10 Best Air Hockey Tables Including Electric Tables & Multi Sport Tables

An air hockey table can be a fun and engaging addition to your game room. Whether you’re an avid competitor, a host who loves to throw great parties or just shopping for a fun activity to enthral your kids, you can find a wide variety of options to fit your needs. 

The best air hockey tables will be well-constructed and capable of providing endless fun for both you and your children. Below, we’ll tell you what to look for and review some of the best models out there.

We kept these factors in mind as we reviewed the following top ten air hockey tables.

10 Of The Best Air Hockey Tables

Another table top air hockey choice, the Benross Group Toys option is the perfect choice for individuals who don’t have a lot of space.

Designed with a vintage feel sure to appeal to a wide variety of people, this table comes with the necessary accessories for hours of air hockey play.  

This table is battery operated so players can compete on a bed of air, just like the real arcade tables. The fan operates quietly and reliably. However, it should be noted that this table also requires eight AAA batteries to operate.

Consumers who plan to play often, or who don’t wish to restock batteries often, should keep this feature in mind.  

The Benross Group has included manual scorers for both ends of the table; this requires some effort to assemble, but otherwise, no assembly is required. To play, competitors simply place the game on a tabletop or the floor and can slide away into a cupboard or under a bed when finished.  


  • Compact design
  • Fits easily onto tabletop or floor
  • Easy to assemble
  • Battery-powered fan creates bed of air for optimal play
  • Vintage appeal


  • Batteries not included
  • Small size might inhibit play

All table top air hockey games encounter the same challenges (inability to maintain a level playing field, compact size that might frustrate dedicated air hockey players, etc.), but this Funtime 16-inch Table includes some features that make it worth taking a second look.  

This “personal version” of the popular arcade classic is appealing thanks to its storage capabilities. Compared to full-size tables, this takes up virtually no room, as it can be played on a table, and then tucked away into a cabinet when play is over. This feature makes it an especially worthwhile option for those who don’t have dedicated game rooms or play rooms.  

The Funtime table, unlike its competitors, actually only requires three batteries to power its motor. This gives it a distinct advantage over other models that require as many as eight batteries! Some, however, might be put off by the plastic look of this table.  


  • Includes motor to create bed of air
  • Powered by only three batteries
  • Compact size perfect for space-challenged homes
  • Easy to store or shelve
  • Plastic construction provides easy cleanup


  • Unappealing design
  • Fan may be noisy

The Mightymast Leisure 34-In-1 Multiplay Games Table easily overwhelms its competitors by the sheer volume of games. Its options that include such entertaining games as table football, pool, chess, chequers, backgammon, shuffleboard, skittles, playing cards, table tennis, air hockey, and so much more!

There are even an additional 14 magnetic board games which are also ideal when travelling, and this table comes with all necessary accessories to play every included game.  

The air hockey (and more!) Mightymast table is designed with an attractive light oak wood finish. With four standard legs, this table does not offer any kind of leg levellers. It also does not have any kind of motor or fan, so air hockey must be played without the benefit of an air cushion.

While this table might be a fun choice for the occasional air hockey player, it is not a good option for the diehard enthusiast.   


  • Includes an incredible 34 game options
  • Comes with additional travelling games set
  • Attractive wood finish
  • Mid-size means table can stand on its own as a game room centrepiece
  • Includes all necessary accessories


  • No blower for air hockey mode
  • No levellers on legs

The HLC 4 in 1 Multi Sports Game Table comes with a unique design that allows it to enjoy all the benefits of a tabletop system as well as the benefits of a multi game table.

The HLC’s unique L-shaped legs and foldaway design allow it to fold vertically for upright storage in a closet or against a wall. This is perfect for people who don’t mind having the table out in plain sight but don’t have the room to keep it installed permanently.  

This multi sports game table includes a football table top, a table tennis top, a pool table top, and an air hockey or push hockey top. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for multi sports tables to sacrifice blowers or fan motors in exchange for additional game options, and such is the case here.

Dedicated air hockey players will find themselves frustrated by a playing surface that, while slick, is actually quite small, and doesn’t have an air cushion.  


  • Folds away for upright storage
  • Four available game modes
  • Bright, eye-catching aesthetic
  • No batteries required
  • All accessories included for play


  • Difficult to level playing surface
  • MDF construction materials indicate potential lower quality
  • No fan or blower

Consumers who are looking for multiple game options in one table will love this Walker & Simpson 13 in 1 Games Table! Once assembled, the table converts easily to play play, table football, table tennis, bowling, chess, checkers, backgammon, play cards, shuffleboard, horseshoes, ring toss, basketball, and (of course!) air hockey.  

