10 Best Badminton Sets in 2018

Badminton is a sport that requires speed, agility and good eye-coordination. The goal of this racquet sport is to get the shuttlecock over the net and into the opponent’s side of the court. Badminton players can dispute a one on one match or play as doubles with two players on each side of the court.

Playing with doubles requires more communication and coordination, but it makes the game more social. Playing badminton is a fun backyard or beach activity, but you can also play at an indoor venue if your local gym or club offers one. Playing indoors is ideal for more formal games since wind speed can be problematic when playing outdoors.

Badminton is also a fun family activity because it is accessible. A badminton set is going to help you and your family be more active during your weekends and trips to the beach. This is a sport you can easily enjoy together, even if you have never played before!

Top 10 Badminton sets in the UK

The Badminton Set – Premium4 Players – Regency Ultimate Quality is one of the best Badminton sets if you are looking to invest in a quality net. The set also includes 4 dark green racquets and 3 shuttlecocks with a cork end.

The net is 20 feet wide and is made from synthetic materials. There is a rip stop border to prevent damages to the net and some nylon set guy lines to keep the net straight. The posts are made from gauged steel and are very easy to set up.

The Badminton Set – Premium 4 Players – Regency Ultimate Quality is ideal for beginners and for more advanced players alike. The net is similar to what you would find at any indoor venue.

The set also includes a convenient carry bag for the net, racquets and shuttlecocks. This is an ideal set if you are looking for something you can easily take with you on your next trip to the park or beach. This is also a great option if you would like a high-quality net that can be set up in your backyard for any extended periods of time.


  • The net is what you would play with in a formal setting
  • Rip stop border for durability
  • Easy to transport and set up
  • Comes with 4 racquets to play double
  • Includes 3 shuttlecocks


  • Net height is not adjustable
  • Children can’t set up the net without supervision

The Toyrific 4 Players Pro Badminton Set is an affordable option. Your child will love this set if he or she is new to badminton.

This set includes 4 racquets, 2 shuttlecocks, a net and the poles you need to set it up. There is a zip up carrying bag so you can easily take this badminton set to the park or beach.

This is an affordable set ideal for anyone who wants to play badminton recreationally. The 4 racquets are a plus since you can play doubles as a family. The net is easy to set up but is not designed to be left up in your backyard for any extended period of time. This is a great choice if you are looking for a badminton set so you and your child can play on an occasional basis.

The racquets are 7.8 inches wide and 26 inches long, which is the standard size for the racquets you would use in a formal setting. This is great if your child is preparing to play in a more formal context but a young child might find it difficult to play with a 26 inches racquet.


  • Play doubles with the 4 racquets
  • Portable net is easy to set up
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Affordable price


  • Only 2 shuttlecocks
  • Net is too flimsy for a permanent installation

The Senston 2 Players Badminton Racket Set comes with 2 high-quality graphite shaft racquets. This is an ideal set if you are looking to play in a formal setting or if your child is ready to start learning more advanced moves.

The racquets weigh just under 3 ounces each. You can choose from different colours, including white, red and yellow. Note that this set only comes with two racquets and a carrying case. This does not include a net or shuttlecocks.

This set is an interesting option if you need quality racquets to play at a local court or if you already own a badminton set and would like to replace the racquets with better ones.

These racquets have a larger sweet spot compared to other badminton racquets, which lowers the difficulty of the game. This is great for a child who is still working on developing their eye-coordination but who is ready to play with a lighter badminton racquet.

Whether you are getting these racquets to complete a badminton set you already own or to play at a local court, this is the right choice if you want to help your child progress and master more advanced moves!


  • 2 lightweight high-quality racquets
  • Large sweet spot
  • Several colours to choose from
  • Carrying case
  • Superior quality compared to racquets that typically come with badminton sets


  • Does not include a net
  • Racquets are more expensive than other similar items

The Wilson 4 Players Family Badminton Set (2 Adults & 2 Junior) With Nets, Posts & Shuttles is going to make the whole family more active. This is a fun set designed so you can play with younger children.

The set includes 4 racquets. You will get 2 adult size racquets and 2 smaller badminton racquets. These Junior size racquets are ideal for young children or who children who are very new to badminton and who need to work on developing their eye-coordination.

The advantage of getting 2 different sizes is that your child can get started with a Junior size racquet and switch to a regular size one after a while.

The Wilson 4 Players Family Badminton Set also comes with 3 shuttlecocks, a net, posts and stakes. You will get a carry bag to easily pack everything. Wilson is a brand well-known for its quality sporting goods and this set is no exception.


