wide, nine centimetres thick and 12 centimetres high. Project the bat emblem for up to eight metres away to announce Batman’s appearance. This official, black plastic DC Comics projector rotates 360 degrees when tilted

The DC Comics Batman Signal Projector Light makes a clear outline of the Batman emblem and will provide your child (and the whole family) with many hours of fun. The manufacturer suggests that only kids 14 and over use the product, but reviews indicate younger kids love the projector when used under adult supervision.

Adult Batman fans can use it, too, for parties or as a conversation starter.  The projector comes with a UK fitted plug.


  • Projects bat silhouette up to eight metres away
  • Official DC Comics merchandise
  • Use tilt movement to rotate 360 degrees
  • Comes with UK or EU plug, depending on delivery address
  • Projects a bright, sharp Batman logo on walls or curtains


  • Weak signal
  • Comes with a two-pin plug
  • Recommended for ages 14 and up

An Epic Strike mini-Batmobile replica inspired by Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has a big breakaway car hood for kids to create better battle scenes and hood artillery to fire tiny green projectiles.

The model is large but weighs only 649 grams, and your child can place six or seven-inch bendable superhero figures in the Batmobile. Superhero figures are sold separately.

Recommended for ages four to 18, this detailed model copies the wheels, chassis and bat wings of the Dawn of Justice movie car.  Constructed of good-quality plastic, it lasts through many hours of rough play by young kids unscathed.

A rugged toy for the price, the Batman V Superman Deluxe Batmobile has a smooth finish and the missile shooters on the front work well, even after repeated use. Some reviewers report that the parts that cover the engine may fall off, but other than that, this Batmobile receives high praise for its durability.


  • Breakaway car hood for better role playing and action
  • Projectile launcher on hood
  • Six inch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice figures fit into seat
  • Authentic detail, modelled after the movie inspiration
  • Made of flexible plastic to last longer


  • Some reviewers don’t like the light plastic material
  • May be too large for younger children to handle
  • Contains small parts

The Lego Lights DC Super Heroes Batman Keylight brightens the way for kids three and up with LED lights in both feet. Press the chest plate to turn the light on, and keep holding it until you no longer need the light.

Batman has posable arms and angling legs. The key light has a keyring and runs on two Lithium metal batteries (included). It has a switch to extend battery life. Lift up Batman’s clock to change the batteries. You will need a small screwdriver to remove the cover and replace the batteries.

The manufacturer recommends the key light for ages three and up, and many reviewers write that their children, nephews, or grandchildren like it.  Some children even use it as a portable nightlight.  School-age kids can attach it to their book bag or rucksack.

Adults can use the key light as a quirky keyring to brighten their day. The figure is five centimetres (two inches) high.


  • Batman figure has poseable arms
  • Make lights in feet turn on by pressing chest plate
  • Batteries included
  • Save power by using momentary switch
  • Sturdy with high quality finish


  • You have to press on the ring continuously for light
  • Too expensive
  • Large for a key light

For outdoor play, the Batman My First Tri-Scooter will make any young Batman fan happy as they race down the pavement. This scooter has been designed for kids from three to five years old, and has three durable wheels to provide stability for beginners.

The puncture-proof front tyre measures 15 centimetres (six inches) and the two puncture-proof back tyres measure ten centimetres or four inches. The Batman insignia plaque between the yellow handlebars lets friends know a Bat Girl or Boy is riding down the pavement. Batman graphics adorn the curved footplate back and the scooter’s front pole.

The anti-slip footplate keeps kids steady as they ride. The manufacturer suggests a weight limit of 20 kilograms or 3.14 stone.  The handlebar adjusts to fit your child’s sise and grip.

The Batman My First Tri-Scooter has a steel frame and measures 57 centimetres long, 21 centimetres wide and 70 centimetres high.

Parents need to assemble the scooter out of the box and should supervise kids’ riding. Children should wear protective gear while riding on the pavement; the scooter is not for use on the roadway.


  • Colour, anti-slip footplate
  • Sturdy, three-wheel design
  • Puncture-proof tyres
  • Easy to assemble
  • Batman insignia on front of scooter


  • Not suitable for children under three years old
  • No brakes
  • Can be hard to balance on the two back wheels

Your child can imitate his or her favourite crime fighter with Rubie’s Official Batman Fancy Dress Costume. Rubie produces realistic costumes for many comic book and film characters, and their Batman costume has many similarities to the movie Batman costume.

Rubie’s costume has a muscled chest plate (made of hard foam), yellow belt and grey cape. The sleeves have black fabric gauntlets, and the attached mask has bat ears just like Batman’s. The lights on the Batman symbol on the costume front adds more authenticity to your junior Batman’s super powers.

Perfect for a party or even playtime with another young Batman fan, this costume is made of 100% polyester and must be hand washed.

You need to be careful that the Velcro attaching the cape stays on, but if it falls off you can sew it back in place.

Available in small (ages three to four), medium (ages five to six) and large sises (ages seven to eight), the Batman costume can be worn by older kids of small stature, but shouldn’t be worn by children under three years.


  • Metallic muscle chest plate
  • Attached belt, cape, hood and mask
  • Excellent quality material
  • Made of 100% polyester
  • Grey, yellow and black colours


  • Not for children under three
  • Hand wash only
  • Sizes run large

Your kids can use the 3D LightFX Batman Mask Light as a nightlight, party decoration or as part of imaginative Batman role-playing. This mask light comes with a 3D sticker to make it look like it is coming out of the wall.

The LightFX Batman light comes with screws and wall plugs to mount on your child’s bedroom wall (or other location). The 12-inch high light needs three AA batteries to operate (not included in kit). Easy to turn on and off with push-button controls, the mask gives kids a sense of comfort at night as Batman protects them.

The long-lasting LED lights are cool to the touch to prevent injuries. You won’t need to change the bulbs, just the batteries to keep the mask lit.

The manufacturer suggests this face-shaped light has official DC Comics merchandise license, which assures you of a high-quality toy.

Adult collectors can use the mask light as a decoration about bookshelves or mantels, with the 3D stickers creating fake cracks in the wall for a quality effect.


  • Cordless and battery operated
  • Includes screws and wall plugs
  • Uses cool to touch LED bulbs
  • Push button control
  • Wall mountable


  • 3D Sticker may peel paint off wall
  • Made of plastic
  • Colouring may come off mask

Inspired by the hit 2016 movie, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, this hand painted, authentically detailed Batman figure is recommended for kids from three to 18 years old.

Made of sturdy plastic, this is one of the best Batman toys for kids and can withstand even intense play by children. It measures 12 centimetres long, 8.5 centimetres wide and 16 centimetres wide.

This Batman and other Dawn of Justice figurines by Schleich are considered some of the best superhero action figures produced by the company. Schleich, a German company, specializing in handpainted figurines, offers upscale playsets and individual figurines that include dinosaurs, mythical figures and movie characters.

Well-made, with a replica of the battle suit Batman, wore in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, this figurine is a welcome addition to any adult collector’s shelf or child’s toy box. Some people may find the figurine details to be a little jagged close-up, but overall the toy has a keen likeness to the Dawn of Justice Batman.


  • Officially licensed by DC Comics
  • Each toy is individually hand painted
  • Durable even when mishandled by kids
  • Detailed replica of Dawn of Justice Batman
  • Use as a toy or for display


  • Too small
  • Not for children under three years
  • Some reviewers don’t like the detail