Children old enough to reach over the table (approximately eight years old) and adults who are not ultra-competitive will be delighted by the gaming variations and possibilities of this table.  

It’s one large drawback, however, is that it does not have any kind of power source, and lacks a fan or motor to provide air to the air hockey mode. Serious air hockey players will be frustrated by the lack of puck glide, and find themselves looking for another playing option.  

The table itself is brightly coloured and supported by a pedestal base and L-shaped legs. It also has a light wood finish and comes with all accessories needed to play the thirteen included games.  


  • Easy assembly
  • Huge number of game options
  • Good quality
  • Accessories included for all thirteen games
  • Attractive light wood finish


  • No fan or blower
  • Too tall for young children to play

Another games table by Charles Bentley, this one is a multi-sports table with high marks for quality and design appeal. The 4-In-1 Multi Sports Table converts to play pool, table football, table tennis, and air hockey (also called push hockey).  

The table’s design is beautiful. Its wooden top and legs have a dark wooden stain, and include support braces for the legs, ensuring the tables stays sturdy, even against the jostling of excited players. Stoppers on the legs are also a plus, helping to ensure a level playing surface.  

Unfortunately, this table does not come with an electric motor for the air hockey mode, making the puck difficult to send flying across the table. Also, users may find the assembly of that table does not allow enough room in the goal for the pucks, potentially resulting in arguments or frustration on the part of players who aren’t sure if they scored or not.

This may be fixed with an additional washer added to the goal screws, or by the replacement of the included pucks with smaller pucks.  


  • Distinctive dark wood design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Can be used without legs on existing home table
  • Suitable for children as young as six
  • Stoppers on legs to assist with level playing surface


  • No fan for air hockey
  • Allow plenty of time for installation
  • After installation, users may find goals are not large enough for pucks on ice hockey mode

The Table Top Air Hockey game is a fantastic option for young children or people with very limited space. This table comes fully assembled, a relief to busy parents, and since it doesn’t have legs, is designed to be used on an existing table top or even on the floor.  

Thanks to a battery-operated fan, the puck glides across the table on a cushion of air, resulting in exciting play action. Since the table itself is dedicated to air hockey play, this feature ensures whoever plays will be hooked on the game!  

The table itself is lightweight and can slide under a bed or into a cupboard for easy storage. It comes in a classy white, red, and natural wood finish.  

Unfortunately, given the exciting nature of the motor that powers the fan, this table requires an entire eight AAA batteries. Since these are not rechargeable, owners of this table might find themselves purchasing batteries frequently.


  • Comes with battery-powered electric fan
  • No assembly required
  • Great for very young children
  • Classic looking design
  • Fits under bed or in cabinet for easy storage


  • Requires eight batteries
  • Concerns about build quality

This four foot Mightymast Leisure Whirlwind Air Hockey Table grabs you immediately with its bright exterior graphics and high gloss playing field. Suitable for the more serious air hockey player, this table comes with a high powered motor so that competitors can enjoy playing on top of an air pocket. Also, the table’s rounded corners will help keep the puck within the bounds for better play.  

This table is powered via an AC adapter, a plus for those looking to avoid purchasing batteries. It does have manual scoring, however, and with no levellers on its legs, might make a level playing field difficult to achieve.  

With all its attractive features, it’s unfortunate that the build quality on this Mightymast table isn’t better. Consumers wishing to purchase this particular table for use with large crowds or young children might find that the table can’t stand up to the strain.  


  • Bright arcade style graphics
  • Large enough for competitive play
  • Rounded corners for better play
  • Powered by AC adapter
  • Legs detach easily for storage


  • Manual scoring (not electronic)
  • No levellers on legs

While the Walker & Simpson 13 in 1 Games Tables has thirteen game options and no electric fan, the Riley 4ft 12 in 1 Multi Games Table with 240V Electric motor has twelve game options and includes a motor for air hockey play. The Riley is also a more natural-appearing table, with subdued colours and a light beech finish.  

Players can enjoy classic games such as football, air hockey, and table tennis, and expand the games with included accessories to enjoy backgammon, chess, checkers, bowling, shuffle board, dice, and playing cards. As the table comes with a white board, players can expand their repertoire of games even further, making this an extremely flexible table.  

While build quality is somewhat questionable, the electric motor for air hockey in combination with a multi games table is a payoff consumers might be inclined to make.  


  • All accessories included
  • Easy bolt on leg system assembly
  • Natural beech finish blends with home decor
  • Powerful fan for air hockey enjoyment
  • White board to allow additional games


  • Poor build quality
  • No electronic scoreboard or lights

This air hockey table from Charles Bentley strikes a happy note between arcade-sized and miniature. The table is sized for adult play, though taller or older children can also play.   