  • 2 racquet sizes
  • 19 feet wide net is similar to what you would find on an official court
  • Includes stakes for a more durable installation
  • 3 shuttlecocks


  • Junior racquets are not ideal for older children
  • No rip stop on the net

The Multi Sports Portable Pop Up Post Net Garden Set – 3 Nets for Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton is different from other badminton sets. This product is actually a three-in-one net that can be used to play badminton, tennis and volleyball anywhere.

The design of the net makes it easy to carry it anywhere and to get set up within a few seconds. The carrying case doubles as a base for the net. All you have to do is attach two poles to the base and set up your net.

This set includes three different nets so you can set up your own badminton, tennis or volleyball court anywhere. Note that this set does not include any additional items you will need to play these sports.

The Multi Sports Portable Pop Up Post Net Garden Set – 3 Nets for Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton is an ideal choice if you already have badminton racquets or want to purchase these items separately. This is a great option if you are looking for something that will get your children moving but are not sure which sport will keep them interested.


  • Easy set up on any surface
  • Take your net to the park or beach
  • Choose from 3 different sports
  • Quick set up


  • No racquets included
  • Net height is not adjustable


The Carlton Nanoblade Tour Premium 4 Players Badminton Set is one of the best badminton sets if you want something affordable for occasional use. The Carlton Nanoblade are designed for precision and your child will master complex strokes in no time.

This set includes 4 badminton racquets so you can play doubles, 3 shuttlecocks, a net and posts as well as a carrying bag. The net might be too flimsy if you are looking for something you can leave in your backyard permanently but you will still get plenty of use for this set if you want something you can easily take to a nearby park and easily set up.

The great thing about this set is that you get everything you need to play badminton at a very affordable price without sacrificing the quality of the racquets. This is an ideal choice if you would like to introduce your children to badminton and are worried about low-quality racquets putting them off!



  • Play doubles with the 4 racquets
  • High-quality Carlton Nanoblade racquet for precision
  • 3 shuttlecocks
  • Great value for the price
  • Easy set up


  • Net is flimsy compared to other products
  • Net height is not adjustable

The Talbot Torro Fighter Badminton 4 Players Set is definitely worth considering if you are looking for a comprehensive set at an affordable price. The only downside of this set is that the net is not designed for the long-term.

The racquets are what make this badminton set stand out. The heads are made from lightweight aluminium and the shaft from hardened steel. The set includes 2 black and 2 blue racquets. The lightweight racquets are ideal for young players who are still mastering the different moves and are precise enough to satisfy more advanced players.

The set also includes 3 shuttlecocks with cork bases and a tube. This is worth noting since most badminton sets do not include a protective tube!

The net is designed for quick and easy set up. It comes with posts, pegs and guide ropes. The guide ropes are a plus since they help make the net more stable and keep it straight. Everything can be safely stored in the nylon bag that comes with this set when you are done playing.


  • 4 racquets made from aluminium and hardened steel
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Protective tube for the shuttlecocks
  • Nylon bag


  • The pegs for the net seem flimsy and might need to be replaced
  • Can’t adjust the net height

The 4 x Browning Nanolite Ti Badminton Racquets (2 x Junior + 2 x Adult) + 3 x Shuttles Set really delivers on the quality of the racquets. The 4 racquets are made from titanium and the frame is designed to give you more power.

The racquets have a wide body to provide you with a larger hitting surface and the titanium strings give you more control. This combination is ideal for children who are still developing their eye-coordination, but the titanium strings also allow them to start working on their precision.

The set also includes 3 shuttlecocks and individual covers for the racquets. Note that you will not get a net with this set. This is still a great choice if you already have a net or have access to a court.

The 4 x Browning Nanolite Ti Badminton Racquets (2 x Junior + 2 x Adult) + 3 x Shuttles set includes 2 different sizes for the racquets. The Junior sizes are great for a younger child. This could be a good option if you want to play as a family or want to give a young child some time to become comfortable with a small badminton racquet before playing with a regular size one.

The individual racquet covers are very convenient if your child will take their own racquet to school or to a club!


  • High-quality titanium racquets with large hitting spot
  • Individual racquet covers
  • Lightweight racquets are ideal for beginners
  • Great value for the price


  • No net
  • These racquets are not made for formal competitions

The Traditional Garden Games 5 M Badminton Volleyball And Tennis Playset is exactly what you need if you want to be more active and find new hobbies as a family. This set includes everything you need to play badminton, volleyball and tennis.

You will receive 2 badminton racquets, 2 tennis racquets, 3 shuttlecocks, 2 tennis balls, a volleyball and a pump. The net comes with a frame, pegs and guy lines for more stability.

The frame can be easily set up by clicking the different elements together. Once you are done playing, take the frame apart and put everything away in the 2 canvas bags that come with this set.

