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Welcome To In The Toy Box

From action figures like Star Wars, Spiderman and Batman to brain tickling puzzles, and working train sets to dollhouses, toys bring joy to the little angels in our lives.

We at, In The Toy Box, provide a unique platform for parents, guardians, families, and friends to wisely pick that very special gift that will make a child very happy.

Whether your bundle of joy is just learning to crawl, or he or she is beginning to show the makings of a talented prodigy, In The Toy Box showcases a curated range of toys and playthings that make for great gifting ideas. And whether it is for everyday playtime, birthdays, milestones, or even Christmas, we provide you with an endless range of goodies to choose from—wherein you will find something delightful and interesting for every single child.


All our recommended items go through stringent quality checks for the sake of your child, which include different parametres for safety and age-appropriateness.

We at In The Toy Box understand the patient and careful consideration one make’s before making any purchase decision for their loved ones. Reiterating this very thought, we make the process easier for you with our research and expertise, ensuring that your child receives nothing but the very best.

We scan through a plethora of collections, analyse customer feedback and rating, check developmental prospects, and then choose to put forth only top winners in every toy category.  Featuring items from the top brands in the market that are not limited by creativity, our collections will reign in endless hours of fun and education for your children.

Together with the toy listings, we guide you on how and what to choose. We talk about play trends, and we talk about parenting. We talk about the right tools for fun learning, and we talk about all anticipated issues you or your child may face. Ultimately, for us, we strive to be a silent partner in your child’s development endeavors through what we do best.

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What We Do

We understand that you as a parent or care-taker want nothing but the best for your child.

Toys and playthings are important developmental tools that are a constant part of a growing child’s life. Starting right at the infancy stage, toys set the course for precious babies to learn subtle facts about their environment—and that includes shapes, colours, textures, and sound.

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As they begin growing up, toys can effectively teach children important letter, number, and language skills, alongside endless hours of recreational enjoyment. Furthermore, tweens and teenagers enjoy puzzles, board games, and items that tickle their creative fancy, and these pursuits can actually be enjoyed by the entire family.

Of course, physical learning is also another important factor to inculcate in children. And this is best achieved through the means of toys that demand your child to be physically active. From walkers to tricycles, and ball games to drum sets, there are so many ways in which you can make sure that your kids remain active and engaged in positive gameplay.

The best way to learn is by having fun!

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And we at In The Toy Box stick by this philosophy when we introduce you to the best play tools in the market.

We do the research for you, we prepare the guides for you, and we let you sit back and relax knowing that you made the right choice for your child.

Our wide lists include age-appropriate toys for infants, toys for both boys and girls, educational toys and tools, sports toys, outdoor and garden toys, and speciality selections. We pick the top items in each of these categories, and deduce why it is the best choice for your child. Alongside, we put together expert advice, and creative ways to incorporate learning during play time.


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