The table is a classy white and black, which might be appealing to those looking for an option that will blend into their decor. It comes with two strikers (mallets), two pucks, and a manual slide scorer. The playing area itself is medium-sized, perfect for those who desire a kind of arcade feel but don’t want a huge table taking up space.  

Power will only be required for the powerful fan, a 240v motor, and comes via an AC adapter. Players won’t benefit from lights or many bright colours but will appreciate the fan’s ability to help the puck glide across the table. Casual fans will love this feature!  

Potential buyers should be aware that they might encounter problems during installation when attaching the legs or the blower to the table. Owners will not be able to easily disassemble the table; it must remain assembled for play. Also, the MDF construction means this table might not hold up to extensive wear by large groups of people.  


  • Classy black and white aesthetic
  • Large 240v motor
  • Mid-size suitable for home use by adults
  • Miniature version of arcade style
  • Powered by AC adapter


  • Potential quality concerns
  • Assembly can be difficult for some

The Best of the Best

The winner out of these reviews is the table that combines authentic vintage feel with the best playing experience possible. Thanks to its large 240V motor that allows optimal air hockey play, the Riley 4ft 12 in 1 Multi Games Table with 240V Electric motor rises to the top of a crowded field. The fact that it includes an additional eleven game possibilities makes it that much more appealing.

While it might not be the best option for space-starved homes, this table’s easy bolt on leg system assembly and additional whiteboard makes it an attractive choice. The final vote in this table’s favour is the fact that no batteries are required. Consumers will love taking advantage of the AC adapter to power their games!

Why Air Hockey?

Air hockey combines the indoor accessibility of pool with the quick moves and constant activity of ice hockey. The game is less than fifty years old. Invented in the 1960’s by employees of Brunswick Billiards, it harnesses the power of air forced through small perforations on the table’s surface, enabling the puck to “glide” across the surface. In fact, the physics of the game is fascinating, and can be a fun real life look at science!  

Though the game reached its commercial peak in the 1970’s, it’s still common to find air hockey tables in arcades. Consumers looking for a table for personal use can find options that range from informal and miniature to large versions that mimic official regulation tables. In fact, air hockey now has a vintage appeal! 

How to Choose the Best Air Hockey Table 

When you’re shopping for an air hockey table, you ought to consider who will be using your table, and how. Will just you and family members be playing on this table? Will it be used in a youth centre, where crowds will be playing? Will it be the showstopper in a game room, where you plan to throw regular parties? Will it be an addition to your children’s playhouse?   

How the table will be used is just as important to consider: are you looking for something dedicated enthusiasts will love? Should it mimic the real thing, or would you prefer something that’s more accessible and less formal? Regular use by lots of people means you should look for a higher-end table made from the highest quality materials. Less frequent use might not require this kind of quality, however.   

You should also consider space. A large, open area is better suited for an arcade-style table than a studio apartment. Likewise, a studio apartment might be a better fit for a combination table that folds away. Keeping your needs clearly in mind will help you navigate the available features as you find the best air hockey table.  

Air Hockey Table Features

Air tables have many different components and potential layouts. One of the first things you should consider is whether or not your table comes with a fan or a blower and if it does, its size. Some feel like an air hockey table isn’t truly air hockey without the motor that forces that air onto the table surface, but some tables just use a slick surface to achieve a similar effect.  

A missing motor might be just fine for a table for children or the occasional use, but serious players will appreciate an air hockey table with a capable fan.  

Another feature to consider on your table is the power source. If it has a fan or some kind of electronic score system or electronic puck retrieval, your table will require a power source. This might be an AC adapter or batteries. Naturally, batteries will make your table more portable, but an AC adapter will probably be a more economical choice in the long run, as you won’t have batteries to replace.  

Will your table keep score for you? Some do so automatically, while others provide a manual abacus-type of scoring. Either way, this can enhance or detract from the competitiveness of the game itself.  

There are now many combination game tables that include air hockey. These tables can be a great option if space is limited, or you are without dedicated air hockey enthusiasts. Some tables include easy-to-convert options like ping pong or billiards and satisfy a desire for a variety of options.  

Leg levellers are another feature to look for in an air hockey table. Great play deserves a level playing surface, and levellers help to accommodate carpet or uneven playing surfaces such as tile or hardwood flooring.  

Finally, take into account the design of your potential table. Some people might prefer an understated or muted design that won’t clash with the decor, while others want a showstopper and all the bright colours and lights that are possible. Light up scoreboards and eye-catching design can enhance the gaming atmosphere of the room, and also provide fun conversation starters!  

The fan or blower, power source, scorekeeping system, table use (singular or combination), leg levellers, and design are all factors that should be weighed against who will be using your air hockey table and why, and how much space you have for your new table.