The great thing about this set is that the height of the net can be adjusted. The net is 16ft4” wide and can be set at a height of 5 feet to play badminton or volleyball or at 2ft7” if you would rather play tennis. Being able to lower the net is ideal if you want to teach a young child how to play badminton!


  • Sturdy and durable design
  • Net height is adjustable
  • Children can set up the net
  • Choose from 3 different sports


  • 2 bags are needed to carry everything
  • Additional items are not needed if you only want to play badminton

The 2 x Wilson Hyper Zone Badminton Racket Set With 3 Shuttles is another product you should consider if you already have a badminton net or if you will be playing at a local court. This set includes 2 racquets, 3 shuttlecocks and 2 covers for the racquets.

The racquets stand out from other products because there are strengthening points around the head. This makes the racquets more durable and gives you more hitting power. This is definitely a plus if you have a young child who might be careless when transporting their gear!

The racquets are lightweight and would be ideal for a beginner. They are well-balanced and allow your child to practice a number of techniques. It is worth noting that these products are made by Wilson, one of the most reliable brands for sporting goods.


  • Quality racquets for the price
  • Individual racquet headcovers
  • Strengthening points for durability and hitting power
  • Made by Wilson


  • No net
  • The headcovers do not protect the racquet shafts

Our Best Choice

If you are looking for a comprehensive badminton set that comes with everything you need to play in your garden or at the beach, you can’t go wrong with the Badminton Set – Premium 3 Players – Regency Ultimate Quality. This set includes a net designed to last, which really makes a difference.

If you already have a badminton net or want to play on a local court, the 2 x Wilson Hyper Zone Badminton Racket Set With 3 Shuttles is a great option. You will definitely get your money’s worth and your child is going to love playing with rackets designed to boost his or her hitting power!

What Are The Benefits Of Playing Badminton?

Like Tennis, playing badminton is fun, and this sport can be as competitive as you want it to be. This is one of the most accessible racquet sports for beginners, and you can start playing without any formal training.

You only need to be familiar with a few basic strokes to get started. Once you are more comfortable with the badminton racquet, you can work on mastering smashing or spinning the shuttlecock. You can also make the game more complex by tricking your opponent into following a pattern so you can surprise them.

Badminton will help your child develop their competitive spirit and think strategically. This is also a great sport to develop speed, muscle tone and to work on cardio.

Your child will also develop their reflexes, their eye-coordination and their mobility. The social element of badminton makes this sport fun to play, whether you play recreationally or train for formal matches.

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Need To Play Badminton?

The best badminton sets include a lightweight racquet. High-quality badminton racquets can weigh as little as 3 ounces! These racquets are typically made from carbon fibre composites.

If your child is going to play badminton in a formal setting, look for a racquet that has thinner strings. Maintaining tension in the strings is very important since it gives you more control. Lower tension makes playing recreationally easier because it increases your power but it gives you less control.

The grip of the racquet is another important thing to look at. Your child should easily grip the racquet and feel comfortable using it during long playing sessions. A racquet with a larger hitting area is ideal if your child is new to playing badminton and needs to develop their coordination.

You will also need a shuttlecock or birdie, easily recognisable by its unique conical shape. Traditionally, manufacturers used real bird feathers. Nowadays, you can find plastic shuttlecocks with a cork end, which is more durable and affordable than bird feathers.

The best badminton sets include a net that you can easily set up, put away and transport. Playing with a net definitely makes the game more fun and prepares you for playing in formal settings. However, you can still have fun without a net or get creative and play over a clothesline in your backyard.

Because badminton requires you to perform a lot of fast lateral movements, you are going to need some quality shoes. Avoid high-top shoes since the wear and tear could cause this type of shoes to collapse while you play.

If you play at an indoors venue, you will probably need to wear shoes with non-marking soles. Shoes with thin soles are best and make sure the shoes you wear won’t restrict your lateral movements. You will also need some comfortable clothes.

How to Choose Your Badminton Set

There are a few things to consider when choosing your badminton set. You can find sets that include a net and sets that only come with racquets and shuttlecocks. Getting a set with a net is ideal if you plan on playing in your backyard or at the beach but this might not be necessary if you will play at a local court.

If you decide to get a set with a net, look at the height of the net and at how the base is attached to the ground. Ideally, the net should be easy to set up and to transport. A net made from durable materials and with features like a rip stop border is a better investment on the long-term.

The size of the racquets is also important. Look for racquets made from light and durable materials. A rubber grip is definitely a plus.

Find out how many shuttlecocks come with the set you are interested in. They should be made from durable materials and have bright colours so you can easily spot them. Think about purchasing additional shuttlecocks since you might accidentally lose or damage one. Look for a set that comes with a protective tube to prevent damages.

Take a few minutes to watch this video and learn about gripping the racquets, footwork and serving: